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  1. post your favorite photos of regina

    From the concert in Buenos Aires, on Saturday April 6, 2013 (taken by another fan):
  2. Argentina! April 6th 2013

    Ok, so it's (got the name wrong) and the site is being revamped. Anyway, I would appreciate any advice on how to make the audio available there. Thanks in advance. This is what the crowd looked like from the stage (I did not take this picture, credits to whoever they may be due): Uploaded with
  3. Argentina! April 6th 2013

    Ok, I haven't had time to write my impressions here yet (let it suffice to say that I got to meet her... yay!). An Argentine fan recorded *almost* the entire concert audio and put it here: Is there any way to get this included into the site? Just asking...
  4. Argentina! April 6th 2013

    Bits and pieces of Regina's concert in Buenos Aires: here is a litlle part of Better (and it gives an idea of what the venue looked like):
  5. Argentina! April 6th 2013

    Absolutely amazing concert in Buenos Aires. Will give a more detailed account and post some pictures when I have time. The venue was in the open, it was cold, and they had to put a litlle "stove" for her feet. The first fan videos are starting to appear in You Tube: here is Ne Me Quitte Pas:

    Happy birthday, Regina! Have a beautiful day, with tons of love coming your way. You deserve it for being so sweet, talented, and for filling my life and millions of others with the joy of your voice and your music! We are counting the days to see you play again in Argentina :D Enjoy!! PS: We want some cake
  7. srg 10th Stix Anniversary

    Serge: belated greetings and happy 10th anniversary. Never met you, except online, but you have given me the possibility to discover many beautiful treasures in Regina's music through your page. Thank you so much for that! You rock.
  8. Argentina! April 6th 2013

    Gisela: Hi, nice to meet you. I'm from Argentina too, and went to see Regina in 2010. Did you know this Facebook page of the Argentine fans? Some of them got to meet her and take some pictures with her last time, "The Reggianitos": You can check the pictures section. Maybe here you can find other people with your plan (just a suggestion). Good luck!
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Hello, you all! Long time no see. This is a Brazilian band: "A banda mais bonita da cidade" ("The prettiest band in town", sort of): "Oraçao" ("Prayer") - (w / English captions) "Boa pessoa" ("Good person") - (no captions... sorry) Hope you enjoy it! Best
  10. Interviews & Appearances 2010

    I don't know if this has been posted already. It is a short interview Regina gave in Argentina last year for the Much Music channel; today is the first time I have seen it in You Tube: Enjoy! Cheers!

    Happy birthday, Reginaaa!!! Have a beautiful day! A big hug! Just for you to know, we are celebrating your birthday at the Argentine facebook fan page! ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
  12. Translating Regina

    I am not sure if it's right to open a new thread for this, but here it goes: I have subtitled "Rejazz" into Spanish. If you are interested, you can see it in I plan to translate/subtitle more stuff, both interviews and songs, as long as I have the time. The purpose is to make Regina's work and personality available to people in the Spanish speaking world who may not undestand English very well. I want the number of fans in my country, Argentina, to expand, but that's not going to happen if people do not understand what she is saying, so... that's why I am translating (by the way, translating is how I make a living, though I do mostly technical stuff). Comments on the translation are welcome, as well as suggestions on material to translate, even if you do not live in any Spanish-speaking country. Have a good day!
  13. Translating Regina

    Thank you, srg, I'll try to use a translation along those lines.
  14. Translating Regina

    Hello; I would like your help, if possible. I am working on the translation / subtitles into Spanish of Regina's interview at the New Yorker Festival, and I don't know if I have understood correctly one of the interviewer's comments. In this video: Does the interviewer, at 10.24 say "Lenient happens to us a lot"? (They are talking about whether Russian-Jewish young people are slackers, and Regina says that the math genes skipped her, the chess genes skipped her...). And if so... what does he mean by that? Thank you in advance. Have a happy holiday season!
  15. 2003-05-01 New York, NY | Tonic

