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  1. regina in ohio

    I'm from Ohio and I've seen her 3 times, you just gotta work for it until she hits Cleveland. I'm heading out to NY in a couple weeks for the SUNY show. It would be great if she would even go to Pittsburgh though because driving is expensive.
  2. This is what Regina has done to me...

    I had the same problem, it lasted for almost a year but I am listening to more music than just Regina again, so I would just keep listening naturally, lol
  3. just wondering is Regina in a relationship??

    I thought for a second that she liked girls because of the "in the backs of other women" line from Summer in the City and the "born like sisters to this world" in Better. Maybe it was wishful thinking...
  4. Grantham, PA show?

    oh, come on, I'm doing it!
  5. Grantham, PA show?

    I'm going, traveling from Ohio, I always have to drive at least four hours to see her.