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  1. Whos who!?

    Russ--14 Auburn, Alabama.
  2. New music we should all hear

    Oh Stwongbad...(dissapointed)I would have payed big money to have been put in your position. Regina and the Dolls. I would have been in heaven.But your choice...Matisyahu is good. I listened to him first as a joke from my friend. And then I went back and took a closer look into him and he really was good. I would reccomend him to anyone. Even if you don't like reggae or rap. I mean for chrissakes...He is a Jew...RAPPING! Come on you can't get better than that. -Livize.
  3. Regina At The Movies...

    When I was going to see Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy I heard "US." My friend thought it was such a great song she went out the next day and bough Soviet Kitsch. -Livize. P.S. Atleast it wasn't "House Of Wax."
  4. New music we should all hear

    Sadly, no I din't get a ticket. But that's o.k. I downloaded some Dolls shows and when I listen to them I pretend I am there. Hahaha. I guess getting a job would be of higher priority than message boards but it's pretty damn close! -Livize.
  5. New music we should all hear

    THE DRESDEN DOLLS "RAWK MI SAWKS AUF!" Hey, I think that you were the guys that posted on the Dresden Doll site when I was raving about how much I need a ticket to see the Atlanta show. It's nice to have you as a new member. -Livize.
  6. mp3's for the songs cd

    If I promise to buy songs as well will someone send me some MP3's? My e-mail is Thanks! -Livize.
  7. New music we should all hear

    Belle and Sebastian ROCK! I heart "Boy With The Arab Strap" and "If you're feeling Sinister." Both Awesome albums. Me and The Major is my favorite song by them! -Livize.
  8. Merchandise

    Stwongbad, Thank you so, so, so much! For the picture of RS merchandise. I love the shirts, posters, and buttons. Do you or for that matter anyone have a shirt they would like to sell me or know where I could get one other than a show. She came no where near my possible venues. ATL. Birmingham... I love the Soviet Kitsch emblem shirt. I would pay good money to support her and her art! -Livize.
  9. Merchandise

    Yea, I would like to see some of it as well. -Livize.
  10. New music we should all hear

    I heart M.I.A. along with Regina. "I bongo with my lingo!" -Livize.
  11. Hi! I'm new

    I love your blog...Even if I can't read it. Hahaha. All I can tell you about Regina is she is amazingly talented, beautiful, and not that big but on her way to stardom. *hope, hope* Glad you joined the forums. I am relatively new as well. Enjoy. -Livize.
  12. Merchandise

  13. Merchandise

    Perfect shitet. Just like the cover of Soviet Kitsch. Russian Dolls all over it except the very middle where the picture of Regina drinking is displayed.And tour dates. -Livize.
  14. Merchandise

    Hey I will take that. Just as long as I have a Regina shirt. She's absoloutley the best. -Livize.
  15. Merchandise

    Ummm, can someone describe to me what the shirts look like. Colours, designs, etc. I just would like to know what you all have seen in the past at shows she has done. -Livize.