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  1. anyone heard of Annie Stela?

  2. anyone heard of Annie Stela?

    and my fav band. [b:1d2a0f8ff7]Eisley[/b:1d2a0f8ff7]. they toured with coldplay last year and snow patrol this year. the piano in the songs is a Rhodes, as used in some of Regina's songs. yeah!
  3. anyone heard of Annie Stela?
  4. anyone heard of Annie Stela?

    no problemo! she deserves recognition. yep. i am glad you like her, miss j.
  5. 3 word story

    from the moon
  6. anyone heard of Annie Stela?

    i can't remember where i found out about her, but i think some of y'all would like her. theres a couple of songs on the site.
  7. 3 word story

    skirt of cheese
  8. Covent garden soups!

    hehe....maybe i will one day..maybe i will..

    hhahahaha.....i will never even try that....cider.....bad memories of end of year week in Newquay.....mainly cider....*runs from the memories*
  10. uh.. profile/PMs

    hahaha.....Reginka....its cute!
  11. heylo to you beautiful people

    indeed and a good place to take photos of architecture and stuff.
  12. uh.. profile/PMs

    604th member....
  13. heylo to you beautiful people

    just under an hour from oxford by car, 20 mins from london via train. its in hertfordshire. yeah. are you at uni in oxford? my bro went to Hertford. yeah.
  14. *Forbidden Honey* EP (piano demo)

    i get what you mean.
  15. pardon me, buuuut...

    well said. and maybe people want to get to know what the musician is like in person or whatever, so they feel they can relate to the artist and the music, and connect the artist's feelings with the song. maybe.
  16. *Forbidden Honey* EP (piano demo)

    hhehehehe...go for it! you can do it!
  17. *Forbidden Honey* EP (piano demo)

    likin it so far...
  18. uh.. profile/PMs

    should you wish to view the memberlist
  19. Vote for Your Honor!

  20. Tori Amos

    i got the 'Tales of a Librarian' for xmas, so far, so good! hahaha..i need to listen to it more before i make an outright judgement, but i am impressed by piano so....yeah.

  22. medulla

    tis a pretty rad album...i approached it cautiously though..for some like it though!
  23. A Christmas Gift for You

    huzzah for free music by rad people.
  24. heylo to you beautiful people

    hey why not! free tomo eve? your place or mine? hahahaha... :wink:
  25. happy christmas :)

    huzzah for christmas! woohoo![/size:d909cfea14]