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  1. Fellow Musicians

    well I sing primarily. But I also play the piano and the clarinet. And for the last four years I have been performing with a African music ensemble and have been learning Ghanian drumming.
  2. the folding chair movement

    I also think that's the best line of the song. Aside from regina just being ridiculously cute when she says it, it is empowering. Good luck with your group. I think it's a great idea.
  3. what does mincth mean?

    isn't it mince meat?
  4. Groan

    My concern about her getting bigger is that she will soon have to perform in crowded stadiums rather than more intimate settings. I have no fear that she'll "sell out" though, which I've heard other friends talk about. I read an interview that she gave and she talked about how she hated how people get commercial and become robots.
  5. Tears and Regina

    Braille is beautiful. But the noise and blue lips.... When I first heard the noise, I was cleaning the kitchen. I had just bought the live at bullmoose album and was listening to it while I was cleaning. The whole album is unbelievable. But that song... was beautiful. I stopped washing the dishes and started the song over and sat on the counter top with my face in my hands. When I heard blue lips, I was sitting at my piano at my parents house with headphones on. I had just downloaded a ton of things by regina. I liked the song immediately but when it got to "blue, the most human color." I couldn't handle it. Her voice is so perfect for everything. So raw yet full. But really... any song if it catches me unawares can make me cry. For instance, I was at the grocery store with my headphones on and Somedays came on while I was looking at the produce and... there were definite tears. haha... another time I was walking home from the bank. It was still fall-ish and I was collecting leaves and summer in the city came on. It was a little too much for that moment. there are numerous other "I cried when..." moments involving regina but I'll not tell any more. Needless to say, she pulls at my heart.
  6. Regina Song Opinion Poll

    June 86 Nove. 06 Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and basically any old jazz. I also really like Corinne Bailey Rae, Jason Mraz, Ani diFranco, Joni Mitchell, and folk music in general. Female/ heterosexual I grew up in OK but I currently live in MN 10 I'm a vocalist. I sing jazz primarily. 5- I can't ever get enough of. Ain't No Cover All the Rowboats Après Moi Baby Jesus Back of a Truck Baobabs Bartender Blue Lips Carbon Monoxide Chemo Limo Daniel Cowman I Want to Sing Lady Oedipus Somedays Summer in the City The Noise Us 4- I love but have been known to skip it to hear another song Aching to Pupate Consequence of Sounds Dance Anthem of the 80s (I actually really like this song I just don't know it very well yet so I'm tentative to give it an all out 5) Edit Fidelity Ghost of Corporate Future Halikha LeKesariya (gorgeous! but... not something you just listen to) Hallelujah (an amazing cover! oh my word... beautiful) Hotel Song Just Like the Movies Lacrimosa Long Brown Hair Lounge Love Affair My Man Ne Me Quitte Pas On The Radio Poor Little Rich Boy Pound of Flesh Prisoners Samson That Time The Wallet Uh-Merica Your Honor 3- Dual meaning. Either I know it well but it's not a favorite or I don't know it well but it grabbed me and has potential to move up in life. Bon Idée Braille Buildings Chelsea Hotel #2 Field Below Flyin' Folding Chair Genius Next Door Hero Human of the Year Lucky Penny Music Box Ode to Divorce Pavlov's Daughter 2- I like it but not something that I ever get in the mood to listen to. Reading Time with Pickle Reginasaurus Rejazz Wasteside 1- Will probably only listen to a little bit before I get enough and want to hear something else 20 Years of Snow Better One-String Blues
  7. I thought the thread was "first regina song you listened to"

    I heard a lot of through the grapevine things by lady spektor. But the first song that I heard HEARD was rejazz. I bought from iTunes because my bass player friend and I decided to do it for a jazz show. But then I was like, maybe everyone else butchered her because I never heard her sound like this from others. So I went to her site and went to the videos and was in love. I told my bassist that and he was like do you want more? And of course I did. After that I've listened to little else. Only when I have to get something done do I change it. She's too amazing to try and write a paper to. She pulls me in. I recently found a webpage ( that has a TON of unreleased things. All live I do believe.
  8. Everyone is a critc

