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    Originally posted by Rosa!:

    Originally posted by makingstuffup:

    Sorry, I feel the need to defend Bell here because I think he's being unfairly attacked. If he didn't like Regina or appreciate her music, why the hell would he put it on his album?? The applause from the audience at the end of her performance seemed genuine. His comments were regarding the show and his compilation album as a whole.

    Agreed. I don't understand why some of us here are overanalyzing his comments and saying he was being "bitchy" and "rude." I honestly don't think he was either of those things.

    i'm with rosa. its tv. if anything can go wrong it will.

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    Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks:

    You do Irish dance? Way cool.

    yaaaaaa. i was the coolest kid on da block back then. might go to ballet now though if a teacher ever comes. i wanna dancccccceeee.

    oh and get better btw ! Smiler

  3. jodi welcome back! and awesome thread.

    well i love baking and cooking as well could never pick a favourite though. all your pictures are awesome and look so yummy as does yours appt. i love me some tarte au pomme.

    i don't really what to say about cooking apart from that i love it! here's some pictures from our family's last new years party as i didn't get around to uploading this years, our whole family goes all out on the cooking Razzer4282342328_ede250bf69_m.jpg4281597839_727fee835b_m.jpg

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    Originally posted by Lost in the Sounds:

    Originally posted by Dominic:

    day too soon - sia

    Dude, I'm listening to "Destiny" by Zero 7 for which Sia provides the vocals!

    Definitely one of the best voices I've ever heard.

    i love that song, its so chill. one of the songs i like to listen to in the morning.

  5. I would recommend getting a very cheap keyboard for starters just to be sure you don't quit it, i'm not doubting you but i'll tell you i have made that mistake before. baby jesus is right about the whole weighted feel on that it is much better and i also recommend to be sure you get a pedal with your piano as well, it makes such a difference! its the once that creates the echoey/full effect kinda hard to describe.

    but back to my point, just to be sure i would start of not too expensive to be sure and get a non-weighted keyboard and work your way up. for playing regina's songs 76 is actually fine if my memory serves me correctly.

    but thats just me going by my previous experiences. do whatever you feel is right Smiler

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    Originally posted by RJLupin2:

    Originally posted by Dominic:

    i was watching moulin rouge but stopped half way through. got tired of the wooing and reworked love songs..

    Aww, I'm sorry you didn't like it Frowner

    I suggest at least getting to the end before making a final judgment though.

    yeah your right 'cept i reallly wasn't in the mood i though there would be awesome choreography and stuff but i was let down.

    on the other 500 days of summer..i neeed to watch it!