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  1. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    The way you say "Je l'aime très fort" is so cute (this phrase is usually used to talk about a person) A little correction : The translation of "to introduce" would rather be "présenter". You can say "Merci de me l'avoir présenté" or "Merci de me l'avoir fait découvrir". I guess some of my sentences in my previous post were not correct (and probably in this post too). Particularly, I can hardly put the adverb at the good place in a sentence. I guess that "but I unfortunately lost it." is not correct. "L'autre bout du monde" is a good album, tu as raison de l'aimer. Emily has such a good sense of humor. She mostly uses black humor. Dans la chanson " Jasseron ", il y a un jeu de mot avec le mot "concession". Did you catch it? (maybe it is pretty subtle or not, I don't know). Of course, don't hesitate if you want me to try to translate or explain something. I don't think that Emily's songs are as good as Camille's or Regina's one, but she's definitely worth to listen. After Emily Loizeau, maybe you could try Daphné. I will be pleased to introduce her.
  2. Disrespektful Audiences

    Mooebon, is it this link ? http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=qRUAL6XI3GE
  3. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    PerksOfAWallflower, once more thank you for detailed explanations : I learn a lot of vocabulary here. Appreciate! Personally, I never sendspace on a forum songs that are offered for sale, but maybe someone else will do it. I wish I got a radio gig to sendspace it, but I unfortunately lost it. But you can listen to several songs here : * L'autre bout du monde (lyrics here ) * Voilà pourquoi ( lyrics ) * Jalouse ( lyrics ) * Je ne sais pas choisir ( lyrics) * Bobby chéri ( lyrics) The most famous songs in France are "L'autre bout du monde" and "Jalouse". In her album, Emily Loizeau mixed dreamlike songs (L'autre bout du monde), serious and moving ones (I'm alive) and funny ones (Jalouse, Bobby chéri, Voilà pourquoi...). She's English-French and she often uses the English language in her moving songs (the reason is delicacy, reserve...). The most moving song for me is "I'm alive" (she wrote it for her father). You can listen to it here. (You can listen to other songs here and here.) Val, don't hesitate to contaminate pure minds with Reginaitis! I think it's such a nice disease. Some of them will become regewish, others will become registian, reguslim, reguddist or regatheists, and they will live harmoniously here together! And... Joyeux Noël tout le monde !
  4. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    oui je vois le sens de "pound of flesh" un peu differement. je comprends que le refrain explique un effet "domino", tes problemes a des consequences qui creent plus des problemes. et "if you stay in bed all day youre sure to have some visitors" c'est comme quand tu es malade, des gens te visitent, et Cette personne est visite par Ezra Pound qui lui demande s'il a lu ses livres parce qu'il est egoiste (ceci est pourquoi elle a utilise l'accent anglais, pour donne l'effect d'egoisme). et pour moi le theme est "forgive and forget." Pound (l'egoiste) n'est pas sa personne prefere mais, il vais lui preter une livre de chair malgre son attitude. je pense que le theme de renaitre est comme le pardon. Particulierement dans le sens chretien. Not a mess at all. It's almost perfect. Oui je vois le sens de "pound of flesh" un peu différemment. Je comprends que le refrain explique un effet "domino" : tes problèmes ont des conséquences qui créent encore plus des problèmes. Et "if you stay in bed all day youre sure to have some visitors", c'est comme quand tu es malade, des gens te visitent, et cette personne est visitée par Ezra Pound, qui lui demande s'il a lu ses livres parce qu'il est égoïste (c'est pour cela elle a utilisé l'accent anglais : pour donner l'effet d'égoïsme). Et pour moi le thème est "forgive and forget." Pound (l'égoïste) n'est pas sa personne préférée, mais elle va lui prêter une livre de chair malgré son attitude. Je pense que le thème de "renaissance" correspond à celui du pardon. Particulièrement dans le sens chrétien. Ce que tu dis est intéressant, merci pour les explications ! I've few other ideas but I'm not able to formulate them in english. I think this song is definitely a very good one (about some fussy and delicate subjects) and that it can be read in many many ways. Thank you so much for the very useful corrections! In fact, I used the word "punctured" intentionally (I found it in the dictionary) because of its medical connotation. In his Cantos, Pound "cuts" some parts of some literary works and uses them without altering them. But maybe this word was not appropriate in this context. Thank you for explaining me the subtle difference between "complete" and "compliment"! You're right, the later is actually more appropriate. I don't know why I added a c to striking! What a strange idea! Val, I have the feeling that many other french people could come from "there" and invade this forum. What a terrible projection! PerksOfAWallflower : Of course, you got it!
