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  1. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    french! yes! regina a en effet prononcé quelques phrases en francais quand je l'ai vue a montreal. "vous etes awesomeu!" bon, c'est la seule dont je me souvient mais quand meme! quand au petit prince, on avait aussi a le lire à l'école! mais j'ai adoré franchement; le truc du cercle vicieux m'avait vraiment frappée "je bois parce que j'ai honte de boire" ou un truc du genre. c'est bien comme livre quoi! et puis j'suis totalement daccors, beaucoup trop profond pour un livre pour enfants!
  2. bon idee!

    anyone know if the mistake in the title was supposed to be there?
  3. Just found this video on You Tube...

    just wanted to say thanks for this! it's an amazing -drunken- interview! although i really feel like punching the interiewer in the face. hahahaa
  4. is regina a lesbian?

    she's saying "a little less piano, (laughs) i'm just gonna be like this all night!" it would make more sense than her just saying "im a lesbian" in middle of a song. i remember seeing her in montreal and she was always like "can i have more mic, please? and now more guitar! less piano.." and she did say exactly "i'm just gonna be like this all night" the same way she did in that recording, so my guess is, regina likes to sound right and this isnt a lesbian comment at the beginning of genius.
  5. Montreal show at le national, october 8th

    i just had to register only to say: thank you so much Johnny (and everyone else) for the pictures and the video! Oh my that's great stuff! and i can see myself on some of the pictures, too! Whoa! Amazing show, i totally fell in love. when a friend told me i couldnt even imagine how great Regina was live i didnt understand.. but now i reaaally do! One of the best show i've ever seen in my life. i hope she comes back soon.. and make a little detour by quebec city. ye know it's pretty over here, too!