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  1. Amanda Palmer Solo Show Cover

    Aw, I'm excited! Amanda Palmer is one of my greatest loves at the moment. I love her solo album. I also love The Dresden Dolls. Amanda is one of those artists whose music can pull me through almost anything (she+Regina+Tuomas Holopainen). Lovely versions, and thank you so much for informing us. I've been trying to find Amanda-Regina stuff from Youtube, but haven't actually successed very well. Amanda's charming.
  2. Any fans of Muse in here?

    I... like Muse. I can't say I'd love it, but I like it a lot. Somehow it's hard for me to focus on their music. I listen to it a lot in the backround, but never really focus and read the lyrics and get into the songs. I love Knights of Cydonia, though. And Supermassive black hole. And City of Delusion. But yeah, Muse is fine.
  3. Driving Drunk

    I'm so sorry for you and all those close to your friend. It's horrible, it's totally in vain. Just pure stupidity and recklessness. I cannot understand the irresponsibility of some people. Of course these drunk drivers don't think anything could happen when they drive. Accidents only happen to bad drivers and no one considers himself as a bad driver. But they should think, cause human life is so very fragile.
  4. School violence

    Not so good day in Finland, today. We had another school shooting. A 22-year-old man walked into the classroom and started shooting. Killed 11 people plus himself. It's been like ten months since the same kind of thing happened in another school. Today's tragedy happened in Kauhajoki, quite far from where I live, and I don't even know anybody from that town, but I'm sad and shocked. It's terrible how this keeps happening, how a person can be in such pain that he's able to kill another human being. He has the gun, he gets no help. Where is the love? Well, my intention was not to fill this post with my personal confusion, but to make a constructive opening to this thread. Please share some thoughts. Are you afraid to go to school, do you think we should look after each other more carefully? How common are the violent actions? Is there any way to prevent these kinds of things from happening? Again, I'm sorry if the place and time and topic are all wrong... But I'd like to hear your opinions and thoughts.
  5. Good News Thread!

    This day's been really good. Mostly beacuse it's my birthday and I got all kinds of nice gifts and handmade cards and text messages and hugs. Everyone was so kind and attentive, they made me feel like I matter. When I got to school this morning, one of my friends gave me a beutiful orange flower. The poor thing hanged in my locker whole day and went through a cold, long way from my school to my home, but it survived! It felt so good to walk around the streets with an orange flower. It made me feel good, and it made the world feel a little bit more colourful. I love flowers. (I love The Flowers as well.) Also, you guys made me feel very good. When I checked the birthday topic and saw all your wishes, I felt so happy I almost cried. I've been on this forum for a week or so, and already getting noticed like this. Okay, overemotiaonal, here. But I really like you all. Thanks for making some good news for me.
  6. school = :(

    Thanks for the vibes, Eats Beats! I did fine, the rest of my group didn't. They made a total fool of themselves and me in front of the whole class. Urgh. At least I had done my job well and I hope my teacher noticed it. But I'm so glad it's over now.

    Thanks, people! And than you rawin for the Finnish wishes! It has been a good birthday, and it still is. <3
  8. Wee Rants

    I'm a bit sad now. I know it's very unwise to open my mouth about this thing at all, but I must say I'm really sad to see these unkind "politics" topics that only include bad stuff. Most of it has nothing to do with politics anyway. I just don't get it. When there's a place as great as 'stix, why would anyone want to spoil it? There are so much kind and iteresting people here, there's no point wasting our time with stupid arguments. Also, I'm sad cause the presentation of our History group project went really bad. I had done my job well, the others hadn't. I hate these kind of group projects. I'll get a worse mark because my friends are lazy.
  9. language nerds !!!!

    Okay, now I'm ashamed. Hee, misunderstanding is sometimes my dearets hobby. I did think: "oh dear, this looks exactly like Quenya, how on Earth could it be anything else?". But then I got confused. Yep, Tolkien used Finnish as basis to Quenya and Sindar, but the similarities are mostly in the pronunciation and rhythme. Since I am a huge fan of Tolkien's, I'd love to know some Quenya, but I never have the time to really take a look. Maybe someday I will study and then take everyone by surprise with my awesome Quenya skills. I agree wuth Perks: the correct form must be "je t'aimerais". You can't just suddenly love for a few seconds and then quit. Or can you? Getting philosophic here.
  10. language nerds !!!!