  5. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by busology82: SOAS- I know Amour is love, but I am crazy! I love her french songs! Me too, I find that "Tout doucement" is awesome.
  6. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    Em Mitchell, I definitely like the way you speak french. You use a lot of awesome phrases ("Ignorant du monde", "Je ne connais point"...). It's a delight to read your quaint charm sentences. Val, I've the feeling that we've already met in another place... I think we actually both heard about Regina in the same place. (some clues : I used to be orange and I like Janines Got it?). Welcome!
  7. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    Thank you for putting me @ rest PerksOfAWallflower! I have just noticed that my question in an earlier post is dumb. The visitor "you'll have if you're never sorry" is obviously Ezra Pound. I read a little more about his literature and particularly about the way he built his poems (juxtaposition of parts of other person's literary works and parts of real talkings). Maybe Regina wants to symbolize that E. Pound punctured (and in a certain sense "stole") this parts when she says "Asked me if I’ve read his own, And whether I could spare a pound Of flesh To cover his bare bones. I says, “Man, take a pound. Take two." The bare bones could symbolize the emptiness of the starting point of Pound's literature ? A stricking fact for a french guy (but it is surely meaningless) : In french, "one pound" is "une livre". It is the same word as the one for "book"... But then I realized that I didn't catch the main reference to "The Merchant of Venice"... (Such a shame but I have never read it). Since that, I understood the theme of apology and forgiveness... (Previously, I wondered why this theme appears in the song). But why the subject of rebirth ? (a reference to Christ's rebirth and so a reference to the conversion to christian religion ?) Regina's text is such a deep one, which can be read with different interpretations that complete each other. And I find it stricky that the way she built a song like "Daniel Cowman" is finally not so different from the way Pound built his "Cantos". But I have just thought about using the search tool of the forum and I discovered the topic "Regina's tribute". So interesting! And so many answers to my questions. I have to read this topic before bothering you with other questions. Thank you for proposing it PerksOfAWallflower And congratulations on your progress in your French! Of course, I will be pleased to keep on talking here with you in English French and Franglais, so you can practice your French (and me too my English).
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    Devotchka - The enemy guns quote: Originally posted by BitsOfBone: Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above - CSS I saw one of their gig last summer. The singer was totally drunk. It was such a playground hustle! Very funny. I like this song too.
  9. TOP 5 GIGS OF 2007 ......

    In 2007, my ranking is 1. Arcade fire 2. CocoRosie 3. Woven hand 4. Bat for lashes 5. Björk or Beirut (don't know which one to choose) (mostly in festivals) I think I'm the only one here that has not seen a Regina's gig yet...
  10. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    quote: Originally posted by Dominic: I love the french curse words tere so much more elegant that the ones in English if you know what i mean! Petit fils du @@@- Little Son of a @@@@@@@@@@ and @@@@@ is it? Garcon! Really? Elegant in french? "Petit fils de @@@@" is very very rude! You have to use it only with persons who really deserve it "@@@@@@ et @@@@@" are less rude. And it's funny that you mentioned "Garcon". It was absolutely not an insult until last summer, when the female French singer Koxie wrote a buzz song with this word play : when you change "ç" into "c" in the word "Garçon" (boy), you obtain Garcon, which you can read "Gare aux cons". (something like "Distrust the idiots"). This song is pretty dumb but it has made a huge buzz in France. (You can watch the video here and you can find the lyrics here) We French are so stupid! Edit : I have just read the warning about posts that might be hurtful. I don't know if certains of mine can be considered as (such a relative question). In that case, I sincerely apologize. So I'm going to edit all the words that could be potentially concerned (unfortunately, I can't edit the quotations). Don't hesitate to tell me if you deem that some other posts should be edited. Of course I will do it. It is quite normal that I adapt my post to the mood of this forum.
