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  1. Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch

    Here ya go!
  2. New York Rhapsody on PBS

    Streaming here:
  4. quote: She's also appearing at Barnes & Noble's "Upstairs at the Square" series on Tuesday, August 18th with host Katherine Lanpher and writer Kurt Andersen. The event at the store's Union Square location (33 E 17th St in NYC) will include an interview and a performance. Entrance is free, but admission is first come, first served. Considering the fact that her Beacon show sold out (see above), a sizeable crowd should be expected. From Brooklyn Vegan Hopefully she has a better time than Nellie did...
  5. FWIW, all the links on .net should be fixed now EDIT: ok, so not "all the links"... but some!
  6. Sorry - they're all still there, but somewhere along the line as I've neglected the site, the domain where most of the songs are stored got changed on me (from to the even less reputable sounding These links should work:
  7. *NEW SONG* You've Got TIme

    Regina Spektor: My 'Orange Is the New Black' Theme 'Really Fits' (
  8. 2002-04-17 The Living Room

    Here you go:
  9. 2002-04-17 The Living Room

    Here you go:
  10. A few tracks from this show have been out for a while (including the debut performance of Uh-merica); the full set includes a performance of the untitled song 'the devil come to Bethlehem' and a classic mid-song improv during Dance Anthem of the 80s: 01) 02) Düsseldorf 03) 04) 'the devil come to Bethlehem' 05) 06) Poor Little Rich Boy 07) 08) Uh-merica 09) 10) 'dust to dust' 11) 12) Ghost of Corporate Future 13) 14) Dance Anthem of the 80s 15) 16) Your Honor 17) The person with whom Regina says she would like to record Your Honor is Rachel Trachtenburg--at the time, the nine-year-old drummer for the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players.
  11. 2012 Fall Tour

    via Consequence of Sound, appropriately enough: 08/08 – Portland, OR @ Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall 08/09 – Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theater 08/12 – San Francisco, CA @ Outside Lands Festival 08/14 – Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theater 10/02 – Baltimore, MD @ Lyric Theater 10/03 – Port Chester, NY @ The Capitol Theatre 10/06 – Storrs, CT @ Jorgenson Theater 10/08 – Portland, ME @ State Theatre 10/09 – Montreal, QC @ Metropolis 10/11 – Toronto, ON @ Sony Centre for Performing Arts 10/12 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues 10/13 – Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore 10/15 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Hoogenboom Center 10/17 – Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theatre 10/18 – Minneapolis, MN @ State Theatre 10/20 – Milwaukee, WI @ Riverside Theater 10/24 – New York, NY @ Beacon Theater 11/05 – Austin, TX @ Bass Concert Hall 11/07 – Kansas City, MO @ Music Hall 11/08 – St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant 11/10 – Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle 11/11 – Nashville, TN @ Ryman Auditorium 11/14 – Orlando, FL @ House of Blues 11/15 – Tampa, FL @ Ruth Eckerd Hall 11/17 – Miami, FL @ The Fillmore 12/03 – Auckland, NZ Auckland Town Hall 12/06 – Brisbane, AU @ Brisbane Convention Center 12/10 – Sydney, AU @ Sydney Opera House 12/11 – Sydney, AU @ Sydney Opera House 12/14 – Melbourne, AU @ The Plenary 12/16 – Adelaide, AU @ AEC Theatre 12/19 – Perth, AU @ Belvoir Ampitheatre
  12. 2012-10-20 Riverside Theater | Milwaukee, WI

    Those would be Mathias Künzli, Yoed Nir, and Brad Whiteley.
  13. Couldn't find any previous mention of this: Regina tells a mythic tale in English and in Russian , on Quodia's The Arrow.
  14. -Radio Performances-

