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  1. So much coolness going on in people's lives! Congratulations, Jamie and Emelie! You can both be so proud of yourselves.

    Emelie, I really hope you'll get into some great school that will help you develope yourself as much as possible. Getting to study the thing you love the most is wonderful. And audition experience is always useful whether or not you get chosen. I had very, very little experience of that sorts of occasions when I auditioned to my current school, and that really showed... I still wonder what made them choose the pathetic shaky girl they saw in the audition. Big Grin

  2. Thank you, Emmerrr and lennonist, for the support, it helps. <3 I ACTUALLY PASSED THAT TEST, which is a small miracle. Unfortunately that removes only one issue from the list...

    I don't know what has made me this unhappy and I hate the fact that I can't make it go away. Nowadays, I actually hate it when people ask me about my life, about what's going on. I just can't say that I'm pretty miserable at the moment, so usually I just tell them "Nothing much" and that's it. And then I listen and I discuss other people's lives and their plans. Lately, I've been listening a lot. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I feel like I'm turning in on myself in the process. Blah. This, too, shall pass, I hope. I can't wait for it to pass.

  3. quote:
    She's been out for awhile, but Sarah Blasko is really cool. Check out 'We Won't Run'.

    I really like her voice! Very beautiful and effortless. Sort of reminds me of Ingrid (although that could have something to do with the fact that the chords of the song are indentical to the ones of "The Way I Am" and the intro is very similar Big Grin ). I like the song as well. I'll have to find out more about this lady...


    You Say France & I Whistle - OMG [happy indie pop]

    Happy indie pop is exactly what I need right now! The more I listen to this song, the more I love it. It makes me want to dance (well yes, I am pretty much dancing in my chair at the moment), it makes me want to run around and yell and sing and act silly and see these guys live and just DANCE! Oh yes. The forest video is awesome - from now on my life ambition is to dress up as a tiger, live in the woods and climb trees. The other video is cute, too, and it gets extra credit for the ukulele. At some level, they remind me of a Finnish band called Rubik

    rainna, I'll be sure to let you know what I think after I give those albums a listen in a few weeks, when I'm in the right state of mind. :^> Btw, I hope you had a wonderful time enjoying Paris in the rain.

    Hee, take your time and remember that you're not obliged to listen to anything! Smiler I very much enjoyed Paris, even though I had the chance to experience it "in the rain" only for half a day. Big Grin The rest of the time it was sunny and warm and I must admit that it felt very good after the persistent chilliness of Finland. The city was big and beautiful and old and interesting and I'd much rather be still there...

  4. Tomorrow will be the day when I, the A+ girl, am going to fail an exam. It's pretty inevitable. I've practising and practising and practising, but that's just not enough. I'm not enough. This is so damn depressing, cause this exam is a pretty important one. There will be trouble.

    I am buried under this general stress and anxiety. Exams, assignements, deadlines, performances, trying to find a job and an apartment, health stuff, feeling so damn lonely all the time... Stupid little worries that pile up and suffocate me. I should be strong and deal with this and not complain, I'm just not sure I can.

    Gah, I sound so very angsty! I just can't burden my friends too much with this stuff so I have to put it somewhere, and that somewhere is here.

  5. Agnes has a such a beutiful voice, but her instrumental pieces are really good as well: "Falling, Catching", "Wallflower" and "Louretta". They sort of remind me of Yann Tiersen, whose music I also happen to love. No wonder they seem to like Agnes in France! Argh, I could start naming good songs but I would just end up listing all her songs... Philharmonics is a wonderful album.

    I seem to be in the mood for discovering music! Yesterday, I came across a duo called O'er the Waves. I listened through their songs in Bandcamp. For me, they're not spectacular (yet), but I really, really like the song Same Bed and the other songs are mostly good, too.

    O'er the Waves made me remember how much I like The Jane Austen Argument. I first found out about them via Amanda Palmer some time ago, but back then I only listened to Bad Wine and Lemoncake and It's Love. Now I listened through the other pieces as well, and they're very good! Beautiful, beautiful music.