  11. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: I've got a feeling @@@@@'s a noun.. But I can't be sure. I'll defininitely get my insult book and tell you all the good ones one day. Right now I've gotta get dressed and get some food. I'm not in school today and am going into town later on. Alors, a bientot! I'm quite sure you'll teach me a lot of French insults that I don't know! A bientôt, have a good day
  12. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: really? i didnt know that @@@@@@ was used so much. cool, i actually know that word. in what context is it usd, because the way i know it, can't be used in many instances. i am very guilty of using fuck alot. and also from what i've heard so is regina. ^^ will you teach me some more insults? "@@@@@" is usually a rude way to mean "Zut" (it is the equivalent of "@@@@" or "@@@@"). It has become totally independent of the initial meaning ("@@@@@"). And it is rarely used as an insult (it would be very very rude and agressive). You can mix it with other words... "@@@@@@ de bordel" for example. You use it each time you're under pressure (and nobody can hear you : that's better!) and you want to express it. But I'm not a specialist. I never say insults (such a lie )! And I think that the list of common curse words largely depends on the age of the persons. Here is a light offense : "Boulet" (literally : "boulder"). You say "Quel boulet celui-là..." to mean that the person is very slow-witted. He won't appreciate. What sort of insults do you want to learn ? Slightly rude? Rude? Very rude? Just kidding because I'll never be bold enough to write it on this topic. Thank you very much for the corrections pour moi, La chanson d'hotel (haha i like that translated title) dit l'histoire d'un femme qui a trouve son copain avec une autre femme. mais elle n'a pas les trouve en action, mais elle a trouver son numero de telephone, et l'autre femme a vole sa robe. Son copain lui a menti de l'autre femme, et la femme originale n'a pas realise, elle etais comme un enfant qui n'est pas concious de l'affair. mais elle se reveille et elle realise qu'il est infidele. Alors qu'elle commence a voir les signes, le cocaine, les numeros des autres femmes, une autre femme qui porte sa robe, et elle cesse de sortir avec le mec. "you will never be my fool, you will never be my dear dear friend". et la phrase "come into my world ive got to show show show you" est quand elle demande a le mec pour vois le monde de sa vue. ca c'est ma interpretation. Pour moi, la "chanson d'hôtel" (haha i like that translated title) raconte l'histoire d'une femme qui a trouvé son copain avec une autre femme. Elle ne les a pas trouvés en action mais elle a trouvé son numéro de téléphone et l'autre femme lui a volé sa robe. Son copain lui a menti à propos de l'autre femme et la première femme n'a pas réalise, elle était comme un enfant qui n'est pas conscient de l'affaire. Mais elle se réveille et elle réalise qu'il est infidèle. Alors qu'elle commence à voir les signes, la cocaïne, les numéros des autres femmes, une autre femme qui porte sa robe, et elle cesse de sortir avec le mec. "you will never be my fool, you will never be my dear dear friend". Et elle dit la phrase "come into my world ive got to show show show you" quand elle demande au mec de voir le monde de son point de vue. Ça c'est ma interprétation. C'est très bien expliqué, merci ! You made me understand the story. I first thought that the woman was a drug addict and the story was about her rambling. For example, when I heard the sentence "So who's the girl wearing my dress", I imagined her in front of a mirror. I was totally wrong! Thank you (I particularly like the interpretation of the sentence "come into my world" : nice idea!) (May be I'll ask you other explanations about others songs if it doesn't bother you.)