    Oh, rawin, the Czech version of Samson looks absolutely beutiful! Somehow, I immediately came to think of Elvish, the language they speak in the Lord of the Rings. I have no idea how do you pronounce the language, but it sure looks lovely written. Karl Prejekterinski knew how to put the whole passé composé thing. That's exactly what I meant. And also, thank you for the compliment. I love the fact that people really understand when I'm trying to say something in English, 'cause sometimes I feel like my typing cannot be understood by anyone but me. That's not very good thing if you're trying to communicate.
  11. school = :(

    I think I'll drop dead if I won't get to complain a bit about school. So here I come! At the moment, I'm working on a history project. About the Cold War in the 1980's. I find history very interesting, but this assignment is slowly killing me. I haven't had the time to go to the library and my dad can't find any book about this stuff, so I have to go with the internet. I can't find any proper information in Finnish, so I'm trying to figure out some super-difficult English articles about my subject while my head falls apart little by little. If I had to write an essay, I could live with this, but I have to make a presentation. I hate standing in front of the class. This should a group project, but as all five members of my group, including me, are exremely busy, we haven't had the time to talk about this. I have no idea what the other people are writing about. I'm just making some random PowerPoints of the Falkland War and Grenada occupation. This sucks! In general I love my school and I like studying, but I just have too much things to do at the moment. Ooh, the stress... All the teachers seem to think that we are only studying the one subject that that they happen to teach. My history teacher definitely thinks that we all should put all our time and energy on this project. But as I have about a million other projects going on at the same time, I just can't. The presentation is on tuesday, so I'll be very glad if I'm still alive on tuesday night. Especially 'cause it's my birthday on wednesday. It would be rotten to let this presentation kill me right before my birthday! Please send me some positive vibes so I get this thing done succesfully. Maybe I'll listen to some Regina and let her music cheer me up.
  12. language nerds !!!!

    French is not my mother tongue, but I'm quite sure it should be "Je t'ai aimé", because the object pronoun loves to hang out before the conjucated verb. Probably. But someone who really can speak French may tell us. And I see I really can't explain grammar stuff in English! Okay, I can't stop myself from doing this: may I present Samson in Finnish! Sinä olet suloisin tuhoni Rakastin sinua ensin, minä rakastin sinua ensin Paperiarkkien alla on totuuteni Minun täytyy mennä, minun täytyy mennä Hiuksesi olivat pitkät, kun tapasimme ensi kertaa Samson palasi vuoteeseen ei paljoakaan hiuksia jäljellä päässään söi viipaleen ihmeleipää ja meni takaisin vuoteeseen Ja historiankirjat unohtivat meidät eikä Raamattu maininnut meitä eikä Raamattu maininnut meitä kertaakaan. Uhg, it sounds quite horrible. I do think that lyrics shouldn't be translated at all, but the chance was too seducing... Ihmeleipä for Wonder Bread sounds extremely funny and stupid. Well, I'll just count on the wish that no one here understands any Finnish.
  13. language nerds !!!!

    I'm definitely a language nerd. Not bilingual, though, which is sad. It would be fantastic to be fluent in two languages. My cousin's father was an Englishman. The father died years ago, but my cousin attended a blilngual school for nine years, so he's still totally bilingual. I envy him for that, but you can't have it all. Even though Finnish is the only language of my thoughts and feelings, I'm studying quite a few other languages. I think Finnish school system gives us very good chances to study languages. I'm not sure, but I think that in US, for example, it's not possible to start a foreign language in the early school years? Correct me if I'm wrong. In Finland, we have to start studying some foreign language in age of nine, after two years at school. For me, that first language was English. I started French classes when I was eleven, and Swedish when I was thirteen. Swedish is compulsory for every single Finnish student, because it's the other official (was that the right word?) language of Finland. Last year, I decided to start Spanish. It'a a lovely language, though our teacher is not that lovely. And no, I'm not any kind of genius. I understand all these languages fairly well, but as I don't use French, Swedish or Spanish anywhere but school, I'm not a very good speaker, which is actually quite sad. Guess the main point in studying languages is to learn to use them... I can use English, but in a very imperfect way. I think the process of learning a language is exrtemely interesting. I'm absolutely fascinated by the way a baby learns to speak his or her mother tongue. It's amazing. If only adults could learn new languages so easily... I also find bilingual people interesting. The way they're able to think in two languages is simply cool. Hee, one of the reasons of my regiteration in Brumstix was to practise my English. Real communication with foreing people is a whole other thing than using language in the classroom. It's also interesting to see how native speakers type. Yes, a total language nerd here.
  14. Regina for you party? Sure, if you got the dough!

