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  1. fuck regina's record label

    I think Regina is just evolving, no artist ever stays the same. And if they do, it's boring So I am glad Regina is experimenting with different sounds and is having her music more produced!
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    I'm obsessed with the new Foo Fighters album. The Pretender won't leave my head! I highly recommend buying the whole album and listening from beginning to the very end. I am also very much obsessed with new album by my favorite, but still very unknown songwriter, Marina V. It's a really good album, I think Regina fans will really like her. http://www.MarinaV.com The album cover is pretty awesome, too!
  3. Male Singer-songwriters

    I have recently discovered Chris Isaak. He is not new by any means, but he's new to me. His voice is great!
  4. Charlotte Martin

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: People, if you like great song-writing, piano playing and singing, please buy Charlotte Martin's music! In particular: On Your Shore(2004) Veins(EP) 2005 Stromata(2006) - this one is really good I really like "On Your Shore"!!!
  5. kid picture of Regina

    yikes but cute!
  6. The Grammy's

    I am very bummed that so much good music isn't represented at the Grammy's. At least cool people like KT Tunstall were recognized by being nominated. But I was glad to see the Chicks win!
  7. It would be great if she posted something here for all of us!
  8. I got a free EP!

    this is really cool!
  9. Fiona Apple tour....

    i love Fiona but can't seem to get to love her new album. When the Pawn is the best though..
  10. DeVotchKa

    cool, thanks for the info!
  11. 6/14/06 Conan O'Brien

    I personally prefer the curly hair. I also wonder what they were talking about!
  12. Soviet Kitsch Cover

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Oddly enough jimmyvolt... I was looking at the old petermu forum recently, and I saw your marina-v info on there. I checked her site out, even though I had no idea who jimmyvolt was... Sure enough, the next day jimmyvolt starts posting on here again! Oh the odds! Also, she seems really cool. I like her private gigs option for people who want her to play. So awesome. Yes, I used to post there. Then I had computer trouble etc. and forgot all about the forum. But I am back!
  13. her birthday??

    how old will she be in February?
  14. Soviet Kitsch Cover

    P.S. I thought that picture was really cool.