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  1. Whos who!?

    This is Soojin,17, from Toronto, Canada! Regina is my idol. pfft i know its nothing u haven't heard before, but she's so cool. [stilll angry about the Rivoli being 19+, ugh!]
  2. it'd be nice

    MTV played us?? omg when? ugh i missed it
  3. north america tour dates

    yeah i wish i can get a fake ID ... I got no connections haha.
  4. Regina & Chicago & the blasted age limit

    ugh, at least you are 20, old enough for toronto show... I am 17, desperately wanting to see Regina Spektor... was SO upset by that.. pfft 19+. just.. not... fair...
  5. can someone send me the piano part and cello part for "Us"

    ah I'm sorry Alkaline_Trio..I can play the piano part for "Us" but I can't write the whole thing out :| that is very cool that you play the cello! I'm looking for a violinist to play at my school's coffee house with me, I'd just do it on my own if not. Anywho, good luck finding the music though. Soojin<3
  6. Conan O'Brian

    yes, it was definitely nice to hear 'us' with just the piano, but I don't mind the violins in the actual recording..
  7. Conan O'Brian

    pictures on conan> Soojin <3
  8. Conan O'Brian

    hahah, she couldn't take a whole grand piano on tour?? They'd have to tune the piano before each performance and you can easily ruin the piano if you move it around the wrong way... that piano was so incredibly beautiful though.. again, can't wait til Jay Leno on the 20th! Soojin <3
  9. Conan O'Brian

    omg :O she was AMAZING. I was so upset that the toronto show that I was going to see was 19+, but now I am very happy that I got to see her play on Conan. It is now 2am in the morning and the show just finished like 20mins ago...I recorded the performance and now listening to it, as I admire her over and over. I snapped a few shots of her and the lovely red piano(I want it). Ahh, she's so coool. *Soojin* from Canada <3
  10. north america tour dates

    OMG as if its not all ages! UGH i was so excited to see her...
  11. north america tour dates

    YES! I'm so going to the toronto show. Anyone else going to that show..?