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  1. Regina answers 5 Questions for VH1

    i enjoyed jager a lot for a few months following my 21st bday. then one morning i woke up and i thought oedi...i mean "never again"
  2. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    personally, i like it a lot better when pre-orders are designed to get people who don't normally pay for albums to buy them, not when they are designed to take advantage of the people who were already going to buy it in the first place. oh well, i pre-ordered the "fan edition" anyways. i just really want that damn lithograph.
  3. Face The Music / Jeff Lynne

    as far as i'm concerned, this album is shaping up to be better than begin to hope. don't get me wrong, i liked BTH, i just think what i've heard so far is a nice middle ground between soviet kitsch and BTH, and i think that suits regina much better.
  4. Face The Music / Jeff Lynne

    haha looks just like will ferrell's character from the famous blue oyster cult SNL skit. all he needs is a shirt that is way too small for him and a cowbell in his hands.
  5. Whyn't You Help A Brother Out!?

    doseone. period. none of the other rappers mentioned can match regina's creativity. regina and themselves should do a tour together.
  6. it's opening in my town on july 31st
  7. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    i have been away too long. this is the best damn regina song i have heard in a long time. her fun songs are fun, but i loooove the dark side of regina spektor.
  8. My gosh, the radio recut of Better is dreadful.

    i really didn't like what had become of better when i heard the original begin to hope version. this new recut sounds closer to what i originally liked about the song when i heard it live. although, i tend to prefer the stripped down regina (in more ways than one! lol) as opposed to the full band regina.
  9. How big will Regina get?

    her popularity has already increased by tenfold just in the past couple of years. this last year was especially huge for her. in june of '06 i saw her play to a crowd of a few hundred (bigger than the crowd i saw her at a year earlier) at a modest club in seattle. just 4 months later i saw her play a sold out show at a theater holding nearly two thousand people. with all of the t.v. shows and commercials she's being featured on, not to mention another very accessible single getting ready to hit the airwaves, i only imagine her getting bigger and bigger in these coming months. it's very exciting and a little sad (happy tears) at the same time. it's kind of like watching your child grow up, not that i know anything about that. who cares if she wins a grammy? although, i'm sure she would be quite honored if that were to happen, contrary to some beliefs. it could be the start of a new trend in the music biz. i'm already surprised with how well the public has taken to regina so far. and if more and more artists follow radiohead's lead, the record industry will have no choice but to respond by doing things differently. hopefully, that means more true and unique artists are rewarded for their talent and creativity.
  10. 1999 demo tape

    her reaction comes as no surprise. can't blame you though, peter. you're a good guy for doing as she wishes. never should have brought it up to her, though.
  11. New version of Better in the works?

    i have always liked the piano-only version of better over the album version.
  12. Download Live at the Moore April 25th

    yeah this is awesome....thanks! i know someone that is really going to like this.
  13. Past Show: 4/25/2007 The Moore Theater Seattle, WA

    the show was great. so nice to finally hear uh-merica live. i thought the crowd did a pretty good job on that song, but i have to cringe during other songs when they try to clap along and less than half of them can actually keep the beat, and even less know when to stop. very happy to see her go solo again. and i prefer the audience to not know the words to songs. lets me hear regina that much better.
  14. lolz. does this have something to do with regina being jewish?
  15. what gigs have you been to/got lined up in 2007

    february something - subtle march 29th - brand new april 6th - dredg april 7th - dredg april 13th - aereogramme april 25th - regina may 6th - explosions in the sky may 7th - explosions in the sky june 23rd - sage francis