    My greatest love today is the new album "Manner" by Scandinavian Music Group. Yep, all songs are in Finnish so I'm not going to preach about this one too much, but I think that Kaunis Marjaana could be worth a listen even for someone who doesn't understand Finnish. Maybe. Nah. I love the whole album! Big Grin

  6. Hee, I was in record shop in Paris and Julia and Agnus Stone's cd randomly caught my attention and made me wonder what kind of music they make. Guess I'll find it out now! Big Grin

    Lately, I've listened to Agnes Obel and Anna Järvinen, and liked them both a lot. They're not that 'new' - Agnes' album came out two years ago - but as Agnes is Danish and Anna was born in Finland and grew up in Sweden, I thought they might be new acquaintances to non-Nordic stixers.

    Agnes' song 'Riverside' played in some episode of Grey's anatomy, I think, and that's a lovely, mysterious and enchanting piece. The whole album, 'Philharmonics', is a real beauty!

    From Anna, I've been listening to her newest album 'Anna själv tredje'. My favourite song right now is 'Uppåt framåt på finska' (yay Finnish!) but I like the other songs as well. Definitely worth checking out.

    /Offoffoff/ lennonist, I know the feeling! I used to write a lot and really like it and actually be quite good at it, but I haven't been able to write anyhting decent in months, years maybe. I can't find the required peace inside my head. I hate that. There are words somewhere, but they just won't come out. I'm so afraid that they are gone for good. So yes, a week or too as a hermit in the woods wouldn't hurt right now. Just leave me there with some food, fire, pen and paper and some musical instruments! I would very much like to find out what I am actually thinking and feeling, and being able to express it creatively would be a nice bonus./Offffff/

  7. quote:
    I have a piano recital coming up and am going hardcore on the piece I'm playing! I'm so excited but so nervous at the same time!

    Good luck, have fun and enjoy the music! I just had my first song recital a couple of weeks ago and I was pretty terrified, but still sort of loved it. Smiler

    My good news: I wrote 1,5 songs yeasterday. I haven't been able to do so in a long time but now it just happened. And I actually like them, especially the other one, and that's even rarer.

  8. Frowner I feel so bad for you, Kate! That's just awful. With stuff like that going on, it's no wonder that people stop posting... I always thought that this community would be free of those kinds of things and it's shocking and sad to find out that's not the case. Of course it doesn't change the fact that we have plenty of lovely stixers around here, but I would want to stop trusting this forum in general. I don't know what to say.

  9. (I apologise for profanities in advance...)

    This country is fucking twisted. The party that is about to win the parliament election basically consist of right-wing populists. Fuck. I would love to blame those gross politicians, but it is the Finnish people who are doing this to themselves, to us. I would not like to spend the following four years waiting for people to realise that politics just doesn't work like this. AAAARGH. Take me out of here now!

    Thank goodness raspberries taste good and beautiful music sounds lovely no matter who rules the country.

  10. quote:
    Rain is one of my favorite smells as well! I love the smell of dirt too haha. Spring is the best smelling season!

    Spring is good, but autumn's even better! The rain, the leaves, the cool air, the apples (well, in my parents' garden at least!)... Mmmmm.

    Today, I voted for the very first time! I have been old enough to do so for a year and a half already, but there hasn't been an election until now. So finally! This election is a nerve wrecking one for the Finland's most right and conservative parties seem a lot stronger now than they have in many years... Well, at least I know that I gave my vote to a good, caring and competent person and that's pretty much all I can do to stop them now.

  11. Wow, Brady, that sure makes my problems look tiny... Be proud of yourself for surviving all those hard situations! I so glad that life is getting better for you.

    When our first dog passed away, I sat in my room with lights out and listened to

    , The Living Room by Amanda Palmer, over and over again. And I cried. Somehow it helped me, grieving with Amanda whose singing is so filled with emotion. The song still gives me chills every time. I don't know if it's helpful for anyone but me, but it really gave me a lot of comfort back then.

  12. quote:
    4_and how i tried to be so hip back then

    5_but in hindsight i think i was actually pretty cool

    6_i wanna be cool again

    1. My philosophy is that people who don't give a damn about being cool are the coolest.

    2. According to this philosophy, I'm actually quite cool, but I'm probably the only one who thinks like this.

    3. But that's okay.

    4. I need a job for summer.

    5. I want to fall in love.

    6. Badly.

  13. Two friends of mine just got out of Japan, I'm so relieved! They are fine but this vacation was a dream come true for them and it sucks that they had to end it like this... Anyway, I'm just glad they got out alive and well. Tourists can always retreat back to their home countries, unlike the people who actually live in Japan. Frowner

    To end with a way smaller rant: WHY must Sufjan Stevens have a show in Paris a week after I come back from there!? So. Wrong.

