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  1. Begin to Hope or Far?

    Ah, to be young again. Bringing back memories of when me and my friends would have long discussions about albums of our favorite bands, and which ones were better, and why. The old phrase, 'their St. Pepper', about any bands best album. These two albums, to me, are equal. Begin to Hope was the first I ever heard. I bought it, and over the years I've always told people, 'I couldn't believe my ears'. I really couldn't. I played it incessantly. The other three albums, Songs, Mary Ann, and Soviet Kitsch, are equally phenomenal, but not ones unto themselves because there are some cuts that repeat on them. With Far, I wasn't working the day it came out. I mean I actually didn't have much work, so wasn't working regularly. I ran to Columbus Circle and bought it at the Borders. This is no exageration, I truly played it every day for months right up until now. I'd skip a day here and there only from necessity, out of the house for more than a day, or working a whole lot so just no time. It really is more like a concept thing. It works, start to finish. Admittedly, sometimes I'd skip the more somber cuts, like Human of the Year or Genius, but not usually. The culmination was Radio City last week. She actually played the whole album. And the way she played it, the show, was like a three act thing. I don't want to go over the song list, cause well people out there are still going, not fair to give it away. But it worked perfectly, dynamically. Anyway, I can't choose between these two albums, totally equal. Yeah, she's evolved, so Far's different, but that's just normal.
  2. General Questions

    check out Aterciopelados
  3. A Place to Ask Any Regina Related Question

    holy shit, that green dress from bonaroo. and one shoe. who's the baddest of the bad?
  4. 3 word story

    who's bad? regina.
  5. What are you Eeting right now?

    it's really not that funny to my liver. but fuck him. he's gotta hang in there.
  6. Regina Song Recommendations

    Well, upon further listening (Did Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers last night, which I haven't done in a while) I'm second guessing Lounge. It's just too short to be stuck on a desert island with. Have to take Daniel Cowman maybe. Or whatever is her longest song to date. I'll take that.
  7. Recommend a book here...

    The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy.
  8. What are you Eeting right now?

    I tend not to eet much on weekends. I have a large coffee, then drink beer all day, and maybe have a McDonalds double cheeseburger and small fries late in the day or evening. I have the most unhealthy diet in the history of the world.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Rick Wakeman? Besides all the times I saw Yes, once when he and his long haired keyboard playing kid released Wakeman and Wakeman, I saw them at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY. The Chance has always been a good venue. There I've seen: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cindy Lauper, Renaissance, Nektar, and probably at least one or two other bands I've forgotten I saw just now.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Mockingbird on youtube. This crude little lullaby, in the mean mean meanwhile....
  11. Regina Song Recommendations

    ghost of corporate future's always been a tear jerker.
  12. Regina Song Recommendations

    I've always thought that Oedipus is quite possibly the last song I'd try and convert people with. I always suspected that when she said, on the cover of Mary Ann, sometimes we love them and sometimes we hate them, about the songs, that was one she'd had in mind for the hate thoughts. Of course, I love that song, it's a fave. I'm proud of you for putting it first on the list for conversion. You have nerve. After the concert, the next morning, I was late for work, getting dressed, and I looked at a CD sleeve laying around, one of the photos of her from Begin to Hope, and I said to it, you got a lotta of nerve, you do. So, stranded on a desert island with only one Regina song. I gotta pick Lounge. To prepare to answer this thread, after a long work week on what will be a lazy Friday night, I did a trio thing I do sometimes, I played Bon Idee, Lounge, and Lulliby, from Songs. These three songs always struck me as somehow similar. The other songs on that album that aren't on other albums seem to fit in with them also, The Pickle Song, Aching to Pupate and Ne Me Quitte Pas. The five of these songs have a flavour that seems to convey the era of her life whenever she wrote them. I've been pondering the notion of what songs could grab people for years now. And also the puzzle of why the corporate radio hasn't played her, but I'll leave that one alone for now. There are the categories of her songs. Storytelling is rife through all of them, but I have to use the word for a category. The most 'accessible' storytelling songs? Mary Ann and Love Affair I think are quite special. I've always loved the most out there stuff, Daniel Cowman and Pavlovs Daughter. Good for mass consumption. Chemo Limo. Sailor Song. Human of the Year. Twenty Years of Snow. What? You went into the kitchen cupboard got yourself another hour... The kids go sleddin down snow covered slopes. Don't mind me, I love to write. This reply is faltering, so I'm getting to the point before I embarrass myself further. Two Birds. Play Two Birds over and over and over again on the freaking radio and then we can see her in Giants Stadium. Yeah, that's it. Back when there were singles. What's the second single? One More Time With Feeling, of course. I was gonna subdivide some more, but it's all storytelling. I'd like to see her do Lady. Peace Y'all
  13. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    Yo. Please Don't Touch. Carry on up the Vicarage. Stung to death by a swarm of bees. Does he have Voyage of the Acolyte? That was the first.
  14. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    I saw Peter Gabriel three times, all those years ago. After he left us Genesis fans all devestated. Was like McCartney breaking up The Beatles. I remember laying on my parents bed, in tears, I was ten, thinking if I could only talk to Paul! What Hackett album?
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    Don't Get Me Wrong - The Pretenders
  16. Poor Little Rich Boy

