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  1. Friday Nov 14th @ Living ROom, NYC

    I might be mistaken.. but i thought this was a forum for someone named Regina... :wink:
  2. Kings of Leon support?

    Yep. Its very true, i watched he rshow at msg on the 30th, it was amazing. She came on before everyone was there. I feel bad for the people who missed her, because she was awesome. Despite the fact tha she kept asking the audience to excuse her cuz she kinda felt sick, but wow it didnt sound like it.
  3. lights, and buying things...

    hehe. Im lazy when it comes to shopping for christmas presents. Frantically looking for presents that i want and when i notice that ive forgotten something i wanted for someone, all hell breaks loose and im in the worst mood ever.
  4. Pictures

    [img:9b2ecce823][/img:9b2ecce823][img:9b2ecce823][/img:9b2ecce823](my friend wanted me to put in this one)
  5. Pictures

    [img:9b2ecce823][/img:9b2ecce823][img:9b2ecce823][/img:9b2ecce823](my friend wanted me to put in this one)
  6. i love you piano lady!

    I recently saw Regina at MSG Oct 30 with The Strokes and Kings of Leon. There weren't alot of people there yet while Regina was on, and i must say i feel sorry for the people who came in after her, because she was fantastic.