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  1. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    aah, cool! (and a perfect reason to postpone my homework) Stats Name or nickname: Bella Age: 16 Gender: female Orientation: Hetro Relationship status: Single Location: Stockholm, Sweden Languages: Swedish, English, some Spanish (from school) and I also understand some Thai (my mother's from there) Life Occupation: Student, and a part-time job at the supermarket Hobbies: Haning out with nice people, reading, Singing, playing guitar and piano Interests: Music, aid-work (I'm a voluenteer for UNICEF locally, and would like to work with aid-work in developing countries in the furure) Political Views: social liberal, but in Swedish "measurements" - and a liberal in Sweden is basically a left-winger in the US Religious Views: Atheist Favorite Things Foods: Chocolate! Color: Blue Books: Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, The Master and Margarita, Slaughterhouse 5, The Catcher in the Rye, and of course, Harry Potter. TV: Grey's Anatomy, Friends Movies: One flew over the Cuckoo's nest, Inception Music: REGINA and also Marina and the diamonds, First Aid Kit, Joanna Newsom, Laleh, Lykke Li Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: I was listening to "I Cut of My hair" on repeat a lot when I joined - thus the username First time you heard Regina: Can't remember when, but I went to see the second (?) Narnia movie with my dad, and looked up Regina's "The Call" the minute I came home Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: BAH. Couldn't really say, cause their all so great. But I guess some of my favourites are "Folding Chair", "Blue Lips", "Apres Moi", "The Virgin Queen", and "Firewood" (and the rest of them haha) Random fact about yourself: I have my future planned up to when I'm 26. A preliminary plan of course. Who/What inspires you: Regiiina! And Ayn Rand (although I don't tend to take her ideas too literally), and the awesome people I meet in my everyday life. Best thing about last year: Started the Swedish verison of high school, and really like it. Met some awesome people there. Looking forward to this year: Going to London with one of the best friends there is, and then travelling Europe with my family. Yay for summer!
  2. Good News Thread!

    So I haven't been writing here for I while, but thought I'd share some good news with you all. I had such a wonderful evening last night. It was all very spontaneus. We had an open mic night at my school, so I asked a friend of mine (a really awesome person I've just gotten to know) if she was preforming, as she's a wonderful singer. Turns out she was going to another open mic night afterwards and asked if I would join her. So I did, and I really felt like preforming something too. In the end I went up on stage and did "Ain't no cover", and it was so much fun, and I got tons of compliments awesome. And today I'm snowed in. So no school and potentially lots of baking!
  3. Good News Thread!

    I saw Marina and the Diamonds live yesterday. Freaking amazing! <3
  4. What are you Eeting right now?

    chewing gum. Does that count as eating? I'd rather be eating chocolate though...
  5. Good News Here! (sorry...too good to post in the good news thread)

    Congratulations! They're adorable, and I just love the names!
  6. Wee Rants

    So I woke up today and everything was white. Save the snow for December, its just gonna melt and make everything grey
  7. Good News Thread!

    I'm increadibly jealous!
  8. New music we should all hear

    Ingrid Olava is great!
  9. Who is a vegetarian, vegan or omnivore?

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: I'm a vegetarian. Me too but I cheat and eat fish.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    When I'm Gone - Eminem! I had forgotten how he is! At least his old stuff
  11. Wee Rants

    Swedish election. Why are people voting for racism?
  12. Bittersweet News!

    Homework! I got it, but I'm doing it in good time... very unlike me, and almost stress free.
  13. Bittersweet News!

    It's quite a dilemma you got there Emelie... and I don't think I'm in any position to help you. I want to say go to Australia, but if it was me I would probably take the job and then be mad at myself for it. My bittersweet news concern conceeerts! The popaganda festival in stockholm (right by my school) had sold out which made us really depressed at first... Turns out it was a really sucessful night anyways. I got to know a few new people from my new school, sitting outside the festival and enjoying a picknick. Great sound and GREAT view of the large stage. So I got to se First Aid Kit and Belle and Sebastian (and hear Ellie Goulding) for free even if it was from a distance. Also, Kate Nash concert has an age limit of 18... At least my wallet is happy about it.
  14. Good News Thread!

    Keeping it short: New school (some of it anyway). A good mix of old and new I think... Basically, things are good!
  15. Missing songs

    Here's the Uh-merica from the Carbon Monoxide single I love this version...