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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    I'm listening to Just for Now by Imogen Heap live at Studio 11 103.1FM she's so awesome live! have anyone seen this performance? It's on youtube in a pretty good quality!
  2. Heat!?

    so bad for the European heat situation i'm kind of used to the heat I live in sonora.. in a city near a desert. so on summer since 11:00 am to 3:00 pm can be 40°C somedays higher! and yes! its veeeery exhastive to live near a desert and all the public pools are always full just as the beaches! we all here hate the sun and on some places like london or so, lovwe the sunny days.. or that's what i've heard
  3. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by i like wonder bread: school is tomorrow i think i am gonna scream fucKKKKKKKK! yeah, school starts tomorrow I'm kind of excited because is gonna be my first day at college! omc, i dont know what to expect about it!, i'm kind of nervous too!
  4. photos of ourselves !

    awesome pictures Reginaoverdose I'm uploading a few pictures of me so i can post them here
  5. Official Brümstix Letter Book/Gift Thread

    I imagine Regina on her tour bus reading all our letters and smiling!
  6. List your top 10 favorite female artists.

    I know i had posted my top ten already but it was a long time ago and it has some changes! 1.- Regina Spektor 2.- Björk 3.- Amy Winehouse 4.- Imogen Heap 5.- Rachael Yamagata 6.- Tori Amos 7.- Feist 8.- Maria Mena 9.- Anja Garbarek 10.- Ellekari Larsson (from The Tiny wich is an amazing swedish band that I highly recomend) 11.- Ximena Sariñana (haha! I had to list her!) it was hard to put them in order!!! The order always changes... maybe next week I'd like Anja Garbarek more than Maria Mena, who knows! haha Emiliana Torrini is pretty good too. Maria Taylor, CocoRosie! Alanis Morissette, Shirley Manson, Yael Naim, Norah Jones.. etc (:
  7. Official Brümstix Letter Book/Gift Thread

    OMC!!!! I can't believe it! I just saw the video! I hope she likes my letter.. I just wrotte a few lines because due of my poor english i didnt know how to express myself anyways.. thanks for this (:
  8. List your top 10 favorite female artists.

    quote: Originally posted by Cynthia: 1. Regina Spektor 2. Billie Holiday 3. Elis Regina 4. Jenny Lewis 5. Madeleine Peyroux 6. Ella Fitzgerald 7. Vanessa da Mata 8. Marisa Monte 9. Teresa Cristina 10. Nellie McKay Honorable mentions: Anja Garbarek, Camille, Coralie Clement, Etta James, Karen O. Laura Veirs, Dominique Durand (from Ivy).... Anja Garbarek!such a genius!
  9. am I the only one who's missing "Hell No"?
  10. Halloween!

    I was thinking.. how about dressing up like a "Mustard Musketeer" haha! it would be funny!
  11. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Attention Concert Go-er: The person next to you did not pay to hear YOU sing. Thank you. LOL!
  12. Is Kate Nash really influenced by Regina?

    that's sweet! ^^ go Kate! (:
  13. regina remix

    ohh! that was great! i really enjoyed that remix! i would love to have it! (:
  14. kate nash meets regina

    I love Kate Nash! ^^ her music makes me happy! I think it's unfair to compare Kate and Regina! like someone said: she is 7 years younger than Regina! so I think we can't compare them! Kates style is waay so different than Reginas! I think both are really good musicians, Regina has more experience of course and I don't think Kate wants to be like Regina or be compared with her! I think every artist wants to be recognized by their own work. Kate is just starting on the music business and I think she deserves an opportunity. But of course, this is just my opinion! and I'm so glad they met! ^^
  15. say something nice...

    quote: Originally posted by i like wonder bread: the*sculptors*marble is a newer one and who doesnt love newbies? I want Crow_Heart to do this one!!! c'mon Daniela!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------- haha!! I don't know what kinf of "nice thing" to say! I'm listening to the Death Cab For Cutie CD you sent me! (: and I'm enjoying it so much i'll post something nicer latter! (: :*