  13. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    Reading on this forum "Ta mère @@@@ des ours dans les bois" makes me laugh! I didn't think a such thing was possible when I came here for the first time. Em Mitchell, j'aime bien aussi "Ta mère en short devant la Tour Eiffel" (something like "Your mother wears shorts in front of the Eiffel Tower"). En fait, vous êtes plus forts que moi en insultes françaises, je n'ai rien à vous apprendre I think the most common curse word in French is "@@@@@". French people use it as often as American people use "@@@@". Such a strange thing to write this on Regina's forum. Fortunately, I heard that Regina often says "Holy @@@@", "@@@@" during her gigs... and so I don't feel guilty. PerksOfAWallflower, you're lucky : your teacher is very open-minded! Your story is funny Un grand grand merci pour les explications concernant Hotel song. Grâce à elles, j'ai enfin compris ce qui se passait dans cette chanson. I like your interpretation and I'm quite sure that's one among the best ones. Thank you!
  14. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    In fact "Je m'en fiche" is not an insult. I largely exaggerated when I said it could be understood as "I don't give a @@...". Em Mitchell, if you want me to, I will be pleased to teach you a lot of true French offenses It can be useful, you're right! Thank you for answering about Hotel song. But the story in this song is so confusing for me. It seems there are several characters. (It seems there is at least one girl : "So who's the girl wearing my dress ") and I can hardly understand of whom person Regina is talking about at one given instant. (I guess the last sentence is not correct at all, sorry. Does it make sense?) But I guess you're right : there must probably be not so much to understand in this song. Thank you
  15. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    You're right : I guess that using the pattern "de la façon dont" is not easy. Here's another way to say the same thing, without using it. Tu peux aussi dire: "J'aime comme Pasternak fait contraster "torrential slush...". C'est plus simple. Pour les accents, ce n'est vraiment pas grave. Ils ne servent pas à grand chose. (But I have just thought about another easier solution : if you use firefox, you can install the French dictionary (You can download it here) Then it is very easy : you rightclick on the words to add accents). But once more, it is not important The things you said about the spring ("Je comprends qu'il y a aussi une autre image du printemps, qui fait fondre la neige de l'hiver, et le monde recommence alors à s'illuminer") reminded me of the theme of rebirth in Regina's songs. I find it very intriguing, how often Regina uses it. When I hear her songs, I have the feeling that everything dies and is reborn at each instant. And it seems to be very important for her. She doesn't like when the gravediggers get stuck in the machine... For example, in "Consequence of sounds", What'd you think all the gravediggers were gone just 'cause one song is done? There's always another one waiting right around the bend till this one ends Then it begins squeaky clean and it starts all over again She seems to compare the achievement of a song with a death, followed by a rebirth. Unless that she wants to mean that songwriting is a way to fight the fear of death ? J'aime aussi quand on retrouve cette idée dans "Ghost of corporate future". "The world is everlasting. It's coming and it's going." That's a so wise point of view. It is impossible to control the evolution of the world. We have to make our best (like reducing our emanations of carbon dioxide Just a joke! Please don't knock me!) and trust its ability to survive. And also in "Pound of flesh", but in a so so weird way... if you're never sorry then you can't be forgiven if you're not forgiven then you can't be forgotten if you're not forgotten then you must live forever if you live forever you cannot be reborn if you're not reborn then you can't be a baby if you're not a baby you can't learn how to crawl if you cannot crawl away then you must stay in bed all day if you stay in bed all day you're sure to have some visitors What a strange sequence of consequences ! I wonder how to interpret "you're sure to have some visitors". I have absolutely no idea about that... Do you have one please ? I like the way Regina builds her songs as self-supported universes, with bridges between them. When I hear her texts, I feel like a child in a wonderful world. There are a lot of little things to discover. And each time you listen to a song, you can discover another one. So great! (But this is surely amplified by the weakness of my english.) If I'm allowed to choose a song (thank you for proposing it ! ), it would be "Hotel song". Because I think I didn't catch anything in this song. So complicated. No way to understand who the characters are, what they do... I don't understand anything... Can you help me please? Une très petite correction : Tu veux discuter quelle chanson maintentant? je m'en fiche Tu veux discuter de quelle chanson maintenant ? Comme tu veux (ou bien : ça m'est égal) ("Je m'en fiche" can be understood as something like "I don't give a sh...")