  14. Life's good, mostly! It contains a lot of studying, which I like very much (well, most of the time!). It has been a bit lonely, living in another town, away from friends and family, but the independence has its upsides too. Right now I am dreaming of something to happen, something exciting and new... Life has become a little too routine!

    How about you?

  15. Yeah well, I'm full of contradictions... Big Grin I guess it is sort of weird to love performing arts as much as I do and still be so scared of performing but that's pretty much the way I am. I've always loved practising these art forms. I want to enjoy, to learn more and develope my skills as much as I can. I don't hate performing, I usually like it very much once I have overcome the panic and forced myself to the stage. Performing live is great! But performing solo is pretty damn scary anyway. Smiler I don't want to put my neck out for some random YouTube people who can be so inconsiderate or just mean, who would probably tell me that my singing sucks and that they don't like my looks. I'm not strong enough to handle those sorts of comments.

    Jacqui McShee is wonderful, her voice is exactly the kind that I like. Though on Pentagle's live videos she looks strangley nonchalant while she sings. Big Grin The contrast between her super expressive voice and the pretty blank expression on her face is confusing! Oh how I wish I had a guitarist with whom I could try to do these songs...

    Your brother plays really well and sounds like an interesting person, but don't you come and tell me that he is more interesting than you are! I don't believe that's possible.

    Yep, some Scandinavian bands are quite hot stuff nowadays but, to be strict, Finland in fact is not a part of Scandinavia. Too bad for us. Big Grin The internationally popular music that comes from Finland is mostly heavy metal nowadays. As you probably have figured out by now, I'm not very heavy metal orientated person... There's this one band I found when I was twelwe, my first real favourite band called Nightwish. They play dramatic, melodic, film-music-like metal. Even though my taste in music nowadays is quite far from heavy, I must admit that I still love Nightwish, I go to their concerts and by their cds. My guilty pleasure... Big Grin I haven't listened to Husky Rescue much, but I have heard Sounds of Love and I like the song a lot. Reeta-Leena is a great singer and a lovely woman!

    Hehe, I recieve the compliments with gratitude and joy, but I'm afraid I am not as awesome as I might appear to be. The credit should go to the Finnish educational and cultural system more than to me. Finland is not as isolated as Americans often think. When something - a book, a film, an artist, a politician - gets big in the USA, we know about it here. I read a lot of books in English because I like the language, but almost all of the fantasy books you mentioned have been translated to Finnish. I read LOTR when I was ten years old and that wouldn't have been possible without the translation. Almost every Finnish child starts studying English at the age of nine or ten, so my language skills aren't that exceptional either. I dare say that I speak and write a little better than an average Finn but I am far from perfect. I want to become as fluent as I can but I still have a lot of work to do.

    I never expect anyone to know anything about Finland, so I don't mind. Smiler Even though there are things in Finnish culture I don't like at all, in general I'm proud of my country and I gladly tell other people about it. I like the fact that my culture is a little bit foreign and mysterious to people from bigger countries. It forces us Finns to study languages and learn about other cultures, and it's always nice to confuse people with Facts from Finland. Big Grin

    Ouch, way too long a post and I'm too tired to check my spelling... Sorry and good night!

  16. quote:
    Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, some Swedish

    Now that's what I call impressive! When I was in Poland about five years ago, our Polish hosts tried to teach us a few words in Polish, but we didn't do very well... Big Grin Russian, Ukranian and Polish are closely related to each other, but I'm curious about where your Swedish has come from!

    Haha, sorry to intimidate you! I imagine that must have been pretty difficult and uncomfortable for you to write that post from under your bed. I profusely apologise for any harm or discomfort the dust mites may have caused you as a result of my actions. I must say that I am most graciously flattered by your offer of a private concert, so thank you very much for the merest suggestion of it! I haven't studied music, so I'm not judgmental (my brother is more musically and linguistically inclined than me and a better performer, so I wouldn't be critical like him) and would be appreciative of any performance, especially a private one. If I ever find myself near Scandinavia, then I would most definitely take a detour, just to see you perform a song of yours. =) It better be free though, otherwise I will have to decline. ;P

    Hee, I guess it's good to check the dust situation every now and then! I must say that I have a very long way ahead of me to reach the point where someone would actually pay me for singing my songs, so no worries there! Big Grin I'm a ridiculously shy musician and it's very hard for me to be satisfied with my own work, so even when I am absolutely sure that the audience means no harm, I tend to panic. I do love writing music though and I don't think I'll settle for playing it just for myself and my house plants for the rest of my life... Someday!

