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  1. A Place to Ask Any Regina Related Question

    remember that radio recording of regina reading an excerpt from Franny and Zooey? "book at bedtime" or that still floating around the internet somewhere?
  2. Mapping out Reginapolis

    ^^^thats beautiful joga! it is very well executed and obviously a lot of thought went into it. bravo!
  3. Announcement about DVD :)

    my dad got a blu ray player for the family for Christmas and he asked me what movie we should get for it. My reply was of course "Regina Spektor's Live in London comes in blu ray!"
  4. Alex Heffes ft. Regina "Balloon Girl"

  5. A Place to Ask Any Regina Related Question

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: quote: Originally posted by SmallTownMoon: hey can someone point me to that recent video of regina in concert that i saw in someone's sig where she makes the cute little crazy face? If you mean makingstuffup's signuture then yep, thats the one. thank you so much!
  6. Alex Heffes ft. Regina "Balloon Girl"

    does anyone have an mp3 of Birdsong?
  7. A Place to Ask Any Regina Related Question

    hey can someone point me to that recent video of regina in concert that i saw in someone's sig where she makes the cute little crazy face?
  8. pictures and videos of interest...

    ^^^I love that song and video! I'm a big contemporary dance fan
  9. General Questions

    Is anyone else getting taxed for itunes purchases now? or is that just my state?
  10. Wee Rants

    Jared, all I can say is....ick and makingstuffup...i feel your pain
  11. Any good new female vocalists?

    Elizabeth & the Catapult is one of the few artists these days that bring the amazing vocalist and the amazing songs:
  12. post your favorite photos of regina

    not sure if I like the new guitar....I was kinda attched to the old sea foam green one
  13. Funny things to share

    those were so funny! lol!!
  14. Let's go to the Movies...

    Okay this movie is kind of old but I just saw it for the first time and it was amazing!. Its called Speechless with two of my favorite actors Geena Davis and Michael Keaton. Its a love story about two speech writers from opposite New Mexico senatorial campaigns that get into some trouble when they begin to fraternize.
  15. Regina is everywhere

    The word of the week in my day planner is fidelity.....this is a good week
  16. What are you listening to right now?

    Rufas Wainwright-Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
  17. What are you listening to right now?

    Kate Miller-Heidke~Words

    it is indeed my birthday today!
  19. Regina is everywhere

    interesting weigh-ins..... thats a good question almost spotless...i guess you could like everything if you tried.
  20. Regina is everywhere

    First off, yay! my computers been broken and i haven't been on the stix in forever! good to be back. Ok, so last night I was at this restaurant that has a history of playing good music over the loudspeaker (last time I was there they played Smoke by the Ben Folds Five). So last night they played Better during dinner, and of course I had to announce it to everyone at my table, (a symptom of my severe reginitis) both of whom are regina-haters. My mother, an active anti-respektor, remarked curtly "Oh, so they do play her in public" Initially, I was offended by the statement, but then realised that Regina is somewhat of an acquired taste and I shouldn't judge so harshly. And not to get off topic, but it got me wondering, if thats true, what predisposed me to liking her music? It didn't even take me a few listens to fall in love with her. hmmm... something to think about.
  21. Good News Thread!

    ^^^^lol sounds like so much fun Alicia! I doubt my sister will do the same thing when we go to the beach in a few weeks.....she's a regina hater
  22. I finally watched High Fidelity

    I read the book and loved it.....I then made the mistake of telling my parents that I loved it. They found it on tv one night and decided to watch it because I raved about it....then I got yelled at for reading that book. but anyway I thought the movie was good but the book was better.
  23. Our Music

    BEN FOLDS/BEN FOLDS FIVE (insanely talented) BEN LEE (sexy australian) DIANE BIRCH (amy winehouse minus the terrible) ELIZABETH & THE CATAPULT (elizabeth=super voice) IAN AXEL (more people should know him) IMOGEN HEAP(musical less) MIKA (don't laugh...i actually like him) SONDRE LERCHE (adorable norwegian)
  24. Wee Rants

    my sisters so annoying....she says she hates regina..but then she listens to people like ingrid and fiona....people right in reg's league
  25. RIP Dan Cho

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: ^beautiful and eerie. me too raph. ); I haven't stopped for practically a week now. I almost don't believe myself, how heartbroken I am over this. quote: Originally posted by SmallTownMoon: that second video was terrible to watch....but whoever posted it as "Regina Spektor breaks down on stage" was being disrespectful in my opinion. Maybe take it a little easy on them. I'm sure they meant no disprespekt. There is no easy way to describe the contents of that video. Additionally, I don't think english is their first language. good first glance it sounded like something that the person said to get their view count up.