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  1. Special Show

    I was pretty much opposite where those pics were taken, looking up her skirt obviously http://uk.gay.com/article/5324 considering the large numbers of press, photographers and the fact that they were filming this event I've not found much online about it.
  2. Regina live in London this June

    ooh, how did i let this pass me by! Excellent - I was at the J Newsom gig last year too (that was a great lineup - White Magic, Alasdair Roberts...and maybe even Six Organs? top!). Realy nice venue for the Spektor!
  3. Myspace songs

    Most of the time I too prefer strings instead of synths, oboes instead of synths, real piano instead of...synths, but in this case it didn't even cross my mind...I love that part and that little extra it gives to the song. It moves me. In my book, if you can make a piece of music that manages to stir something in my soul, whether it be using an orchestra or a girl hitting a chair with a bit of wood, that's pretty cool and yes - a minor stroke of genius (come on now - don't go picking up JohnnyC quibbling your "millions of artists" exageration if you're going to do the same to me! I wasn't exactly comparing this song to Einstein) "That's like saying me pressing 71 on my casio key board to make a STRINGS sound is genius" Never heard the phrase "It's what you do with it that counts"? Anyone can make a racket with a keyboard, but not everyone can make a delightful piece of music. Which I think it is - along with a hell of a lot of music made with synths.
  4. Better, BetteR, BETTER!

    LittleV's making perfect sense! The table's looking a little ropey at the moment huh? I was at that game last year (yup-Pompey fan!) - was one of the most amazing sights I've ever seen. Not only some of us lot turning up in WBA shirts, but also cheering when you scored and most of all the pitch invasion. I think I was row a/b - seeing 20,000 of you lot eventually crowd round our end as we applauded one another was unreal (and even I'd swapped shirts with a WBA fan by then!). This season's too close to call - compelling, yet painful viewing.
  5. Better, BetteR, BETTER!

    LittleVoice, I'm presuming, is an English footy (soccer to some!) fan - and either a Sunderland, Birmingham or Pompey follower.
  6. Fiona Apple tour....

    I have a couple of wikkid seats for her London show...6 rows back(I'm told the front couple of rows dont give the best view), middle section, end of row..nice! That's a little more info than you needed, but i'm well excited. Hoping she does a fair amount of the 2nd lp, and after seeing the live footage on the Extraordinary... DVD I'm curious to see how she'll be performing. Like, will Jon Brion be there? Just her on a piano? Full folk band (like on that DVD track?)? Anyhow - beena long time coming!
  7. Better, BetteR, BETTER!

    Which team would that be? Not on the coast is it? Either way it sounds like we have a couple of things in common!!
  8. is she touring with a band?

    Devendra B was top sans band (Vetiver if I'm not mistaken)
  9. Myspace songs

    I do know of a particularly cheeky chappy who used to play out a mashup of "Pavlovs' Daughter" in his live sets. Anyhoo - I've listend to Fidelity and Begin to Hope everyday this week, at least once. I LUV this recording of Fidelity. I luv the synths...especially the synthy/reverby "oboe" kind of sound that comes in when she sings "all this music...and it breaks my heart" - I think it's wonderful and a minor stroke of studio genius (she must have been well chuffed when that part worked out so nicely). It's also pretty infectious - I can't help geek out over it, heh
  10. Myspace songs

    quote: 1 - I have a serious issue with the exploitation of this capability, not to add to great music, but to create a facade of "good music". This is my major beef with the music industry. This I whole-heartedly with!
  11. Myspace songs