    quote: "They're both super-smart," meaning, "Hey you're reading these books but can't begin to grasp their genius, and despite all your money and freedom you'll never have as much worth as these guys I always thought that she'd meant that neither of those authors are actually all that great, and little rich boy thinks they are, cause he's a sheep.
  17. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    Well I may as well go ahead and put in my two cents. I grew up listening to and seeing Genesis, Yes, and Jethro Tull. You follow artists, and you get so close to the art, you have your critical moments and ideas. I heard her driving down the west side about 6 years ago, on WFUV, and had to grab a pen, a common occurance in my life. It was the Hotel Song - I at first thought it was some kind of high-tech accopella thing, with those harmonies at the beginning. Bought Begin to Hope, and it was downhill after that. Of all of the music I've listened to forever, since the early 60s, I don't think I ever pounded anything into my head the way I did Songs, Mary Ann, Soviet Kitsch, Begin to Hope, and now this album. I've worn the CDs out at times and bought new ones. I like things loud, usually. I'm a lifelong musician with a pretty high voice, and probably perfect pitch, so I sing and I sing and I sing things I like. So anyway, last night was about the most magical event I've ever witnessed. But it's funny, when you're such a huge fan of something, you are so hypercritical of it, you actually are allowed to have your pros and cons list. So I like my bass and guitar. I'd seen some of her live stuff with this new ensemble, yes of course it's freaking fantastic, but you know, just a little....like pulling teeth, where's the VOLUME, girl! The Fidelity. I mean, you could TALK in there last night during songs. What's this, a lounge? I mean, but it's freaking perfect, you know? It's just so utterly human. Anyway, you also know which songs are coming sometimes, and you have your opinions about which songs should be played. And you follow the band's personality year after year, and the artists ideas and ideals. So, let me get to the point here (I'm so much like my mother, on and on) I just have been thinking for the past few weeks, God, I basically know what's coming, I just wish she'd fucking go in there and do her thing, I mean it's her damn thing of course, but if she could just freakin play Love You're a Whore, I mean it's Radio City, fuck with everyones head, but I knew that was just my fantasy, I knew, I knew, I knew..... Yeah, I knew. Who knew? I almost fell out of my seat when she ran out there at the end and those string players waxed that tune like there was no tomorrow. She does what she wants, and thank the wonders of the world that she does. I think I sang most of it with her, I tried not to sing much all night, people near me didn't pay to hear me, but you gotta sing some at any concert, that's the whole point. Ah me. The girl is a living legend. On a side note, I noticed shortly before the show, the PA played The Hunter by Bjork followed by One Way or Another by Blondie, which made me snicker with glee, cause it's always fun to hear what artists care to hear before their concerts.
  18. Explain your first time seeing Regina live...

    Warsaw in Brooklyn, Begin to Hope. Plastered on Polish beer, took a kid I was living with in Harlem, 15, 250 lb, my surrogate son who tolerated her in my room often. I stood there and cried during Field Below while he sat in the lounge where the food was all night and talked to the opening band. Radio City tomorrow! No doubt Blue Lips will bring me to my knees. Anyone bringing a mop?