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  1. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    this show was absolutely amazing. especially because i managed to sneak to the first row, center. i just wish my camera phone was better quality. ): she sounded flawless, and she was so cute - after every song, during applause she'd politely and quietly say, "thank you." <3
  2. Party w reg after RCMH

    quote: Originally posted by Jasmine: i hate being 20. the website says, "21 and over, please" so maybe they won't ID! but most places will let you in, anyway, if you slip the bouncer a few bucks! it's worth a shot! and even if you can't get in, she's got to be outside to either come to/leave the place.
  3. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    she did much better the second time around. now i'm even MORE excited to see her thursday! (:
  4. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    aww, she sounded SO nervous! and agreeing with almostspotless; that's a tough song! debating going down there to meet her - it's only about a 15 minute drive, but my boyfriend (who would be driving) and i are not feeling so well. )':
  5. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    growing up living in the bronx, i'd always race down to the nbc studios when i saw someone i'd like to meet on snl. for anyone who's willing; simply take a trip down there, and it's very likely you can run into reg before and/or (more likely) after the show; especially because she's not THAT famous.. yet. (:
  6. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    BBB 3 (: