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  1. sunday morning news (in case no ones seen this yet)

    OOH MY GOD the cutest baby Regina pictures were just shown on the tv. Ahhhhh great great great! interview
  2. Soviet Kitsch

    Wow I would say Soviet kitch is her best album besides her live songs. I can always listen to it and it never gets old or boring. I love Begin to hope also but I am already sick of it (mabey because I've been listening to it since last april). But I Love Regina on the Baby Grand Piano so I am biased.
  3. Grantham, PA show?

    quote: Originally posted by adamjk: we all sat around for a while, and regina did come out and sign things. she was super sweet to everyone, and there was a LONG line of people who wanted to speak to her/get things signed/etc. Its so weird to think of tons of People waiting for her outside, I mean this just past June in Nyc I was one of only three people the waited around. I hope she doesn't stop meeting fans after the show, which is quite possible and I don't blame her. ps. also did she play Baby Jesus at this highly religious school lol
  4. I really dont want to seem like a stalker also but: I saw Regina and the lead singer from only son together at a diner in the city