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  1. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    really looking forward to some pics, my camera was dying and didnt work right for some reason! what a great show, i was at radio city front row a few months ago when she played and it was nice to see both sides of regina. last night was so much more intimate and special. classic regina!
  2. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    awesome show! opening up with summer in the city made the night for me as it's my favorite. i'm so tired will post more tomorrow! heart regina!
  3. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    wow just got tickets, couldnt believe it, thought they'd be impossible to get! Never been to the Fillmore before!
  4. Which Reginaism fits your day?

    people are just people, they shouldnt make you nevervous, the world is ever lasting it's coming and it's going -I live everyday by this. before this, i was nervous all the time, i was even considering downers. When ever i get panicky in stressful situations i sing this in my head and i'm fine.
  5. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    I got a ticket for this show on ebay last week that was center section about 30 rows back. So the weekend comes and no ticket yet, tuesday.. no ticket, day of show, mail comes... no ticket. So there i was, in Bethlehem PA, at 3PM day of show, with no ticket desperately wanting to see this show! i went on ticketmaster and there were a few balcony seats popping up every time i searched. sigh... but, better than nothing. So i hit search again and printed my ticket and was off! Once at the venue, i handed my ticket to the attendant and she said "go all the way down and your in the center section to the left" *blank stare "all the way down?" i said? and she said "yeah, this is front row" AAHHH!!! apparently, the last time i hit search on ticketmaster, they released the last few tickets they had and i got one! FRONT ROW (not counting the orch pit), Regina side of the piano! heart! loved every minute of it! I was one of the 25 or so that waited outside to perhaps meet regina (didnt know about the party thingy) and once the tour bus left i figured no chance! lol didnt care though, the karma gods were looking out for me that day, and i loved the show! plus met some cool people anyways. -ant