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  1. these could have been better. i didnt spend a terrible amount of time perfecting them and they didnt scan well at all. so dont die laughing when you look at them. but i dont think my parents or anyone else would fully appreciate a drawing, when they have no idea who it even is.
  2. what is stikcy?

    You have.. Upon the new year coming Shows Stories Rants Soup Recipes Lyrics Other and then underneath that it says stikcy....what is that and what is it for?
  3. Real Love

    i LOVE this version of "Real Love" and was hoping someone here (*cough* andreseng *cough*) OR anyone else that knows how to do this...would be able to explain to me how you can take the audio from videos off of youtube and switch them into an mp3 format. I would really really appreciate it.
  4. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    NO WAY!!!!!!!

    THANKS GUYS!!!! and happy belated birthday to rawin and monster too.. if i wasn't such a worthless stix-er i'd have been here to wish you guys a happy bday earlier . p.s.-there will always be a little place in my heart for brumstix and all of the awesome people here G, even if i often and unintentionally neglect it.
  6. 2003-05-11 Barbès | Brooklyn, NY

    I FUCKING LOVE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I HAVE THESE 2 SONGS... thank you so much!!!! Between this and the letter book video on youtube, i feel overwhelmed.I might pass out from being so excited.
  7. OH MY GOD!! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!! I have goosebumps.. I mean, it feels surreal that she actually got the book. George, you are my hero.
  8. quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by ajalaw: Gotcha.... Today I received Ronni's contribution. She is so cool she let her brother include a note......Go Zach!! ------ BAHAHAHA.. yeah.. funny story. i had my door locked because,i dont know about all of you, but i felt like this was a private thing.. i didn't show anyone or even speak a word about it. I didn't want anyone to ask to see or read it...and the little twerp picked the lock and busted in my room. hes just about as big of a regina fan as i am so i figured what the heck? lol..he wrote his and then read mine and made fun of me... glad it made it and didn't get lost or bent or broken. guess you could say i was a little paranoid about it getting there in one piece.
  9. hair.

    quote: Originally posted by kandi: quote: Originally posted by Donna: like the photo of her and her mom, she had straight red hair. where's this photo...? hahahahha oh donna. well.........the only picture of regina's mother that i've seen is this one that was shown on the cbs sunday morning show....but...her hair isn't exactly straight.. and the photo is black and white which makes it hard to tell if its even red.
  10. I put mine in the mail Monday the 21st. Generally speaking, how long would you expect it to take to mail something of this sort? Is there a chance it won't make it by the 7th? It's a little sad, but with email and so many other faster ways of communication, I've never really had to mail anything the old fashioned way. So I'm a little clueless.
  11. okay.. i take mine to the post office tomorrow. i've procrastinated long enough lol. I wouldn't say i'm proud of it though. does anybody else feel like that too? i sat there for about 3 hours trying to brainstorm what i wanted to write to her. it doesn't feel like its even worth sending now that im done. how do you even put into words what regina and her music means to you..? and on a 8x10 sheet of paper at that..i know that sounds corny but it just seems so impossible lmao. nevertheless i wrote it in my own little scraggly its there. scribbled mistakes and all. G, no laughing when you get it okay? if you can even read my writing that is. i guess my little contribution is way better than no contribution at all. i put mine in a plastic cover thing because it has glitter and things i dont want to fall off. obviously you're welcome to rip that off of it when you get it.
  12. I'm a little late finding out about this, but count me in!!!
  13. In search of the Holy Grail...

    OH MY GOD.. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CASEY!!!!I LOVE YOU!!!!!
  14. Prince Caspian Soundtrack

    rawin,george,jeremy,jessica-hahaha i love you guys. and it did make me realize how much i'm missing out on,not being on the stix as much, i couldnt understand how i just was completely unaware of a NEW SONG!! i was just completely oblivious to its existence...and thats sad thinking about how on top of things i usually am when it comes to all things regina. i love this song so much though...this is pretty much the highlight of my week. lmao..& this was incentive enough to stick around here a lot more often. not to mention its summer and im free. finally. and i miss everyone. how are you all anyways???
  15. Prince Caspian Soundtrack

    oh my GOD.... Okay, so I was babysitting and decided to take the little girl to see this movie, and when it was over i heard this song and kind of freaked out and kept thinking "no...that cant be regina.. i would have known about this." Its no wonder it WAS reg. It gave me goosebumps and i wanted to run home and download it ASAP.that song is so adorable
  16. American Idol

    if david archuleta aka (the muppet) wins ill be trying my best to refrain from smashing my tv in. i can't stand the poor kid. i dont exactly know why, but i find it painful to listen to him. i find it even more painful that so many people seem to adore him. he struggles with intellectual thought and sounds like kermit the frog when he talks... but i agree. it will be him or david cook.
  17. American Idol

