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  1. RIP Dan Cho

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: hopefully was before the "cactus festival" audience knew because the atmosphere feels really disrespectful, so much talking. and a warning... will really break your heart. that second video was terrible to watch....but whoever posted it as "Regina Spektor breaks down on stage" was being disrespectful in my opinion.
  2. pictures and videos of interest...

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: The lovely senior girls of my high school's select vocal ensemble performing "For Good" at our graduation, with me on piano. You can't hear me very well in this, but trust me, I was good. Haha. you sounded very good! my sister graduated recently and that looked exactly like her ceremony....right down to the colors.
  3. RIP Dan Cho

    This is so condolences to Regina and her band and all his family. They were so strong to continue with their performance.
  4. Regina is everywhere

    I just saw a cricket cell phone comercial. the tagline was: That's respeKt That's cricKet
  5. Good News Thread!

    ^^^very exciting! where are going?
  6. The Butterfly Peddler

    I’m fairly new to the stix and have just read all your amazing discussions about the Regina Musical. I thought you would be interested to know that I’ve already written it. I’m only fourteen and just an okay writer, so it’s not amazing, but I put a lot of time into the storyline and making sure the songs fit. It ended up being this weird mixture of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Rent. It’s about four friends and tentatively titled The Butterfly Peddler. Cue in-depth synopsis! Setting: the setting was the single most important element of my story. I knew it had to be New York, reg’s music just screams it. But I also knew it couldn’t be regular New York either. I created a mythical New York City where average people and strange creatures walk the streets together. Its run-down, grungy, and a bit scary, but still endearing. A place where anything can happen. Act I, Scene I- “Another Town”. The opening number where the four main characters and various dancers(some as real people, some as strange creatures) tell the story of the elusive “another town” in which they live. Great for setting the mood of the story. Act I, Scene II- Rob. Our first main character is introduced. He is head-over-heels in love with Marry Ann. Act I, Scene III- Marry Ann. Another main character is introduced. Although she is seriously dating Rob, she is fooling around with someone else. She closes her scene with “Aquarius,” telling the audience that although she’s insecure, she can handle everything. Act I, Scene IV- Lucy. Our third main character. No vital information, just that Lucy is a terrible busybody. Act I, Scene V- Scott. Final main character. Scott is a tough, muscular delivery boy. We also learn there is a big party that night at a vacant lot on the outskirts of town. You guessed it, the invitation says bring your own shovel. Act I, Scene VI- “BYOS”. Just a random fun dance scene where they go to a party with the ensemble dancers and dig holes. I warned you anything could happen. I just want to show that they all friends. Act I, Scene VII- “Aching to Pupate” We open on a silent street scene. A mysterious looking man in a trench coat walks out, says nothing, and sings “Aching” a cappella. Then he simply exits, still without a spoken word. Act I, Scene VIII- “Patron Saint” Rob and Lucy meet in the hallway. Lucy, being a busybody, tries to convince Rob that Marry Ann doesn’t have the commitment he is asking for. Then, sure enough, just after Lucy exits, Rob enters Marry Ann’s apartment and catches her in the act. Fight ensues, and when she is alone, Marry Ann sings a reprise to “Aquarius” probably something to the effect of “I’m not a skillful water carrier, and I’ve forgotten how to carry love.” End of Act I Act II, Scene I- Scott. He gives his thoughts on the actions of Rob and Marry Ann. Feeling sorry for his best friend Rob, he sings “Hero” Act II, Scene II- Marry Ann. We learn that everything is falling apart for her. Fired from her job, eviction threats. Act II, Scene III- “Carbon Monoxide” Rob sings the first half, expressing his sorrow. Scott delivers a package to Marry Ann, then she sings the second half, trying to convince him to run away with her. Rob says they will when he gets off work. Act II, Scene IV- “Lounge” Scott’s next delivery is to Lucy. They talk about their friends, Rob reveals his and Marry Ann’s plans. Lucy yells at him for ruining his friendship with Rob. When she is alone, she further expresses her disappointment with “Lounge” She then decides to shake it off by taking a walk. Act II, Scene V- The Butterfly Peddler. She is on her walk and various peddlers attempt to sell her bags and shoes, books and gold, but her attention is grabbed when the last peddler is selling butterflies. (This part is based on an old American Indian legend, where if you tell your wish to a butterfly and set it free, it will tell it to the Great Spirit, who will then grant it.) She buys three little caged butterflies with a little note on each, explaining how to tell it your wish and let it go. Act II, Scene VI- Butterfly Wishes. Lucy drops off the butterflies outside Rob, Scott, and Marry Ann’s doors. Marry Ann- “I wish I had everything together again” Scott- “I wish to be a better version of myself” Rob- “I wish to be happy” Act II, Scene VII- “You” the four friends and ensemble sing the closing number. Everyone is finally happy. Unlike most musicals, no one falls in love with anyone. I like how the line “I’ll never fall like that again” fits in. It’s like the big apology, all four of them made mistakes. The End This might be the longest post in stix history.
  7. The Butterfly Peddler