    "A BAND SHOULD NEVER RELEASE WHAT THEY CAN'T PERFORM LIVE, PERIOD" I can't agree with that one... Some artists use studio recording time to do just as Bloodroses suggests and create something that can only be done in that environment - even if it means it does sound different in a live setting. There's nothing wrong with trying to create an accomplished piece of work in this way. (And at the other end of the scale, most bands overdub and add extra pieces that aren't produced live.) If you've heard recordings of Pink Floyd play Dark Side Of The Moon around the time of it's release you'll know they couldn't touch the studio version live (back then anyhow!). This goes for countless classic and amazing albums. You might not be into it, but for another example, Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins was an amazing piece of production, sometimes incorporating 40+ guitar tracks on the one song (mad, but tru!). This obviously couldn't be reproduced live and the band couldn't even play half the songs anyway, having to re-learn the lot before playing it "live", yet their live shows were amazing. Different in many ways to the album but they kept the main essence - just like Regina here. Great songs, played with passion. Conversley, I don't necesarily think albums should *always* sound different to the live songs, but I would agree with some of BloodRoses' other comments. Anyhow, I don't want to plough to deep into the general debate, cos a lot of it's just people expressing their personal prefferences and feelings and that's fair enough, but to go so far as to say... "Crappy studio beats...rubbish techniques that are used to cover up lesser artists lack of talent..." ...is a little much, no? Maybe read Reginas' MySpace blog and have a re-think. Finally, just to stir it up a little (muhaha) - Anyone else dead keen to hear what's become of Samson? I was sceptical that it should be appearing on the new Cd, however I'm now quite excited to hear how a re-recorded version might have come out. I, for one, LUV the Songs version (obviously!) and I can understand if it was another straight piano/voice version on the nu Lp, but I'm very curious to see what else she might have done with it and what additional parts have been added. Full band? 120bpm casio beats? The possibilities now seem endless! (I know some of you hate me right now....heh)
  12. new songs...

    So on reflection, these two recordings both sound COMPLETELY different to each other, in style and production...so we have no idea how it will sound as a whole...other than these two aren't straight forward joanna/singing. Fear ye not I say! Bring on the new album, I'm well excited. I think Regina's voice sounds better than ever before on these recordings. So she's gone for a big poppy "Better" - I think it's pretty magic (luverly piano ending...ahh)...and "Fidelity" is so cute, her voice sounds so intimate. From another angle, I'm kind of glad these two sounds different...of course I luv the live arrangements we've all heard, and the previous albums...but it's all about moving on up and trying something new - it'd get dull if the albums didn't develop and change, both for us and in particular Regina. Besides, having these tracks contrast so much to the simpler live versions makes a damn good case for a 2cd/DVD live album
  13. Begin To Hope - the new album

    yeh, i'd question the legetimacy...If they've had a press release so would everyone else and that - they could just be jumping the gun (which Im sure they've done before) also, there's a track called "Begin to hope" on this boot... http://www.toritraders.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=26973&...72a9e2cd50a2f3a7eb6b ....shouldn't this be on said album (or am I being dense and this song has another name, etc...I did have a late night last night!)
  14. regina in U.S.

    is that supposed to be the BTH tracklist?? 01 Fidelity 02 Better 03 Samson 04 On the Radio 05 Field Below 06 Hotel Song 07 Apres Moi 08 20 Years of Snow 09 That Time 10 Edit 11 Lady 12 Summer in the City sounds a little ropey...i mean, great and all - but why's Samon on there? ***oops, sorry - i see this has been reported elsewhere already!****
  15. Shepherds Bush Empire, 04/02/06

    How good was that? That's the biggest show of the Spektor's I've seen, and probably the best soundsystem - her voice sounded amazing! I too was front row next to a very excited girl who "whoo!'d" loud enough for Fidelity to make Regina say "Go internet!"...she was right to be so excited mind!. Was excellent to be sitting without people pushing and talking and that too! I hopw the filming was for a DVD - has she had crews at other shows this tour? It was awseome to see her playing the piano as well as the keyboard...would lov to see it again! (anyone else in the front row feel self -concious at shouting UH-merica? It was hard to tell how many people behind were doing it too!) Oh, and to cap it all off I bought a shirt that fits - and in colour! WOO! (in the past I've only see white shirts or hers...this one's red with one of those Russian dolls from the SK artwork...yum)