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  1. NYC Show - 06.01.06

    Is anyone going to the mailing list show on Thursday in NYC?
  2. Tonic - 7.27.05 - DVD!

    Hey, so I was one of the ones in the crowd on the 27th video taping the show (with Regina's permission). And, of course I want to share it with you all! (Remember when you were in school and they said NEVER start a sentence with AND, and then they flipped it on you, a few years later and said it WAS ok? Did I use it right up there? Whatever .. I digress..) The tape came out beautiful, with the exception of "The Flowers" missing the second verse and picking up at the "la .. la" finale and "Silly Eye Color Generalizations" gets cut off right after "the color of weak tea.." Also on here is Regina saying a quick "hi" to my camera at the end. The sample dvd I made, wouldnt fit on one, so I'd have to use 2 and could add the Carson show at the end. Unfortunatly, I am no longer making copies of the dvd. But, you can go to to Google Videos to see the 2 part show, thanks to JohnnyC (holllaaa!). Enjoy! I'd in no way try to make money off of this, so I figure a dollar a blank dvd ($2) plus money for Priority shipping ($3.85) = $5.85! Bubble envelope optional, add $1! (Paypal or carefully hidden cash only please!) If interested, email me @ kristinasaurus@gmail.com Please note: It's going to be in DVD-R form, so make sure your DVD player supports that! (Most do these days). Edit: Also, please add $1 if you want a bubble envelope, otherwise a priortiy envelope from the post office will be used. I wish I could do all this completely free of charge, but Im saving to get a new car right now.
  3. Cant Make it to Irving :(

    Ahhh. I am so upset about this. I had a minor surgery on Monday, and was hoping that I'd be a-ok for tonight, but unfortunatly, its not looking that way. I'm still in quite a bit of pain, and would be dreading the whole standing for 4 or so hours thing, surrounded by tons and tons (and tons) of people. Shawn, patty, Don, Mike, YAAAAS!! and others - so sad I wont be able to meet you guys! And basically, I want DETAILS, people! Details, recordings of the show .. same difference. LOL. Enjoy it for me!! Yaas, call me during aprés moi.
  4. McCarren Park Pool August 15, 2008

    OH MY WOW. This sounds (literally) like such an awesome show.. Oh and WTF!! The infamous JohnnyC was there!!!! (I would've loved to finally meet you dude!) I am beyond sorry I missed it. By the way, I've seen Reggie Watts do quite a few shows before at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC and he never disappoints. Aziz Ansari from MTV's Human Giant used to host a free weekly show there everyweek, and at least once every few months Reggie would be on the bill. Soundlooping machine and all!! I guess it really is a small world... afterall.. eh? But back to Regina.. I cant wait to listen and watch the rest of the videos. Big thanks to all who were there to document it!!
  5. New Date(s): Fall US Tour

    Yay for NYC!!
  6. Tower Records In Store - 6.13.06

    I've never done this wristband thing before. Does anyone know how it works? Like, if someone buys 2 albums, can they receive 2 wristbands? I'm just concerned I may not be able to make it into the city at 9am.. :-/ So I was hoping perhaps I can recruit a friend to buy my copy and get me a wristband (reimbursing them, of course). Any ideas?
  7. Regina Bootleg DVD

    Hey Marc - I emailed you back .. I think.. Anyhiz - this is exactly what I said: ----------- Absolutely, please, be my guest!! Just make sure that somewhere credit is given to me or kristinasaurus[at]gmail.com. Thanks for asking!!!! ---- And yea, what Johnny said, for the record - no one (at least to my knowledge?) has ever made money off of this dvd - and I wouldnt even think of doing so, as stated in the original post last year. If anyone finds anyone trying to make a quick buck off of this, please let me know so I get the feds on their asses, or something.. haha.

    I don't think people were confused, I think we (or at least, I) was just concerned about there being any left. When I called Tower around 3pm ish on Tuesday, the guy said "There's only a handful of wristbands left..." Of course, that could've all just been a clever ploy, because as you said, 10 mins before the performance people were still getting wristbands. lol
  9. Tower Records In Store - 6.13.06

    Op, your story made me chuckle. My friend and I rushed out of Tower to catch another show down at the Delancey, and of course, we ended up missing the show. :-/ Instead of going back to Tower, we ended up stuffing our faces. BLAH! Anyhoo - here's some silly video of the last half of Regina doing "Better" that I took.
  10. Tower Records In Store - 6.13.06

    I've never done this wristband thing before. Does anyone know how it works? Like, if someone buys 2 albums, can they receive 2 wristbands? I'm just concerned I may not be able to make it into the city at 9am.. :-/ So I was hoping perhaps I can recruit a friend to buy my copy and get me a wristband (reimbursing them, of course). Any ideas?
  11. video for "On the Radio" ON MYSPACE NOW!!

