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  1. i love makeup. if i was a girl i would go to towwwnnn on my makeup..but in a good way.

    i love regina's makeup but especially when she just does her eyes like in the picture with just eye makeup. i think less is good and when women just do their eyes and leave their rest of their face the contrast is just uh-mazing. ahh i love it.

  2. quote:
    Originally posted by rainna:

    I'm listening to music so sad that I'm having trouble writing about good news, but I still want to share it briefly. Big Grin

    My choreography got accpted to a national, well, review? I'm not sure if that's the word. But anyway, there are going to be dance groups from all over the country performing. 126 choreographies were sent (on dvd, of course Big Grin) and only 37 got accepted, so I'm very happy and proud. I feel like such an artist right now! Big Grin

    that is actually amazing! what genre of dance was it?

  3. Originally posted by MusicLover_2007:

    #1 - Lady Gaga has not been around long enough to develop a real fanbase

    #2 - At least for me, there is no song of hers that I feel has "heart" if you know what I mean. It's all extroverted pop fluff.[/quote @#1 - suit yourself.

    i think fooled me again has heart in it and so does her live version of speechless.

  4. quote:
    Originally posted by rainna:

    I FINALLY saw it today! I never have time to go to the movies, but it's Chritmas holiday now so I decided to see it now that the theatres still show it. I went alone and as I sat on my seat watching people come in I realised that almost everyone else was there with their boy- or girlfriend. Big Grin

    I liked the movie a lot, even though I think the way it ended wasn't... natural, maybe? Or credible. There was something wrong about it, for me. But most parts of it were amazing. I love Zooey Deschanel (even though I'm not sure if I like Summer). I also fell in love with that Tom guy, I'd never seen the actor before. <3 Everybody has already said this, but I'll have to repeat: the scene with Hero playing is wonderful. I cried. It's not just the song. The director was able to say something very real and important there.

    aaaahhh i wanna see it soo bad.

    i'll try and rent it tomorrow *fingers crossed*

  5. quote:
    Originally posted by MusicLover_2007:

    I think she is very popular right now, but doesn't have a solid fan-base.

    you're half right; usually people that would like her music get freaked out by the fact that she is openly bisexual and does crazy performances in bubble dresses or bat wings and so they stay away from her so your right there but i think she's extremely popular with the gays.

  6. silk screening is awesome! i was thinking of that too, i was thinking of getting those plastic cups and painting them different colours and make a big snake out of them and maybe place lights in each cup so it's like a monster light!

    anyways i realllly need to change the title of this thread..

  7. ignore the cheesiness of the title!

    this christmas i decided instead of shopping for gifts and i want to make gifts for my friends and family. i just realised i buy waaay to much presents and people shop to much so i just want to make presents by hand. so i decided to make a thread where we can share and exchange ideas how to make thoughtful, creative presents this year for christmas and any other time of the year Smiler

    i was thinking of making t-shirt designs with transfer paper and ironing them on any white-shirts or using spray paint as well. but i'm sure there's plenty of other ideas around.

    any suggestions?Smiler