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  1. What Have You Learned Today?
  2. Your Mood in Terms of Regina Songs

    Ha!! Happy Hooker. One of my faves. That's one I'd like to hear on her next album along with Love You're a Whore. Maybe she can make a sonic novel about prostitution.. 50% The Calculation, 50% Genius Next Door Happy New Regina Album Day, Ya'll!!
  3. 1999 demo tape

    quote: Originally posted by holdonyourhonour: LOL I LOVE THIS! Someone commented on YouTube "where can I find the lyrics for this??" Funniest thing I've seen all day!!!
  4. 1999 demo tape

    Originally posted by CommonLoon: "If anyone should be deprived of Regina's music, the reason for the deprivation should not be that this person hasn't made friends with the right people but that none of us really has a right to hear the songs that Regina doesn't want to be heard." So, so undeniably TRUE. That whole post was SO LAME, by the way, Perks, the idea that the people who shared it are the "cool kids from school," which, no offense to anyone and myself being included, I'm pretty sure no one here was one of the cool kids at school, which is why we all love Regina maybe, the misfits, looking for acceptance and love and community of equals as Regina fans, not as a "stix member" that has been here for x number of days or posted x number of times or happened to earn the entitlement, and yes it is entitlement, to be included in the "hierarchy of the elders" and deemed worthy of receiving something. But maybe that's why we have this clique here, get to experience what it's like to have the power and prestige over somebody that you missed out on in high school. Wow. Um. Way to go. You're in the big time now. Quote from the CBS Sunday Morning Regina appearance: "I'm a tough girl from the Bronx." She's also been quoted as saying that people thought she was being forced to change her sound on "Begin to Hope" and she said, no, this is what I wanted it to sound like, no one can make me do anything, I'm very bull headed. When did Regina say she was entrusting you to decide who to dole her songs out to? That's what you're acting like. You're The Regina Superfan Clan of Heroes, out to defend and protect Regina. Except she never asked you to. She doesn't even know who you are. You're not her best friends. You're FANS, like the rest of us, who happen to know someone who was able to pay $600 for a cassette tape. It's either OKAY to share them with EVERYONE... or it's NOT OKAY to share them with ANYONE. It feels like you "cool kids" brought cupcakes to class, but only enough for your little clique, and the rest of us were supposed to sit and watch you eat them. But worse than that. One of a kind, irreplaceable cupcakes that we all really, really want to taste. Several of you admit that you got off on the fact that you were sharing in this delicious, sacred little secret. IS THAT HOW PITIFUL YOUR LIFE REALLY IS? That's how you get your kicks? This whole thing is so ridiculous. I'm SO THRILLED the songs are out. I think from PeterPan's original post, it's CLEAR Regina didn't really care strongly about this issue one way or the other. So we're not hurting her. We're hurting the "elite" group that wanted to keep the power over us. And they're trying to make us feel guilty that we are going against Regina's wishes when we're really not. GET OVER YOURSELVES.
  5. 1999 demo tape

    PS - Did everybody see Regina posted the album version of Folding Chair on myspace today??? "I've got a perfect body, 'cause my eyelashes catch my sweat.." Complete with uncanny dolphin impression... !!
  6. 1999 demo tape

    Regina's words were not even CLOSE to "please don't post them on the internet". Regina's words were, according to Peter Pan's original post on this very message board: "She also felt that the forum people had supported her really well and that they deserved to hear them if they wanted. So I pushed her for a decision, just a little push, and she said that she would prefer that they were not put on the web but it was up to me." Nothing and no one was betrayed. As a matter of fact it seems at worst she had mixed feelings about it. If you read the entire thread beginning to end you will see that some people were saying, or feeling, that it might be wrong to listen to the songs. I disagree, and I was speaking to that in the last bit, which was off topic but wasn't the meat of my argument. I agree with all of you who think this is being blown WAY out of proportion. High five jesse, staceb tallchick and spektorese. Haha! Thank you guys. I'm just glad it happened, by turn of events, that it was shared amongst all of us and not hoarded by the chosen few. Power to the people!
  7. 1999 demo tape

    I wanted to throw my two cents in to this discussion, and I hope I won't be attacked since I've never posted here before (though I've frequented and read this discussion board for years.) It seems to me only logical that if the reason Regina didn't want the songs posted was because she wasn't super jazzed about people hearing these songs, then it only follows that she also wouldn't really have wanted Peter Pan to hear them either. But, rather than destroying the tape without ever listening to it, it sounds like he treats the tape like the Holy Grail ("I don't want to start and stop the tape too much, I'm afraid something will happen to it"), listens to it with relish, and then chastises everyone else for "not being considerate" or "respectful." Yes, she didn't say specifically that she didn't want him to listen to it, but then it doesn't sound like he asked her how she felt about him having it or him listening to it. In fact it almost seems like he backed her into a corner and demanded an answer about posting it online when she had already said that it was his and he could do what he wanted with it. Almost like he wanted her to say "don't share it". Furthermore, all this is taken on his word as "the only person at the concert" that got to speak to Regina. How does anyone know exactly what was said, in what context, and how she really feels about it unless it comes straight from her mouth? She doesn't seem like the type that wouldn't want someone to share. Sorry to be the Doubting Thomas. All in all, it strikes me that Peter Pan is power-tripping on his self-imposed "ultimate Regina fanboy" status. I think if he's so concerned about how she feels about not having people hear the songs, he should destroy every copy he's got and give the original back to Regina. Furthermore, we should get a list of "approved songs" from Regina - the ones she wants us to hear - and then destroy all the songs not on that list (the gobs of unreleased demos, early work, live recordings, etc.) - take them from our collections and destroy them, delete them, have a huge unapproved-Regina-recordings bonfire. I mean that would only be considerate and respectful since those are things she sort-of probably doesn't really want us to hear when she's backed into a corner and asked about it. Sorry to be so sarcastic, but I think Peter's really being a jerk. I mean he obviously digitized these songs, and shared them with enough people that someone got a hold of them and posted them. So ultimately the songs got leaked because of what HE did, yet he is pointing the finger at everyone else and saying "you aren't considerate, you aren't respectful." Only HE should get to listen to them and only HE should get to choose who they should be shared with. I think it's crazy and I think that's not what Regina would want at all. Regina's overarching message seems to be : share the love, be real, be good to each other. We are listening to her unreleased songs not out of disrespect, or negativity, but rather because we really love her music, her creativity, we are listening out of love, and sharing out of love, and despite her sheepishness about her early stuff I don't see how that can be wrong.