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  1. how many copies of Far will you buy?

    am on vacation, was able to go to a music store with my cousin and the store had Far - as well as Begin To Hope. Obviously I bought both since I've had a record player for five or more years and have yet to open it b/c I had no vynl. The Far vynl edition says it comes with a free copy of the I guess that's three copies I've got now.
  2. how many copies of Far will you buy?

    Hmmm Best Buy's website lists the vynl...not in-store but on the website. When I go to the store today I'll ask if they have it anyway. The vynl section is completely unorganized there.
  3. Regina on Good Morning America (6-23-09)

    I'm going to agree with yall who say 8/8.30-ish. GMA coulden't possibly put her on in the very first half hour because that time's reserved for hard news.
  4. My Sister's Keeper...and Better.

    Yep - it's in the movie! Just got back from seeing it. It's in the scene right after she meets her future boyfriend in the hospital. Just the choris of "Better" is there. There's alot of good music in the movie... There was one other song where I thought the singer sounded simular to Regina - a song durring the photoshoot scene.
  5. how many copies of Far will you buy?

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Here you go: awww sweet - thank you!
  6. how many copies of Far will you buy?

    what the heck? Amazon says the vynl version of Far is discontinued! And I was just about to order it. How could that happen? The album's not even out yet!
  7. how many copies of Far will you buy?

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: I want the physical copy of course. So me and my little sister are gonna make a trip to best buy on tuesday and get the special edition!!! SO EXCITED ...though it lacks riot gear but I'm sure someone will share I have a questin for regular iTunes users, don't alot of the bonus tracks eventualy get released as optioal dowloads? meaning you can d/l them without buying the entire album again. I know I've noticed that with a few albums but I just thought I'd ask.
  8. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    I've listened to the whole album on myspace and NPR just to make sure I like it enough to buy the cd/dvd version.
  9. how many copies of Far will you buy?

    I just went ahead and canceled my Amazo order. It would've been $16.99 I think just to buy the cd/dvd and get it shipped w/ standard shipping. However, Best Buy's selling the CD/DVD for $12.99 just wanted to let you all know in case you're nto saving a few dollars.
  10. how many copies of Far will you buy?

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: The ONLY reason I'm buying 2 is because the cd drive on my laptop is kaput so I can't transfer songs from the album to my itunes. If not for that I would buy the one with the most tracks/features and call it a day. so one CD and also the itunes version for your computer? cool.
  11. Listening parties at Torrid 3-6pm.

    I'd never even heard of this store til I clicked the link. Turns out there's one of these stores less than 30 minutes from my mom's house. They've got some awesome-looking bags and jewelry!
  12. Stream "Far" on NPR Music now!

    thanks, am listening now.
  13. how many copies of Far will you buy?

    darnit - Far isen't streaming on MySpace anymore. Guess I'll just have to wait til the CD/DVD gets to my mailbox late next week.
  14. My Sister's Keeper...and Better.

    cool! I'll be seeing the movie on Monday. If Regina's song pops up, I'll sing along.
  15. how many copies of Far will you buy?

    I guess I have too much time on my hands but I used to love going to band forums and fining out which editions of a CD they were buying and what the store experiences were like. Anyhow I've already pre-ordered the bonus track + DVD version of Far. Although I might consider buying the ITunes one also since it's got 17 tracks. Right now I've just been streaming the cd on itunes. so how about everyone else here?