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  1. Signed Stuff

    quote: Originally posted by eshbach: edit: And as for age -- I was, in fact, a teenager (19 I think) in the signed picture from the last page. And I'm 24.75 years old now, so you're pretty much spot-on. And here I thought you were an older man buying me dinner after Dillo Day, Aaron- it helped me rationalize letting you pay for my meal. But, alas, you are simply a younger and more generous man than me. I know... what a strange comment to return the the 'stix with after many months. On an unrelated note, the show at Northwestern was nearly a year ago to the day. My oh my, that flying clock. By the way, just to echo your long post atop page 2 of this thread, Regina was most kind to rush out of her car to share a moment with us that day on the lake. And in regards to the Chicago Theater performance, the third-party security definitely was being overly aggressive/defensive. For her part, Regina was being as sweet as possible but it was clear the security wanted to keep the fan interaction to a spacial and temporal minimum. They even announced 'NO MORE HUGS!' just as I was about to 'meet' Regina for the first time. But hell with them; I was able to get in half a hug before the hulking security gentleman (imposingly towering over all on the right in the picture below) snarled and put his arm in between her and I. Yeah... that dude definitely wasn't the 'gentle giant' type.
  2. So I'm in love with Ксения...

    Some cross-posted excellence (as snapped by my less-than-spectacular cell phone camera): ReSpekt did drive the two of us together, after all. And the same is true for all you beautiful and dear 'stixers. Cheers.
  3. Regina is everywhere

    A smile-inducing find as Kseniia and I walked back to my car from the store the other night. It just works on so many levels.
  4. Urgent: Flower Arrangement for Dan

    As always, Aaron, the kindness in your soul is very much apparent and appreciated. Here's to you, sir- and to all who have chipped in their words, prayers, or dimes. RIP, Dan.
  5. So I'm in love with Ксения...

    ... and there is no way I would have ever met her if not for Regina (and the Stix, for that matter). ^I think there was a solitary pickle in that burger.
  6. So I'm in love with Ксения...

    ... and there is no way I would have ever met her if not for Regina (and the Stix, for that matter). ^I think there was a solitary pickle in that burger.
  7. Would you pay to get Regina to do a show for us?

    Oh my... well isn't this thread just lovely? I'd certainly chip in with a couple hundred (after the couple hundred that would need to plunked down for travel expenses, as well (never taken a bite of the Apple)). How could I not? The very idea of this is simply enchanting. That's right: EN-CHANT-ING. So count me and some of my scarce funds in, my dear 'stixers. And as an added bonus, I shall bring the paper plates! ReSpekt, Justin P.S. As I sat here thinking of the possibility of this ACTUALLY happening, I decided to professionally film myself and upload the video retroactively.
  8. Bonnaroo 2010

    Does she only save Love You're a Whore for the folks at Bonnaroo?
  9. Bonnaroo 2010

    OH CRAP!!!!!! LOVE YOU'RE A WHORE!!!!!
  10. Bonnaroo 2010

  11. Bonnaroo 2010

  12. Bonnaroo 2010

    I can't see the video (or the shoes), but with the audio stream and you lovely people, it feels like I'm there among friends.
  13. Bonnaroo 2010

    quote: Originally posted by eshbach: Good news, I'm not having any trouble recording the video feed Cheers for being a tech-savvy stixer, Aaron. I look forward to actually seeing the show (the youtube stream hasn't been able to load on my computer all damn weekend for some reason). Thank goodness for NPR and Mr. Eshbach, at least.
  14. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    A hearty and soulful welcome to you, Lennonist. As well as a sincere thank you for sharing your story and love- it's very much appreciated. And so on behalf of all the 'stix: Hello, my new friend. We're fortunate to have you among our brum' brethren. ReSpekt, Justin P.S. Gracias for the official Northwestern photos of the day- though I have no idea how Jamie, Aaron, Ksenia and I managed to stay out of the slideshow when we were front row center. Ah well... at least I managed to get in the picture HERE. :-D
  15. photos of ourselves !

    From my recent three-dimensional Regina weekend. Hmmmmm... ^that posted excessively larger than I anticipated.