    Thank you very much, srg, I really thought the lot in the dot net was just all there was. I suppose I'll never cease to be amazed. A happy holiday season!
  16. Interviews & Appearances 2010

    Interview at the Rock&Pop radio station (Argentina) - Friday 10/08/2010. At first, the hosts introduce Regina in Spanish, but when the interview starts, one of them starts translating into English (and back into Spanish) between Regina and the interviewer, so don't worry if you don't understand a single thing for the first, like, 2 minutes.
  17. New Yorker Festival - 10/2/10

    I have a question for you guys. The You Tube "reginaspektor" channel has posted the New Yorker Festival interview in 4 parts. I would like to subtitle them into Spanish, as I have done with other interviews, and post the subtitled videos under my channel, for Spanish-speaking (especially, Argentine) fans, some of whom may not have a good command of English to understand without a translation. Would I be infringing copyright if I did that? Should I send a message to the "reginaspektor" channel requesting permission? Your comments / suggestions will be appreciated.
  18. Gran Rex Theatre, Buenos Aires Oct 6-7, 2010

    Hi, dentistgirl! As you say: she had an incredible reception (including the fact that she added one more performance in Buenos Aires, given the amount of people demanding tickets). South America simply loves Regina, and I'm sure she could feel it. She rocked Brazil last night and she will rock Chile in two days! The violinist's name is Joseph Brent, according to the concert program. Fellow and happy brumstixers who were able to take a picture with Regina, yes: how did you pull it off? I don't want to miss my chance next time, so teach me how to do it, haha! Cheers!
  19. Gran Rex Theatre, Buenos Aires Oct 6-7, 2010

    I absolutely love, love, love your pictures, Belén! Thank you so much!
  20. Gran Rex Theatre, Buenos Aires Oct 6-7, 2010

    quote: Originally posted by Jamie R.: I found a video of the banter you described, From the Pampas, and I love how she adds the afterthough "And thanks for coming to my show!" Positivity wins the day. Certainly, as usual with her =) If you get to talk to her after a show in the US, please tell her that we Argentine fans can't wait to see her again!
  21. Gran Rex Theatre, Buenos Aires Oct 6-7, 2010

    So, I know I said I wouldn't put videos in here because they were so bad, but the sound is good, and I have the privilege of doing something I wanted for so long: share with the stixer community some videos of a Regina performance actually shot by me! I hope you like them: Après Moi (part 1): Après Moi (part 2): Summer in the city:
  22. Gran Rex Theatre, Buenos Aires Oct 6-7, 2010

