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  1. i love you all.

    Brady is back!!!....And I still love you all.
  2. Cheap seats my arse

    Yeah Reg tickets have been a little pricy for me as well....More specifically my parents given that I'm stilll only sixteen. :/
  3. Hey it's all good! Haha does kinda look like her....Welcome to the Stix Pianohero.
  4. Wee Rants

    Yeah so the $335 I was gonna use to pay for my demo and my permit were stolen with my entire wallet a few weeks ago....And come to find out it was my (now former) best friend who stole it. Very maddening and downing news indeed.
  5. Hey those were good!!! Welcome to Brumstix (best online community ever)!!! I love Pavlov's Daughter so so much! That would be a very difficult song to cover live....Thanks for sharing that with us. It was a great performance!!....Nice vocal range on the Samson cover too!
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    "Halftime" by Nas....So great!!! Edit: Now Music Box by Reg.
  7. And a Happy New Year!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR BRUMSTIX!!! Good gosh time is really flying by. 0________0
  8. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by rainna: Congrats, you both! Such great news! It's so nice to know that wonderful things are going on for our wonderful stixers. Thanks rainna! I'm so excited!!! And congrats dentistgirl on becoming an aunt! That's wonderful news!
  9. Why does Lily Allen suck?

    Damn.....She just sold the fuck out doing that song with T-Pain. Why?! How could any amount of money bring you to stoop that low as an artist?! Oh well....We still have Regina.
  10. new year's resolutions

    1. Continue to improve my musical talents and grow as an artist. 2. Have good times. 3. Have an overall better year and stay strong. Thank gosh it's a new year! Happy New Year everyone!
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Eminem - "Never 2 Far" so lyrically amazing....
  12. Good News Thread!

  13. What are you listening to right now?

    Giving Fidelity a good listen.....Never, and I mean NEVER gets old. It hasn't for over 2 1/2 years now. xD
  14. So which is your #1 song on Far?

    ^ Turn the bass up, blare your speakers, and thrown on Riot Gear. I can't wait to get my license soon and roll up to school blaring Reg.
  15. ^ AHH!!! THANK YOU ALICIA!!! Those are super pretty.
  16. Regina is everywhere

    ^ 0_____0 SWEEEEET! Thanks for sharing!
  17. So which is your #1 song on Far?

    ^ Lol thought the same thing. Welcome!
  18. So which is your #1 song on Far?

    quote: Originally posted by Kateateyou: Probably Human of the Year for me Or Man of A Thousand Faces. My Dad loves Man of A Thousand Faces so much! He loved hearing it when we saw her live together.
  19. Good News Thread!

    I'm in a good mood and so excited about Regina's next album!
  20. reg song you disliked,AT FIRST

    ^ Ah yeah it did grow on me but I liked it right from the start.
  21. This is probably a very stupid question...

    ^ LOL!!! I totally agree.....Gosh I love this community so darn much!!!
  22. reg song you disliked,AT FIRST

    quote: Originally posted by heroin boy: 2.99C Blues (honestly, it's still not one of my favorites) Your Honor (I like it now, but the vibe is so different of most of her songs, I find it weird at first) Hmmm... I don't remember any other. Am I the only one on here who actually liked 2.99c blues when I first heard it? Lol
  23. Regina Tattoo

    Love it!!!! I can't wait to get a Regina tattoo myself when I get older.
  24. The alternative video for "Better" just struck my eyes as downright beautiful and I just adore the beautiful setting the whole shot is really taken in.
  25. Nokia Theatre Grand Prairie 11/12/09

    Damn, this was one special night two years ago exactly. I can't wait to see her live again.