    ^^^a lot of feedback is wonderful! as you can tell from the fact that the script is only six pages long. If you are writing on the document itself please use the "track changes" on the "review" tab or a different color text. that goes for everyone helping me. thanks again
  8. The Butterfly Peddler

    sending out to the last two... Sorry guys I think I'm going to limit it there. nothing personal...I just don't think it should be with too many people.
  9. The Butterfly Peddler

    ^thanks! being sent now...
  10. The Butterfly Peddler

    oooh yay! this is exciting!! people are interested!!!! /end 4 yr old girl level of excitement its current state is what i can describe only as skeletal, but, enjoy anyways. its on its way.........for everyone except a jelly or a jam. I got a message that said the delivery was cancelled.
  11. Wee Rants

    I am painfully the point where I am stopping myself from having any fun.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    ^^^saw the dance they did to that song on SYTYCD. very cool! Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes- Paul Simon
  13. Regina is everywhere

    ive stumbled on to the reg site before definitely like that!
  14. post your favorite photos of regina

    quote: Originally posted by ThePoetsLove: Jess!! Hello How have you been? Great to see ya! Hi, this is random but where is your signature from?
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    oooooh baby here I am signed sealed delivered--I'm yours!
  16. General Questions

    I was just at the movies and saw a preview for a third Narnia movie. They obviously pick good music for them, with Imogen Heap on the first one and Reg on the second. So, does anyone know who will be writing a song for the third?
  17. Let's go to the Movies...

    ^^I thought that too all it made me want to do was to go home and take out all my old toys
  18. Let's go to the Movies...

    ^^^^I just came back from Toy Story 3! Ken and spanish Buzz were hilarious, and I was gripped at the incinerator part as well. I was sobbing when Andy was giving his toys to Bonnie!
  19. Summer Playlists

    mine will be some Elizabeth & the Catapult, some She & Him, some reg, and some Kate Miller-Heidke
  20. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    I had this dream where they sang That Time on Glee and Artie the wheelchair kid was playing reg's guitar.
  21. New music we should all hear

    Lately, I've been listening to two singer-songwriters from New York that I think we should all hear: Ian Axel: Elizabeth & the Catapult: This is my ringtone right now. If my voice was half as good as Elizabeth Ziman's I would be very happy.
  22. Bonnaroo 2010

    quote: Originally posted by makingstuffup: There's a download of the full show on is a great site, but I've only seen it once or twice! Almost every time i try to get into it I get a page that says "Bad Request" Does it do that for anyone else? Do you know what the problem is?
  23. Six Thoughts...

    1. I wish I was at Bonnaroo 2. I have to sit through three dance recitals this weekend. 3. little kid shows have gotten creepier and creepier. 4. I miss school 5. staring at my itunes wishlist, I wish I had more money. 6. world cup!
  24. Good News Thread!

    first day of summer vacation!

    Happy Birthday Jared!