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: XFM Session 2003 XFM Session 2004 I think this is a little mixed up--what you have labeled as XFM Session 2003 is actually a studio session from June 2004 (shortly before the X-Posure Live "Barfly" show that's labeled as "XFM Session 2004"--which itself was not broadcast in full on radio, as far as I can remember). There was, in fact, a separate XFM studio session recorded on 12/11/2003 and broadcast on 1/8/2004, but XFM never posted it online and I don't think any of us managed to record it. When Regina returned for an interview in November 2004, they played one track from the 2003 studio session (Summer in the City), but otherwise, I haven't heard anything from it. There was still another XFM session on 5/11/2005 featuring a performance of the song "begin to hope" (playlist here), but unfortunately I don't think anyone saved this one either. A few others: The Dutch station VPRO recorded Regina's set at the Paradiso (opening for Kings of Leon) on 11/23/2003. Here is the original (low bitrate) streaming file posted on their website; the setlist included Poor Little Rich Boy, Carbon Monoxide, Uh-merica, The Flowers, Folding Chair, & Summer in the City. There was a BBC6 session on 6/15/2004 featuring performances of Poor Little Rich Boy and Carbon Monoxide; it's still streaming online. There was a session for Virgin Radio's "Razor Cuts" on 8/1/2004 featuring Carbon Monoxide, Poor Little Rich Boy, and Somedays (can't find it at the moment, but I'm pretty sure i have it saved somewhere). Regina's first appearance on WNYC Soundcheck was on 10/18/2004, performing Carbon Monoxide and Ghost of Corporate Future; it's also available on their site.
  15. On sale this Friday 3/9 at noon (via Brooklyn Vegan)
  16. They won't be nominated for best cinematography, but they should do for now:
  17. quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: I wasn't the one talking about Belt though :-P Great--first my memory, and now my eyes are going too. What a drag it is getting old.
  18. I just tried and it seems to be working ok: 2006-06-01 New York, NY | Angel Orensanz Center I'll have to follow up on the lossless files, though.
  19. quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: Here she refers to the song as "8th Floor" first and then says something about pushing Anders through a window and then introduces it as "8th Floor Window"... Maybe she just got confused That's a great catch; you're probably right about "The Belt" too. I think it's time for my ginkgo biloba.
  20. quote: Originally posted by tourniquet737: Also, does anyone have a date for the Philly show? Moreover, does anyone have a copy of the mp3? Heck, I haven't heard it and I have 250+ Regina recordings (that I really need to organize). The Philly show was at TLA on 4/15/06 and there a links to the mp3s here in the old show thread.
  21. quote: Originally posted by jesse: yes, back in 2004 a user named semilit stopped by for a few months to let everyone know that she had a record label friend who gave her a copy of some unreleased songs and then ignore all of the requests to hear. i've googled her a bit, and she's a fairly well-connected person who has a history of doing mean things like this. That characterization is a bit unfair--semilit was a regular forum member for a long time and only mentioned the demo in the context of a thread started by someone else. In any case, while I have no reason to disbelieve that semilit had a CD with the track list she posted and believed it to be a "demo", I just think she was mistaken, and that what she actually had was probably just a fan-made compilation of 11:11, Songs, & live stuff--the kind of compilation that I and more than a few like-minded people were passing around quite a bit during that period. If I'm right, then "The List" is probably just a mislabel of some random live song.
  22. quote: Originally posted by jesse: there's not really any way to be sure with "the soup;" "belt" has been "the belt," "eighth floor" has been "eighth floor window," "movies" has been "just like the movies," "left hand song" has been both "meat ball song" and "a lesson...," "the machine" vs. "machine," "ballad of a politician" has become "ballad of a lovable dictator," and "ne me quitte pas" is [possibly] now "don't leave me..." and these are just things that i know for sure have officially happened. in addition i've seen in the past "secret stash" as "no one," "the devil come to bethlehem" as "joseph and mary," and "raindrops" as "i belong arm in arm with you." and then there are all the ones we don't have official titles for yet. Most of those titles have never "officially happened"--they're just bootlegger titles that people like me have slapped on unofficial recordings. That said, some are a little more "official" than others: Regina always referred to Belt without the article. Similarly, she always referred to 8th Floor without the "window". The shorter title came from the leaked demo back in late 2003, but Regina always referred to the song on stage as Just like the Movies. Although ultimately titled Left Hand Song for release, she previously referred to it consistently as "a lesson in how fleeting preservation is". I was told by someone whom I believed that Regina referred to the song as Secret Stash at a show I didn't attend (in DC, I think, ca. 2005). The Raindrops title came from the leaked demos.
  23. On sale this Friday 3/9 at noon (via Brooklyn Vegan)
  24. ingrid michaelson

    quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: Where can I get/buy Parachute? Went to her site and bought Spare Change, but parachute waswn't there. Which I find strange... It's on iTunes. I actually just saw her live for the first time few days ago--pretty cool.