    Hello, brumstixers!!! My turn has come! I saw Regina live, for the first time, yesterday night at the Gran Rex theatre in Buenos Aires! Although it was my first time, I think the post belongs in the show-specific thread. You tell me if it needs to be moved. For the record, the following is an account of the show on October 7th (not the 6th, which had a slightly different setlist). It's not really a detailed account, but you can get an idea of what were the highlights (for me, at least). The show was scheduled for 9.30 pm, but Regina didn't come out till 10 pm, which lead to impatient clapping by the crowd. The musicians came on stage... and then she came on stage and waved to the crowd. That will be an unforgettable moment for me. Her little figure walking on stage and towards the piano, with her shining, beautiful smile. I'll have a picture of that in my mind forever. Because it was the very very first time I saw her in flesh and bone, even if at a distance. The setlist was: Folding Chair Eet Blue Lips Sailor Song Machine Laughing With Better Two Birds On The Radio Dance Anthem Bobbing For Apples That Time Apres Moi Human Of The Year Summer in The City Poor Little Rich Boy Man Of The Thousand Faces Encore: Samson Us Fidelity A couple of incidents: while playing "Eet", she accidentally dropped a bottle (I think) with tea, and one guy in a black shirt ("Keith", it seems) had to come with a cloth to wipe it off the floor, so she joked that she was making Keith feel like Cinderella. She also said this was going to be a very adventurous concert, with her ass slipping from the stool, hitting her head against the microphone... "By the way, thank you all for coming", she said then. The crowd responded with raucous clapping and yelling. It seems that some of the tea had spilled on her stool, so she was wet and uncomfortable. At one point she said "Maybe you could wait for me until I get changed?", but she stayed. The she said "It's the second time today, I got in the rain, and now I got in the tea". And after this, she started playing "Better", one of the most beautiful versions I've ever heard. She also mentioned that she had intended to write some phrases in Spanish to communicate with the audience, but that she had not got round to it, so she promised to do that for the next time. (Which means there is going to be a next time, great!) The crowd was basically respectful, except for a girl that kept shouting "Lacrimosa!". She was very insistent. At one point the crowd sighed strongly, like "Why don't you shut up?". She did. At this point, Regina made an eerie noise, like a ghost, and said "Ahhh, all my old songs are back to haunt me!". Then she started with the opening chords of "Apres Moi", and we could hear one of the best, best versions ever. Really. Regina was all she can be, and more. When she sings in Russian, I feel that something opens in her. Her words don't come from her throat, but from some deep well inside her where her childhood language is. As she sang, the lights on the stage turned increasingly red (great lighting effect, you can check it out at You Tube). It was impossible for me not to associate the red on the stage with Regina's childhood in communist Russia. It was the perfect lighting effect for that moment. And... after "Apres Moi", she played "Human of the Year", and then she started with "Summer in the City". It was a surprise for me, I wasn't expecting that. I was happy and thrilled. It's not a "Far" song, so you never know if she is going to play it or not... That was the best present Regina could make me. It was the most moving performance I have ever heard live. After "Man of a thousand faces", she left the stage, and the crowd started clapping for the encore. After five minutes, she came on stage again and played "Samson" (with the starlight effect), "Us" and "Fidelity". My videos are horrible, low quality (though good sound), and my camera tended to stop filming of its own accord, so... I will only post some pictures later; for videos check You Tube, there are alreday some which are much better than mine. I waited like two hours to see Regina come out, at the exit of the theater's parking lot. Her car comes out. We can see her through the windscreen, smiling, radiant, as always. The car drives off. No autographs, no pictures, no nothing. However, it seems that some guys had been able to wait for her inside the parking lot, and later that night, she met a group that had found out where she was staying and went to the hotel to wait for her after the concert. I must say it makes me really sad that I missed this chance to take a picture of me and her, I hope there will be a next time... One year ago, this seemed utopic, now it is a dream come true! After her success in Argentina, I expect she will come again next year. I just wanted to share my experience with you! Cheers!
  23. Gran Rex Theatre, Buenos Aires Oct 6-7, 2010

    Ha ha! I had not seen this one! We love this woman more than words can explain. At the beginning, she says: "I needed this at the tanguería". It seems they took her out to a tanguería , one of these places where you can see a tango show with singers and dancers; it's typical of tango-dancing women to wear a rose in their hair.
  24. Gran Rex Theatre, Buenos Aires Oct 6-7, 2010

    From Regina's Facebook page: " Good morning Buenos Aires! thank you so much for an amazing night last night- today we do it again! besos regina" (besos = kisses) Regina writing "Good morning Buenos Aires" is just to thrilling for me. Last year, this was a dream. Today, it's come true (last night, for some). I'm gonna be there tonight!
  25. Gran Rex Theatre, Buenos Aires Oct 6-7, 2010

    Thank you, Reginaoverdose! I can tell you the Argentine fans facebook page is full of excitement! (I don't know if you read Spanish, but here it is: My big day is tomorrow, the 7th. (Aside comment: I have noticed that your first concert was also a 6th of October, wow!) I hope security guards will not be too strict with cameras, so I can take / post a few pictures. And yes, you can say that again for the world to know: Regina Spektor sold out two concerts in the largest theatre in South America!