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  1. do you fear god? are you a christian?

    if you are, you should. He's killed many

    many people, and He's helped many other

    people kill each other. hundreds of thousands.

    it's in the old testament. and in the new testament, watch out, cause god (jesus, on a white horse, out of the sky) is coming back, and He's going to kill everyone He has neglected to kill hence. Oh Cully, they will suffer.

    You can join the club and spit on their graves,

    musiclover. what music do you love, handel's


  2. well regina isn't exactly orthodox. i've

    been stewing for what six years now,

    play the bitch on the fucking radio already.

    i don't know, lately i'm thinking it's all

    going to change soon, somehow from technology

    and law. the radio is going to change.

    it has to, it's absurd. there's a little

    good radio, RXP has played her, and the

    underground and college stations. RXP isn't

    exactly good radio. Q rock is a graveyard anymore. other countries don't allow this shit.