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  1. Hey Casey, this is Matt, from the Tabernacle show. Holy You are my personal hero for life! I'm going to get construction for my shrine to you right away! You are officially a legend.
  2. Regina Demographics

    I'll be 22 in two weeks to the day
  3. quote: Originally posted by Tamx: quote: Originally posted by malo: I would love it if she had Rockland County or 8th floor. Definitely!! Haha, lately, I've been listening to those two songs over and over. I really love the version of 8th floor with Anders... the drums make the song so powerful. I'd also freak out if she put just like the movies on there.
  4. quote: Originally posted by redsawdas: loveology is my favorite, but i know i shouldn't expect that to be on there too much. small town moon would be my number one for the new album (after loveology) I totally agree with cody (redsawdas), although, I would love it if she had Rockland County or 8th floor.
  5. Explain Your Name Here!!

    Mine was actually my name in high school french. Half of my high school called me "malo" (pronounced just like the end of marshmallow, and it just sort of stuck as a nickname. Here I am about to finish college and head off to grad/law school, and I still use it for everything that requires an online name.
  6. Way to F*ing Go Atlanta !!

    quote: Originally posted by squeakycleanK: matt! Michigan friends! nope, i haven't found it yet, but it'll show up eventually, "you just gotta wait" matt...i still can't believe it. Everyone was so glad you came back after you got sick. Tell the rest I say hello Awww, that makes me feel so good! You have no idea how much Cody, Liz, and myself have been talking about how much we miss you! I'm so glad we got to meet! It's so good to know there are at least a few people out there that are as obsessed as I am! By the way, we have a great picture of all of us, and such a good one of Regina with us, we will definitely post them all soon. It may have to wait until we get done with our vacation (this is the first time i've been online since we left michigan!) OH! We have two videos from the concert, we have part of Apres Moi, and most of Hotel Song, they aren't full, and the audio isn't great, but I've still watched it about a million times! We will post that too.
  7. Way to F*ing Go Atlanta !!

    quote: Originally posted by squeakycleanK: quote: Originally posted by Lost in the Sounds: Hi everyone! I'm new here, but I've been a lurker for a couple of months now. So, I think maybe andreseng is the right person to tell, but I was just over on a Tori Amos forum and a woman on there went to Regina's Atlanta show and managed to record the Atlanta show, plus get some great pics. Thank you so much for the link, but is there more of a direct link, because I'm having trouble navigating through the toriphorums. I created an account, so I should be set. Thanks again ! Casey! This is Matt, from the atlanta show! I'm having trouble finding the recording of the concert. Did you end up finding the version from our show?