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  1. Regina is everywhere

    Regina is some Radio. It's funny. The writing on advertising "miluju Reginu" means "I love Regina".
  2. Colours of Ostrava, Czech Rep, 2010-07-18

    quote: Originally posted by BabyImBadNews: quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: I must admit, last night when i saw the first pictures from this show, I literally burst into tears at the sight of the huge PETROF on the side of the piano. I don't think i've ever seen her playing a Petrof Now I'm curious, can you explain why? Consider that I don't know anything about pianos Petrof is brand (even Czech brand) of piano, which Regina had in USSR before her and her family emigrated in 1989. But I don't thing it's so important...
  3. Colours of Ostrava, Czech Rep, 2010-07-18

    On Colours of Ostrava I saw and listened Regina Spektor first time. I looked forward on Regina Spektor the most of all interprets on Colours. I waited about 40 minutes before her should start performance. 40 minutes before were there quite lot of people already. Five minutes before (before than I started wait) I asked security whether could I meet with some interpret (I though Regina of course), but they nobody allow go behind barrier. Well.. I waited for Regina, because there were a lot of people how I said. I was a little bit surprise so many people waited on Regina, listened and applause her. I had felt her isn’t too much famous here in Czech republic. Appt remembers playlist much better than me. I remember only some songs and don’t remember order. I agree with Appt I have feel Regina was (a little bit) sad. Her didn’t smile too much. Her wasn’t in contact with fans too much. If I can compare with a lot of videos which I’ve seen on youtube etc. Dan Cho even had a chair on the stage... which was empty... Regina said this concert is Memory of Dan Cho (or even all tour? I don’t remember exactly). Regina used several times uncertainly “děkuju” (which means “thank you” in Czech). That was lovely. When she come fans given her big applause. Big applause followed after each songs. I enjoyed very much every her songs. It was very strong and emotive. I’m very heavy searching right word (and above all in English). Simply performance was amazing. I would like to listened her live again. I was only little bit disappointed, because I wanted to listen Dance Anthem Of The 80's, That time and Poor little rich boys which Regina usually play (if I know). I hope Regina will decision to play in Czech republic again.
  4. The Next New Single?

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: you're bradley and brady? xD Made my day Slightly spammy post, sorry... I agree that it's impossible to dislike every single Regina song, unless you're purposely hating on her... the songs are so unique! In my option it is very easy, If someone (for example) hates her voice, then hates all her songs too. I (thx god for it) don't know anybody who hates her.
  5. Interviews & Appearances 2010

    quote: Originally posted by bum bum bum: Q&A: Regina Spektor Talks Songwriting, Broadway "I've already drawn nightmare scenarios for myself where I'm crying and they're like, "Cut this song! And write another song in two hours!"" That made my laugh.