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  1. Good News Thread!

    Open Mic is going fantastic! I absoultely love performing live
  2. Major Rants

    , it's amazing even when I was on a one lane with no stoplight how similar that wreck is to my wreck. This girl had already wrecked into a light pole and floored it trying to get out and hit us.
  3. Major Rants

    I was in a car accident and it was 100% the other drivers fault... totalled our car just because they weren't paying attention. Oh yeah, and some of our household appliances stopped working last month due to lightning.... It's been an aggravating month but I'm glad to say thank god for good insurance companies because I won't have to personally handle to much from this wreck (only pain because my back is swelled up and my bones ache). Sorry I haven't been on in a while though, it's just been a really really hectic time and I decided this thread was perfect to rant!!!!
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Gonna Get Over You - Sara Bareilles
  5. What are you Eeting right now?

    Blueberry Cereal
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    Jackrabbits - Joanna Newsom
  7. Good News Thread!

    I got my tattoo . The guitar/piano design was to big and would have to go on my back so I didn't get it. Instead, I got a really cool colored tattoo that is a tribal with a sun design and has the Japanese Kanji for dream . I love it!!! Here's a picture .
  8. Good News Thread!

    Ok... I'm caving right now because I don't want to wait anymore . I'm getting a tattoo! It's a tattoo of a guitar surround by sheet music with piano keys bordering it! So excited
  9. Good News Thread!

    In 2 days I'm getting something done I've always wanted to get done , in 3 days I'm revealing what that is.
  10. Dusseldorf

    "I should have held an after party for all the thoughts I didn't say" is definitely one of my favorite Reginaisms ever
  11. Funny things to share

    I definitely am going to kneel to Regina and say "My Leige, I too, am aching to pupate" whenever I may meet her"
  12. The Next New Single?

    I agree, generally you at least have 3 singles and 5 at the most. Now there are mainstream people who pretty much end up getting their whole CD on the radio (yes I'm looking at you Justin Timberlake) *vomits*. I hope there is at least one more single from this CD because it just doesn't feel complete without one more.
  13. Name That reg Tune

    "I'll never go to sleep" The Flowers "Picked them"
  14. Your Mood in Terms of Regina Songs

    I missed it as well! I'm right now pretty much feeling 50/50 on Making Records and Small Town Moon
  15. What are you Eeting right now?

    I want a gigantic cinnamon roll from the fair ... but instead I get pretzels which is still a pretty great thing.