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  1. i thought those sounds might be fireworks??
  2. Concerts you've been to / Bands you've seen live

    I haven't been to many.. so here they are in order.. Kanye West WOMAD Taranaki ( Lila Downs, Gotan Projects, Yasmin Levy, Salif Keita, Mariza) Regina The Shins i would just die if i got to see rilo kiley or its members side projects.. *looks to heavens expectantly*
  3. Store!

    man i hope they bring it back... i didn't get a chance to really look at the merch stall at the concert
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by Most Nuts Ever: Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining Only one more week till UTB! Wooo! can't wait!!! i'm listening to bat for lashes - prescilla
  5. anti-regina group on facebook...grrr

    quote: Originally posted by rosa_de_oro: Awesome!!! But I don't know if you'll like them that much unless you really like Mexican-type regional music. Because that's the kind of music they do. hmm i like ranchera a lot, so maybe. Do you know Lila Downs? I don't know much about other mexican music like sinaloaense or duranguense...I like Julieta Venegas too! I actually plan to come to Mexico next year and maybe teach english or sth.
  6. anti-regina group on facebook...grrr

    quote: Originally posted by rosa_de_oro: Gee, thanks!! It's from this song "Escrito en una Esquina" by a band called Duelo. Do you know Spanish?? nice, i will have to check them out. Si que lo hablo! It was my major at college!
  7. anti-regina group on facebook...grrr

    quote: Originally posted by rosa_de_oro: rosa de oro: where did u get that sig. I like! and anyone who hates regina has just gotta be an imbecile
  8. Is This Pre-sale Thing Reliable?

    i got mine presale, but it was a seated show so it meant i got awesome seats in the 4th row and was able to move up to 3rd due to 'fans' who won exclusive best-seat-in-the-house seats not showing up. I had an unobstructed view of regie when she stood up the guitar! Hope u can work sth out i agree it would be a good idea to call them, otherwise what's the point of buying them early if ur gna be disadvantaged?
  9. Please Come To Argentina!!!

    bienvenido a nuestro foro! porque se precisa ser latinoamericano para amar Argentina? Debes ser orgulloso de ser argentino! Que tipo de musica te gusta ademas de Regina?
  10. Hi!!

    hi! welcome! yay new reginaholics!
  11. Auckland show

    quote: Originally posted by GoldStar: I was at the Auckland show at the Bruce Mason standing right up the front of the line by the ladies toilets. There were only like ten people waiting. Did you see her somewhere else? I heard a girl saying that she was obsessed with her so maybe that's you? That was when I was leaving and she was working her way through the line. You maybe?? i waited in the parking lot in front of the back entrance, alone till 1am! Where did u meet her? Man, i am dumb! Did she come into the foyer or sth? How did u know to wait there? What time was this? So yeah that wasn't me... but i'm getting there (obsession i mean). And thanks Django!
  12. Auckland show

    haha thanks x 2! Regina just has to come back now so I can yell it next time BTW: Here's an amusing interview Reg did with a NZ radio station The Edge, the djs are annoying but Regina is adorable as always You've just gotta scroll down a bit
  13. how did you get into regina?

    I listen to quite a lot of indie/alternative (i dunno let's just call it not mainstream) music and i'd heard her name a million times before. One day i was watching the music channel Juice TV and I saw the little banner at the bottom of the screen saying Fidelity - Regina Spektor. I thought, huh, that name sounds familiar.. I watched it and fell in love... the songs' version of Samson cinched it for me....
  14. Auckland show

    where was this?
  15. Read it here. I remember someone wanted to know if she still played classical music ever... here's the answer... read on!