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    Originally posted by rosa_de_oro:

    Awesome!!! But I don't know if you'll like them that much unless you really like Mexican-type regional music. Because that's the kind of music they do. Smiler

    hmm i like ranchera a lot, so maybe. Do you know Lila Downs? I don't know much about other mexican music like sinaloaense or duranguense...I like Julieta Venegas too! I actually plan to come to Mexico next year and maybe teach english or sth.

  2. i got mine presale, but it was a seated show so it meant i got awesome seats in the 4th row and was able to move up to 3rd due to 'fans' who won exclusive best-seat-in-the-house seats not showing up. I had an unobstructed view of regie when she stood up the guitar! Hope u can work sth out Smileri agree it would be a good idea to call them, otherwise what's the point of buying them early if ur gna be disadvantaged?

  3. quote:
    Originally posted by GoldStar:

    I was at the Auckland show at the Bruce Mason standing right up the front of the line by the ladies toilets. There were only like ten people waiting. Did you see her somewhere else?

    I heard a girl saying that she was obsessed with her so maybe that's you? That was when I was leaving and she was working her way through the line. You maybe??

    i waited in the parking lot in front of the back entrance, alone till 1am! Where did u meet her? Man, i am dumb! Did she come into the foyer or sth? How did u know to wait there? What time was this?

    So yeah that wasn't me... but i'm getting there (obsession i mean).

    And thanks Django!

  4. I listen to quite a lot of indie/alternative (i dunno let's just call it not mainstream) music and i'd heard her name a million times before. One day i was watching the music channel Juice TV and I saw the little banner at the bottom of the screen saying Fidelity - Regina Spektor. I thought, huh, that name sounds familiar.. I watched it and fell in love... the songs' version of Samson cinched it for me....

  5. I guess the fact that she was leaning on her cane contributed to that impression. I don't think there's anything wrong with being short anway Smiler

    More about the girl from Purchase: regina was like "what are you doing here?"

    "i don't know"

    "you don't know?"

    "well, i mean i don't not know"

    i can't remember what followed but she was a traveller.. I was glad to have been sitting so close for all the ppl calling out, im sure the ppl higher up would have been like what is going on!?

  6. I'll step forward on behalf of the Kiwi's. What do you want me to say, it was fantastic! She played a simular set to those in Oz, opening with Ain't No Cover, then Us, Better, The Flowers, Ghost of Corporate Future (I really wanted to yell out "Ew" in the appropriate places but no one else did and so I was too shy)

    She also played: Sailor Song, That Time, Bobbing for Apples, The Wallet, Us, Blue Lips, One More Time with Feeling (anyone know where one can get an mp3 of this?)Baby Jesus, Apres Moi, with an encore of Fidelity and Samson to close.

    We managed to get seats in the third row which was awesome and when she stood to play the guitar she was right in front of me!

    The crowd was enthusiastic but quiet and Regina commented on this. I think ppl really only knew songs from BTH as each one of these songs garnered applause in the first bars. Also ppl laughed at all the curious lyrics and rude parts which also suggested they were unfamiliar with them. Not that it's a bad thing, made it quite entertaining actually.

    There was a girl of about 7 sitting in the front row and Regina was like "I'm so sorry" in between the lines of Bobbing for Apples, it was quite hilarious.

    She also made some joke about having hurt herself fighting Koalas, and planning to take on the Kangaroo next. Then she said sth like, lucky there's nothing to kill in NZ (we dont have any big native animals) and someone said the Kiwi (our national bird) and then Reg said in an ominous voice "except the kiwi..." and everyone laughed "Now you know I'm evil".

    Someone also called out "Purchase!" and regina was like what? like SUNY Purchase? Turns out that girl was also an alumna (sorry i dont know latin) and reg told us a little about it, her performing arts school? "Also known as Poor-Choice... haha no actually it's a great school".

    I waited out the back entrance for two hours after the show so I could meet her, and I did and it made it all worth it. She was so sweet and friendly. I gave her some little gifts I'd brought for her and she signed my BTH and i got to hug her and talk for a few minutes. She is shorter than I thought.

    One thing that I am sure is different at her US concerts is that I was the only one to wait around, I was quite surprised. I guess NZ has only just begun to realise the giant this woman is and next time it'll be swarming. It was kinda boring waiting by myself to say the least so I welcome that for the next NZ concert - She said she hoped to return downunder Smiler

    Anyways hope that gives everyone some insight. Any questions you may have i'd be happy to answer.

    Peace & love,


    PS: She also played a song about the different coloured eyes... what is it called? The New Zealand Herald published a very nice review of the show today :Regina Spektor at the Bruce Mason Centre

  7. quote:
    Originally posted by bitsofbone:

    It's like Olives... (

    In my opinion it's the same with music and how we train our ear. Some people just never work on the development and so only ever hear what the radio plays them... Sad really because half the fun in music if seeking out an artist that isn't over played and finding out what they're really about.

    I agree... I'm so glad i got an iPod and don't listen to the radio anymore. I agree that a great voice can have many diverse definitions. One one hand you have singers like Christina, Beyonce, Mariah, Celine, Whitney (you get my drift) and I do find them to have technically great voices... but I would define a great voice as one that moves me... Regina obviously, also Lila Downs (amazing woman check her out), Jenny Lewis, Shakira, Natacha Atlas....

    I guess there's the voice, range, pitch, control, many factors which contribute to a great vocal interpretation of music..

    i've always liked olives, esp. the green ones with pimento..Smiler

    and to hell with the regina illerati. Ppl at my work don't like her too much (what little they know of her) and like to mock the vocalisations in Fidelity...

  8. OMG... it does make sense that the people with the good taste to love Regina would also like my beloved rk.

    As for me, generally obsessed, have all their cds and b-sides.. i'm not worthy!

    I don't think The Moneymaker is a bad song, not their best... but I enjoy it. Can't wait for UTBL! You can pre-order it off for all those interested.

    Yay! Seeing Regina this time tomorrow!

    Take care,