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    music...adam green/kimya/moldy peaches
  1. 3 word story

    as regina dances
  2. 3 word story

    as they take
  3. 3 word story

    i never realized
  4. may i just say, i love soup

    i too adore soup espically cream of chicken! mmmmm.
  5. Music that's helped us through the year

    my favorites of the year (off the top of my head) . not in any certain order.
  6. Strokes Duet

    wow ! that's great thatb regina had a song with them
  7. i totally agree, she is really amazing live too!
  8. 3 word story

    it turned into
  9. 3 word story

    dancing among the
  10. 3 word story

    3 word story..
  11. 3 word story

    3 word story..
  12. AvgoLemono - Egg Lemon soup!

    that soup sounds goood
  13. lights, and buying things...

    i do love christmas time but sometimes it can get crazyyy but that's okay