    Finland, anybody? You see, most of you would never visit Finland in your lives if you wouldn't have to fly there to see Regina. There really aren't any polar bears in Finland, so don't be afraid. Okay, it's always good to dream... Well, I'd be extremely happy if Regina could do even a regular show in Finland. Guess I'll never get to see her live, 'cause I don't have the money to travel to US, and I wouldn't have the money for many, many years even if I saved every single penny I get. What a sad thought! At least there's Youtube (oh, what a lame comfort!).
  15. Random Acts of Kindness

    Aww, this thread is so sweet! I love that kind of Amèlie -stuff. These little things, little smiles can really make a difference and save a rotten day. Too bad I'm extremely shy, so sometimes I just can't make myself smile and wave at strangers, even though I'd love to. In my school we used to have a lot of writings in the toilet walls, most of them not very pretty writings. Now the toilets have been renovated during the summer and walls are all clean. So, one day I went to one of the toilets and noticed that the door was almost covered with post-its. There were some on the walls, too. And all the messages were nice and sweet. It made me so happy that people had stop messing the walls with not-so-nice messages and filled them with lovely post-its. On the mirror there was one that said: "You are beautiful". People can be very lovely sometimes. Guess I should get some post-its too and start leaving them everywhere. They make me so happy, so there must be some other people too who'd love to see my little messages. Things that make you smile are really needed.
  16. Just wanted to say hello

    Okay, I'm not scared anymore. Thanks for all your kind words, I'm curling up with happiness. <3 And yes, as I am from Finland I know should be really into winter sports, but I'm not! Sorry folks. I do know who Teemu Selänne is, but that's pretty much it. I don't understand sports, 'cause those guys have to compete all the time and I don't like competitions. leaves, I had no idea that a real person could actually be called rainna. Exciting! I just came up with the name one day. It's like "rain", but more feminine version of it. RJLupin2, I love your screen name! Lupin is pretty much my favourite character ever. I am called "Remia" on some forums. Making up feminine versions again. My signature is from the lovely head of wonderful Amanda Palmer. It's a quote from the song "Sing" by The Dresden Dolls. It's an adorable song filled with great lines, I warmly recommend listening to it. And check out also all the other songs by The Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer. Advertising? Who, me?
  17. Just wanted to say hello

    Hello there. I finally decided to register to Brümstix, and immediately faced the problem of introducing myself. I couldn't find a suitable thread, so I just wandered around and found this one. So I apologise you all if this is all wrong place, but I just wanted a chance to say hello, and creating a new thred to do that seemed somehow... rude? Or something. Oh well, back to business (actually, I never got to the business in the first place...). I'm rainna, an almost-17-year-old girl from Finland. I am extremely shy IRL but also on the forums, so I hope this forum won't turn out to be too scary for me. You know, there are a lot of those forums filled with people who don't like newbies and who are very unpatient with us... Please be kind! I've only written few sentences and I already sound like a weirdo... Guess I am a bit weird, but I'm okay with it most of the time. I like living in my own little universe, watching other peoples universes and sometimes even getting involved with them. I like having my own little thoughts and opinions and sharing them with different people. I like it when the people in the streets and bus stops watch me like I'd have horns on my head and think: "she's not completely normal". I would love the world to be a bit more colourful and friendly place, 'cause it's just so gray and cold sometimes. I'm very emotional person, I cry and laugh and think and analyze all the time. But that's me. Regina, oh lovely Regina. I really don't have to describe how much I adore her music, do I? You have seen it written so many times. I've only known her music for less than a year, but I'm in love. I also love musicians like Nightwish, The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer, Kate Bush, Tori Amos etc. Okay, I was not plannig to write a post this long, so I'll just stop now. Oh, but first I have to tell you, that I'm sorry for the bad english. I have actually been studying the language for... (one, two, three...) eight years now, but I really am far from fluent. So please just try to live with my bad writing, okay? Pleased to meet you all, rainna