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  1. Early fan Recordings

    Oh wow. I had totally forgotten that she did this with Joshua Bell and the song has a name. Although to me it seems odd when the name of the song is completely different that what I call it.
  2. Early fan Recordings

    Thank you Briana and adnreseng. There is a name I remember! I will check on the site soon. I am sure this isn't new to anyone but as I just got this song "back" and it happens to be one of my favorite pieces and also youtube clips and apropos to my situation: She just seems to be channeling the piece, althogh in the comments some people remark that she had vertigo due to an ear infection or something so it could be just that.
  3. Early fan Recordings

    That is it! Without even downlloading it I remember the name. Thank you soooo much appt! You don't know how much I appreciate your time and effort!
  4. Early fan Recordings

    Thank you very miuch Appt. It looks like refers to repektonline for a number of things but I do seem to be able to download a bunch of indiviual tracks. I don't guess there are entire show zips? And the one thing that doesn't seem to be covered on either of these websites is the "sixpack" download zip. It has over 100 tracks and seemed to be handpicked performances of indivual songs. Some of my favorite were on here that I am not aware of being anywhere else (making records, a lesson in how fleeting preservation is are two of my all time favorites). Do you have this or know where to get it? It was put together with great care.
  5. Early fan Recordings

    Okay well looks like they are also rebuilding. Anyone happen to have any other links to the content? If not, I will wait until I can get a docking station or the site comes back online. Ty.
  6. Early fan Recordings

    This is where I think they used to be: but the page doesn't appear to be live any longer.
  7. Early fan Recordings

    Hello. It has been a very long time since I have been here and it looks like brumstix has found a new (much flashier) home. I did a little searching and I have been unable to locate what I am looking for and wondered if it is still there. At some point in time there was a big collection of a ton of early Regina recordings including many shows in New York and some others (Lots of live at Tonic, Live at the Living room ect.). Also there was some (if I recall, the name had something to do with six pack) 100+ previously unreleased songs (at the time) that were compiled in a nice A-Z set. Finally, in the same spot there were other concerts, including one I recorded myself at the Moore theatre in Seattle a few years ago and posted to share. Recent events have left me with almost none of my belongings (and a broken heart that could use some Reginament). My entire music collection, CDs, vinyl, two computers ect. all gone. I DO have almost all of these recordings on a hard drive in my car but the system is is on is no longer made and locating a docking station for it is not easy nor feasable at the moment. I don't know if it is still readily available but if someone has a link or has it in their heart to send these too me I could really use it. I have been getting my fix driving around and to some extent on Pandora but I really feel close to all 20 or so of these early concerts and know every moment of them and it would be a great comfort to have. Thank you all. <3
  8. WHAT TO WEAR >>>>>????

    I personally love to dress up any chance I get. I was half tempted to pull out my tux or at least a suit but that would probably have been a little overdressed even for the amazing venue she just played. I ended up wearing a very nice dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes and a dressy jacket but not a "dinner jacket". My friend who always tends to dress down didn't look at all out of place in a nice t shirt jeans and sneakers. Years ago I remember going to see Diamanda Galas (one of the most amazing singers of our generation) and it was also at an opera house. Her fans vary wildly from goth teens to upper crust opera aficionados and it was interesting to see kids with mohawks and other non traditional looks renting tuxedos and limos for the event. Where we just saw Regina play was a beautifully restored opera house but I know when she plays Austin tomorrow it will be almost the complete opposite at Stubbs BBQ restaurant. The Paramount: Stubbs:
  9. Seattle show help

    Leon did you find tickets? I still have my original three I bought directly through Concertmaps. I want to make absolutely sure that the tickets I bought off eBay are valid and the box office said the only way to do that would be to get them scanned when the doors open at seven. I figure once I am seated or scanned or whatever I would feel comfortable letting the other tickets go. I have been holding on to them as insurance "just in case" something happened with the eBay ones. The lady at the box office said it is entirely up to security if there are in and out privileges and they don't make that decision until just before the show but she said for Regina there probably would be. If I am going to give up my extra tickets I would like for a Stixer to have first shot at them. If not I did see someone on Craigslist who is disabled and can't sit in the mezzanine (only seats left) because there aren't any elevators. One of my farther back seats (and one of my second row seats) happen to be on the end of a row and the seats are removable.
  10. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    Was she in any skits? With both songs already posted up I am considering just grabbing those and skipping the show until tomorrow so I can skip through the crap.
  11. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    I guess us west coasters have to wait until the show is actually over before we can start watching it? I checked around a little (hulu and the like) but no luck so far.
  12. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    Did anybody else see this? Apparently you can download a different version of EET if you twEET about it. I don't wtEET so anybody else want to share? If not I will figure out how to twEET.
  13. Regina in HD

    I am torn. Last time I recorded her (audio) but spent more time worrying about positioning it, making noise ect. that I would have liked. But then again if nobody did it we wouldn't have the vast library of recordings that we share. I just looked and found an easier way of grabbing the videos straight from youtube that seems to cut down on the loss by re-encoding it: I can't wait to see her again. I am worried that it will be hard to see her stuck behind the piano but that is really where she belongs (and I mean this in the sense that is where she seems most natural, or to me anyway). I like the strings but still hope she does at least as much as possible of her set unaccompanied. Just finished watching them all in earnest. Wow! First time I have ever seen her do Ode to Divorce (one of my favs). And I am not the biggest fan of Eet but she was so beautiful during that take! I was just discussing with my friend who I am dragging along how I am torn between wanting to hear HER and the crowd to be quiet and the alternate with is everyone else singing along at the top of their lungs. I have no control over that though so I will just try to enjoy it.
  14. Regina in HD

    Very nice. Watching now. Are you the taper? Do you have the original files I can download from somewhere? I can rip them but there is always so much quality loss from pulling from you tube. If you were indeed at the show how did it go?
  15. Regina in HD

    Thanks for the info. I actually have a first gen BluRay player (the Sony BDP-1, $1000 when it came out) that does great upscaling of regular DVDs to whatever scale you want. Both the projector and the Bluray player will upscale or dither down on the fly but since the projector is native to 720P it is best to have everything set at the level before sending it to the projector (an Optoma 70HD). 1080P projectors have come down a lot in price and I will eventually buy one but it looks so good I am in no hurry. The PS3 will also up convert and down convert as will the projector itself but the hardware in the BDP1 is probably best at doing it on the fly and outputting it at 720P so the projector is just rendering the data it is fed. I am even tempted to buy or borrow an HD videocam and record her upcoming show (second row center!) but it seems that her management is becoming more and more strict on these things. I recorded her last show with an Edirol R1 Recorder and it came out pretty nice but the girl in front of my had her camera either taken away or had to put it away. I might just not worry about it this time.