    I'll agree wholeheartedly. The very first time I listened to regina, I was less than impresssed. I was more like, uh... ok. But the thing was, I was performing the song rejazz and the person I was performing with was like here is some more regina just because she'll change your entire life outlook. Well that's not what he said but it's what happened. So I listened one day while completely swamped with homework. I got little to none of it done because all I could do after that was listen, download, and read all things regina. She's beautiful and an inspiration. She's made me write again. Both music and stories. But the thing is. You can't just listen once. At least not at first. You have to really REALLY listen. You have to leave behind everything you ever learned/loved about music and listen. Because you will find something so beautiful and captivating. You can't be the same after that. You just can't. But that's not what critics look for. Which is too bad. But at least it gives me more time to see regina live at a small venue before people stop listening to critics and realize she's amazing and she's playing at huge stadiums.
  9. This is probably a very stupid question...

    I love soup. I love tea. I often have soup with tea though I often have tea without soup. I'm currently on a darjeeling kick. With half a tea spoon of sugar and a bit of milk. I like chammomile in the evening if I don't have to stay up until all hours of the night. If I have to stay up, then it's a toss up between darjeeling and coffee. I don't like fruit teas really. But I do love chai. I like it plain but I must at admit that I much prefer it as a latte. And as for soup and lady spektor, I thought I read somewhere that when she was younger she kinda revolted against soup but rediscovered it later... or I could have made that up. Actually I probably did. **Edit- I didn't make it up! I read it again. In the Handbook of Soviet Kitsch under the reginapolis part. It's red and is two pages long. It's an interesting article.
  10. I'll agree. Even though I live in the States, I've never seen her live and my word if I have to see her in a huge stadium, I'll go but I'll be sad. I'm going to NYC in March. I think she'll be back from her European tour by then. I kinda doubt she'll be performing though. But maybe I can run into her and tell her she's amazing has inspired me to start writing music again. And also tell her she's absolutely gorgeous... and tell her father that I'm in love with his daughter.... hehe...
  11. O/F Hostility has a new level.

    hehe... fair rant. I'm a clarinet player so never dealt with the bowing issue... well I actually don't play the clarinet that often any more so I don't have to deal with any of it any more though I love the clarinet. I'm a vocalist primarily now... jazz specifically though I currently sing with an African Music Ensemble... but I digress... My friend plays the viola and gets upset about bowing inconsistencies all the time. But the argument of violins vs. cellos... it has to be cellos. They have a much more sensual sound. They're soo earthy. I don't know. I love them.
  12. Im really upset

    wow... lots of Okies... I'm an Okie as well though I'm currently going to school in MN. But I would LOVE to see regina live. I'm going to be in NYC in March and I'm hoping she'll be performing somewhere there... but we'll see. To see her live would be the best thing ever...

    yeah... I know a lot people who prefer to not capitalize their name. My roommate never capitalizes her name... even her signature is a lower case e... and I will say that I think regina spektor looks a lot better then Regina Spektor. The capitalized version makes whoever that name belongs to seem uptight.
  14. what is with the new sound?!

    so... noob... but I wanted to say that a.) my first exposure to regina as being aware to who I was hearing, was the new sound. Though I totally prefer the older stuff, I really feel that fidelity is a really great way to get people to explore her stuff. Now, I'm totally like man I would LOVE to hear the live version of fidelity but it was a really great way to get me aware of who she was. secondly, I was listening to samson on the songs cd and samson on begin to hope and as a vocalist, from a vocal standpoint, the begin to hope version is a better vocal performance. You get more diversity in the voice. They're almost identical performances but diversity of the voice quality throughout samson is just more and more apprpriate I think. The only song I could really do without though is better. Is it on another cd besides begin to hope? It's just so overproduced I can't handle it.