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  1. post your favorite photos of regina

    ben and regina on conan o'brien from ben's myspace. epic.
  2. (Almost) Everything Regina Give-Away!

    congrats to everyone who won!
  3. (Almost) Everything Regina Give-Away!

    this is almost too good to be true...aaron you are the best regina fan ever!
  4. Wasteside

    ^^^I don't know much on the subject, and I'm not too good at interpreting songs to begin with, but as always there's the possibilty of the drunk girl on a train thing being one of regina's lyrically spontanious interjections
  5. (Almost) Everything Regina Give-Away!

    I entered...I kind of hope I don't get it though, because what are my parents going to think if a regina EP shows up on our doorstep? either that I took their credit card or possibly that I'm a criminal.....if I do win I think I'll start a thread taking suggestions on how to properly explain this. good luck to everyone! EDIT: Eshbach, I just noticed your location, I live pretty close to you.
  6. Dear Regina: You're sweet

    Yay! someone actually did this! I've always wanted to! EDIT: I just realized I never celebrated my 100th post, so.....112th post! Yay!
  7. Wasteside

    It says on reg's Wikipedia page that this song is based on The Twelve Chairs by Ilf and Petrov, a novel about a town where people are born, get their hair cut, and are sent to the cemetery.
  8. post your favorite photos of regina

    ^^^love it! I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her in the studio before.
  9. Bulletin Posts

    I was on and was so happy when it randomly "stumled" me to regina's site!
  10. Wee Rants

    uggghhh....I have to read Silas Marner for my English is very hard to follow at times....sparknotes is being helpful.
  11. pictures and videos of interest...

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Ben Folds Chatroulette tribute to Merton live in concert... I'm a huge fan of Ben's and you have no idea how funny I think this whole thing is! and after he puts out two videos of this some people still think he is the real Merton.
  12. Help! Respektonline downloading...

    ^^I'll try that. Thanks for the help!
  13. Help! Respektonline downloading...

    Downloading from respektonline used to work for me...but now the downloads seem only temporary. When I tried to get Firewood it downloaded normally, but after a few minutes an exclamation point appears next to it on itunes and says it can't find the file when I try to play it. Is anyone else having this trouble?
  14. Firewood (The Piano's Not Firewoood Yet)

    ^^^^that piano part, to me, sounds like a combination of jazz and immpressionistic styles. I think its gorgeous.
  15. Firewood (The Piano's Not Firewoood Yet)

    oh my goodness the lyric about the heart beating like a waltz is perfection! this entire song is perfection! im giddy and i will listen to this about 20,000 more times.
  16. Regina Song Showdown!

    quote: Originally posted by Rosa!: Be Like a Cloud vs. Woolen Gloves Be Like a Cloud! BLAC vs. Paris
  17. school = :(

    I need to rant about my English teacher. We'll call her Mrs. Reed. The other day in my government class we were talking about the criminal justice system and our teacher asked us what we would want done to someone if they got into our bank acounts and maxed out all our credit cards. Onme kids next to me mutters "Put 'im in Mrs. Reed's class." I think that would be considered unconstitutional due to its cruel and unusual-ness. let me give you a few examples of how crazy she is. 1. One day, she tried to tell us that Hitler started WWI. 2. I only read half of this extremely boring story. When we had to write a paper on the end of the story, I made up an ending which I later found out beared not even the slightest resemblence to the real one. I got the paper back, expecting to fail, but I only missed one point! For misspelling the author's name in the first sentence! Someone didn't read those assignments before grading them. 3. I got another paper back, I really enjoyed the book so I worked hard on it and thought I did well. When I got it back, I recieved a 79/100. Some of those points taked off were legitimate, but she took off 10 points because I misspelled one word! That's a little harsh.
  18. The Stix Birthday Calendar

    September 14
  19. Six Thoughts...

    musical takes over my life, so my six thoughts will all be about it. 1. opening night went very well last night! 2. we can make it even better tonight! 3. those guys from that other school's production of Grease that came to see us were really nice. 4. Danny Zucho hugged me (don't know his real name.) 5. cant wait for the cast party tonight....what happens in the garage, stays in the garage. 6. I'll miss spening all my time with my castmates when its over!
  20. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    I had a short, weird dream the other night: me and reg were playing cards together, and I distinctly remember her singing oedipus.
  21. Recommend a book here...

    I had to write a paper on a book of my choice for English class, I chose High Fidelity by Nick Hornby.
  22. Favorite Albums of 2010

    I haven't heard much to remark on as of yet, but Ben Folds collaborated with author Nick Hornby (who wrote a little novel called High Fidelity) and that album should be coming out very soon! I am so excited to hear the rest of this one. Here is a sneak preview:
  23. Good News Thread!

    Yesterday, I got what might be the most amazing complement of my life from my friend: "You have a very Regina Spektorish voice. You don't sound like her, but its along the same lines, very trilly and musky, and pretty." neddless to say I was very happy
  24. congratulations Brady! I hope she turns out to be healthy, happy, and a regina fan!
  25. Daniel Cowman

    I was listening to this song with my friend. She loved it, but asked me what it was about. The only answer I could give her was: "I don't know." can anyone help me give her a better one?