    There was somebody that used one of Regina's songs during their audition. I remember dropping everything and FREAKING out. I don't think they made it very far though. This seasons soooo much better than some of the previous ones. I absolutely adore brooke white. I respect that she gets out there with nothing but a mic and her piano and captivates everyone like she does. shes got the cutest personality too. David Cook is my bet for the winner this year. That would be alright with me too though.
  18. lipstick

    Regina was my inspiration to start wearing red too . lipstick is a little too bold for my taste though, so i started using lip stain from Victoria's Secret.I seriously swear by that stuff. It's amazing.

  20. Yael Naim

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Although her Toxic cover is really disturbing me. I had that very same reaction to it!! It's kind of along the same lines as Jenny Owen Young's version of Nelly's I hated both of those songs to begin with though.. both are very strange..

  22. backing up files to cd....

    there were several bulletins posted on myspace about the people here. thats when i really began to have a problem. public bulletins i might add. and just earlier today there was another that stated how she thinks the only reason we are "dogging on her" now was because she reduced her amount of posts from about 30 a day to 2 and that she stopped posting so much because she actually has a life unlike the "rest of us that are on here 24/7". lol & thats totally NOT what any of us are having issues with i think you can pretty much gather from that, that no way we go about explaining ourselves is even going to sink in or make sense. its kind of a lost cause. i vote we just let this topic die down.
  23. backing up files to cd....

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: All I have to say is that if it was just the multitude of unnecessary threads the problem would've been far less bothersome. I can't speak for the myspace blog because I haven't read it, but Donna had personally imed me with negative messages about members of the board to the point where I finally blocked her. It's one thing to over create threads, it's a whole other to bad mouth people you don't even truly know behind their back. EXACTLY. i was able to ignore the random posting. that is annoying, but in the longrun when your careful about choosing your battles it isnt even worth arguing about. the myspace bulletins bashing people from the forum was very immature and worthy of being pointed out. personally, THAT is what irritated me. if this was really just about her random threads, and if the members here got that worked up about each one, this wouldnt be the generally peaceful place that it is. because she isnt the only one guilty of posting random and irrelevant topics. there are SO many others. there would be countless numbers of arguments and it would be a complete mess.
  24. backing up files to cd....

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: asking her to not post at all that message was nowhere in my post and i would not wish that for anyone. i love for everyone to contribute and have the right to post, but my point was that it was begining to hinder others who wish to use the forum. quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: use our manners more. That's my opinion. im sorry that you feel that i was being rude, and im sorry that donna also got that impression but really i wasn't. because text lacks inflection i even wrote specifically quote: I'm saying none of this in anger it is MY opinion that I was very just and phrased the letter very delicately in order to get a mature response and a response just as respectful as i gave to Donna. but sadly, as i suspected that is not what i recieved. I am sad that there is one less person to share our regina news and excitement with but to be perfectly honest i'm not going to cry myself to sleep because i brought this to her attention and it upset her. the fact of the matter is that Donna has created as many disruptances off the forum as on. Only a month ago it had been brought to my attention that in her myspace blog she has been writting very disrespectful blogs about these fine people of brumstix. Still, I held my tongue and said nothing but just a few nights ago while talking with others I realized that many people were tired of combing through the nonsense of the forum, so i decided to be mature about the situtation and bring it to Donna's attention that it is not very well appreciated by everyone. i completely agree. and this attempt to prove our point numbers at about the 50th time. seriously.. i realize i havent been as polite and reserved about what i had to say as some of you have, and i truly am sorry to any that have been offended by it.but it really is in AND outside of the forum. and so many of us have just gotten so fed up with it. sometimes being reserved and sugar coating what you have to say doesnt get you anywhere. sometimes you just have to be straightforward and completely honest and blunt about what youre saying. this is one of those situations. none of us are just rude people by nature. we dont go hunting for members to patronize, and if we decide to come out and say something its most likely in good sense and with good reason.
  25. technical behind the scenes

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by Ronni: theres nothing like being a part of the orchestra though. and i really miss that. Curiosity gets me agian.....What do you play? violin