    Yea! Regina mentioned this at the "secret" NYC show. She mentioned it was filmed at the school where her mom works and all the little kiddies were like "Are you Mrs. Spektor's daughter?" haha.
  12. NYC Show - 06.01.06

    What a gorgeous show it was. Gorgeous setting, gorgeous sound, gorgeous people, and a gorgeous open bar! haha. Unfortunatly, I wasn't able to video tape (per Regina's request) because there were 5 professional camera recording it! Apparently, the footage is going to be used for something sooner or later... But yea, beautiful show!! My pics arent wonderful, but Ill try to post a few so you can see the settings.. Im sure others took much better photos. The space where she performed (sooo pretty). It was cool (and kinda creepy) with the lightning flashing thru the windows. Almost surreal in a way. That's all I can round up right now, being that its 4:30am and all.
  13. NYC Show - 06.01.06

    Is anyone going to the mailing list show on Thursday in NYC?
  14. Philly show

    Ay ay ay. Such drama. Concertmaps finally got back to me, and said "hopefully" they'll be able to put a ticket at willcall for me, they wont know til 6. Grrrrr. I'm stressed. Someone buy me a drink tonight if I do go. hahaha.
  15. Philly show

    I am supposed to be there tonight, but I havent RECEIVED MY FRIGGIN TICKET YET! Ugh. I am beyond heated. Concertmaps told me on the phone yesterday that they will call TLA, and tell them to print me out a ticket, and that they'd call me back. I never received a call back, and of course, today concertmaps doesnt answer the phone. TLA is saying there's nothing they can do, unless they hear from concertmaps, which they've yet to do. OOOOFA. Im just like so emo right now, yo! I'm mad because this is ridiculous to have to go thru the day of the show, and I'm sad because I missed the Brooklyn show and worried that I'll miss this one tooooo. Deep breaths....
  16. Finally, US & Canada tour!..

    Brooklyn + Philly for me!! I'll definitely tape the Warsaw show, not sure how Philly will feel. The Trocadero once gave me and my video camera a hard time. :-/
  17. Tonic - 7.27.05 - DVD!

    Johnny, what amazing stats!! To Anyone Who Keeps Emailing Me: I've thrown in the towel on making DVDs, especially now that my fellow spektorites were able to code it up and put it online for all to see. (Thanks again, BTW!!!) I'm going to edit my original post and swap my email with the link to the Google Videos. Next time she does an intimate show in NYC, we can do this fun all over again! Yaaaay!
  18. "WOW" is right! Great idea Johnny! And to think, she probaly has soooooooo many more in her notebooky things. I want her talent!! LOL
  19. Tonic - 7.27.05 - DVD!

    Wow, that video came out really, really nice - if I do say so myself.
  20. Tonic - 7.27.05 - DVD!

    Hi guys! I actually stopped making them, considering how much time each took to make, then getting to the post office, etc, etc. Somedays it really did end up being an all day project, which at the moment I barely even find enough time in the day to walk my dogs. I don't mind if someone were to post it on the innanet, as long as somewhere, somehow, there was credit given to me or my email address was in the copyright. Not trying to toot my horn, just protecting myself so that the footage doesnt show up 20 years from now on the "Regina Spektor and the Shows She Did In New York Before She Became a Household Name" dvd. Or, if there are enough of you, I can try and make a few more dvds. Email me @ kristinasaurus@gmail.com - but I cant make promises on when I can get them out! I will try to sneak some in with the christmas present shipping trip to the Post Office.
  21. Beacon Theater 11/2/05 (with Rufus Wainwright)

    srg!! I think I might've been sitting right next to you, or .. you were sitting right next to my mom, and I was on the other side of her. After the show my mom was telling me how the guy next to her was writing down every song Regina did, and I had thought you looked familiar from Tonic, but of course I wasnt sure. I'm still not sure if it was you, haha, were you in the fourth row, semi-center? BTW, excellent show, but yea.. her set was a bit short. She looked beautiful, with her hair pulled back. All of my pictures came out like POOOOO though.
  22. "Uh-merica Live!" single from Irving Plaza

    I saw something very similiar to this on eBay! Not sure if it had the UghMerica thingy though. Good find, Shawn! Good find!
  23. Least Favourite song on Soviet Kitch?

    I used to skip over The Flowers, until I saw her do it live back at the Bowery in March. The energy from the crowd, and Regina changed my mind on that one. Now, it's my ringtone. Hmmm.. Now, I dont think I skip over any, but my least favorite (which is far from a bad place to be with Regina, since all the songs seems to be ace) might have to be MaryAnn or Your Honor, although, that doesnt stop me from singing either of them at the top of my lungs when they come on.
  24. NYU show 10/6

    So who else is going tonight? None of my usual Reginabuds can make it and I dont want to be all alone in the big city.
  25. Cant Make it to Irving :(

    stwong, you can TOTALLY hear you singing. Patty and Shawn, thank you both so so so much. I'm having internet problems so I may not be around for a few days. Just wanted to stop in and say thanks! I was able to download (some) of the songs before my puter decided to be a beeotch!