    (By the way, lennonist, THANK YOU for Pentangle, the newest member of the multitude of Riikka's favourite bands! I'm in love with this music already...)

  17. Medium back pain + cleaning = severe backpain. Ouch. (I'm still waiting for my roommate to start doing her part of the chores or at least ask if I would like any help in doing them. I guess I have a long wait ahead of me...)

  18. Hm, as soon as I have a moment I'll definitely dive into all that folkiness! I absolutely should be asleep by now, but that Light Flight won't let me...

    Oh, but you have intimidated me already! I'm currently hiding under my bed with the dust mites. Big Grin Serously though, there is some video evidence of me performing my music, but I think it will stay in the x-files for now. I wouldn't want post my songs on YouTube or anywhere where anyone could hear and see them. I'm so self-aware when it comes to music. I appreciate your interest, though, and if you drop by in Finland someday, I'll definitely arrange a private concert for you. Big Grin

  19. Random moments of happiness. <3 Rain is good, rain is calming and so are songs about rain. I think I like Riders on the Storm by The Doors as much as I do partly because of the sound of the rain on the backgroud. The song is great, but the rain makes it perfect.

    Congratulations for spotting the reference (even though, considering your screen name, I shouldn't be too surprised... Big Grin)! I guess you could say it was half intentional. I quote and reference all the time - it's my sin. My friends sometimes jokingly call me quote-o-matic for doing it too much. I don't plan the references, they just sort of come. Big Grin I'm a little strange that way. The downside of this habit is that half the time people do not recognise the references and that often creates slight awkwardness... But Here Comes the Sun is a great song that indeed fits my current mood perfectly. It has been playing a lot lately, in my head and my headphones. I usually listen to The Beatles exclusively when I'm happy, so I guess now's the time.

  20. quote:
    Riikka, hmm... I'm not sure how to pronounce that, but it looks like a beautiful name!

    Thanks! Hee, I would be very surprised if you knew how to pronunce it. Smiler Phonetically, Finnish is very different from English. "Ree-cca" would be sort of close, but the R should be Finnish, "sharp" R instead of the English version.

    And wow, lennonist, the rest of your post... You're so kind, thank you! I'm nothing special, though. Smiler But to inspire at least someone, that must be a good thing. I'm also impressed that you bothered to check out Finnish music, it's always nice being able to "promote" good but not so well known music. In Samuli Putro's music, lyrics play a huge role and the compositions are often very simple, yet beautiful. You managed to pick a tricky song, for "Rämpytimies" isn't even a real word. It would mean something like "Strumming man", and it's an absurd, satirical song about writing top hits. Big Grin I love folk and everything that has to do with traditional music. Joni Mitchell isn't on the list, but her music is so deep and beautiful!


    Originally posted by RJLupin2:

    Books: His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis, The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, A Series of Unfortunate Events by Daniel Handler, Harry Potter by JK Rowling, and The Zombie Survival Guide (Big Grin).

    I used to be such a fantasy nerd. I've read all the Harry Potter books and the three other books by JK Rowling, the Lemony Snicket series, the Artemis Fowl books, the Hitchhiker's series, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy including The Hobbit. I tried reading The Golden Compass but then had to return it to the library and only read the first Narnia book. :^( I dunno how I managed. I had so many spells from Harry Potter memorized. I used to be able to read books in one sitting when I was younger. I blame the internet for not being able to read as voraciously. I'm more of a sci-fi geek now. 'nyway, good job on reading all those books.

    I share the fantasy geek background with you people. I am a part of the Harry Potter generation of course, and Lord of the Rings trilogy is something that will stay magical for me for the rest of my life. The book made a huge impact when I first read it, and never stopped doing so. Phillip Pullman is a wonderful, wise writer with his own world order. I love it! And I don't think that anyone's brain can work quite like Douglas Adams'. The master of absurdity that somehow makes perfect sense.

    I haven't really foud new fantasy favourites in many years. It's hard to find good, grown-up fantasy books, so I just read the old favourites again. I do think that my history as a fantasy nerd still affects my taste in literature. I like books that have something strange in them. It's hard to explain... Authors that can find the magic in human life and mind always impress me.

  21. My week off is over and I'm back in school. And, even though the winter break was great, I'm not too sad about it. Today, the weather has a spring-like feeling, people look beautiful and I feel alive for a change. I went to grocery store after school feeling randomly happy and suddenly the radio started playing All You Need Is Love and at that moment I felt so good inside! I just stood there holding a package of pasta and was so happy just to be alive. I used to get these sensations of beauty quite often, but during the past winter they've been pretty much gone and that made the feeling all the more awesome. It feels like the long cold lonely winter is finally coming to an end and I'm gaining back my ability to be happy. Such a good day.

  22. Even though I have contributed to the forum for a while already, it's really nice to read these posts and learn so many new things about my fellow stixers! There are so many things that just never come up in the other conversations...


    Name or nickname: I am quite happy to be rainna here, but in case someone is interested, my actual real-life name is Riikka (hmm, I don't think I have mentioned it here earlier!). I've never really had a nickname. Some people have tried to develope one, but I have never liked their suggestions so they haven't caught on.

    Age: 21 (Sep. 17)

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Heterosexual, I guess? No need to define people through their sexuality.

    Relationship status: Lonely

    Location: Mostly Lahti; Vantaa during weekends and holidays. They're both in Finland and Finland is in Northern Europe. EDIT for 2012-13: I'm in Cork, Ireland as an Erasmus student!

    Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, French, a little bit of Spanish.


    Occupation: Student (in order to become music techer for young children)

    Hobbies: Music (singing, writing music, cello, piano, occasionally bass, kantele and ukulele), dancing (contemporary dance is my love), writing, reading, acting (whenever I get the chance), cooking and baking

    Interests: Music (quite obviously icon_biggrin.gif), all sorts of arts, psychology, politics, history, languages, literature, philosophy, religion, people around me, environmental issues, ethics, human rights. It's very easy to get me interested about something!

    Political Views: Left

    Religious Views: I choose philosophy over religion. Humanist, idealist, trying to become an altruist.

    Favorite Things

    Foods: Vegetarian kitchen from all over the world. And chocolate, naturally.

    Color: Green and orange are my personal favourites in clothing and interior, but I like all the colours.

    Books: So many of them and always hunting for new favourites. I've recently read and liked Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman, A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon and A Very Long Engagement (in Finnish) by Sébastien Japrisot.

    TV: House, Pushing Daisies, whatever HBO gives me. Especially In Treatment.

    Movies: I don't go to movies much. Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Tim Burton are my favourite directors, and I love traditionally animated Disney films. King's Speech was great.

    Music: Regina, Amanda Palmer, Joanna Newsom, Sufjan Stevens, The Dresden Dolls, Kate Bush, Coldplay, Ultra Bra, Bat for Lashes, Scandinavian Music Group, Ingrid Michaelson, The Smiths, Laura Marling, Värttinä, Florence + The Machine, Samuli Putro, Lisa Hannigan, Agnes Obel, Patrick Wolf, She & Him, Mumford & Sons, Dario Marianelli... and so on. icon_biggrin.gif Sibelius, Bach and Dvorak as well.


    Origin or meaning of your Username: My email address for anonymous internet stuff in G-Mail is rainna17, so I took it from there. I'm not sure where that one came from. But I do like rain. icon_smile.gif

    First time you heard Regina: I can't remember the year, but it was during a winter break from my younger sister's iPod. The song was Samson (2003 version). A friend of my sister had sent the song for her but she hadn't paid much attention to it. I did. I think I playd the song from her iPod approximately twenty times that night.

    Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Impossible! My favourite songs change all the time. Right now I like Human of the Year, Belt, Hero, You and The Mustard Musketeers.

    Random fact about yourself: I have scoliosis - my right shoulder is higher than the left. I see and feel the difference way too well, but other people very seldom notice until I point it out to them.

    Who/What inspires you: Just living in this wonderful and horrible wolrd. Nature, people, thoughts, events, feelings, art, love. All the people who care, people who want to make this world a happier place to be. Conversations. Goodness in life.

    Best thing about last year: Last year was probably my most eventful so far, so there were loads of them. Daring to write and perform my own songs, doing well in my matriculation exams, spending time with the people I love, getting in to the school I wanted to get in. A lot of goodness but also sadness.

    Looking forward to this year: Going to Paris, hopefully doing something nice in the summer, having my first music lessons as a teacher (that's something I'm also terrified of doing!).