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  1. Explain Your Name Here!!

    My name is the lovely Leonard Cohen song that Regina covered and Chelsea is my for real name so... I thought it was fitting
  2. Would you pay to get Regina to do a show for us?

    Just out of curiousity where is the theatre located? And for what it is worth I am more than willing to help out and support in any way I can!
  3. Good News Thread!

    I'm vacationing in new York right now so I am going to make an attempt to kiss the lampost between 224th and 225th ... In the Bronx! A full moon is coming up too Three wishes?
  4. The I've Never Seen a Regina Show Club

    Just got tix to my first Regina concert! So technically I'm still in the club right now but graduating I'm October. Is it weird that i am nervous for my first Regina concert?
  5. The thread of spontaneity.

    I'm going to New York tonight. In hopes of meeting and becoming best friends with Regina and Jimmy Fallon.
  6. THE REGINITIS TEST. (finally, a diagnosis.)

    I've been plauged! What ever shall I do. Maryann is still a bitch though...
  7. senior quote: regina style!

    quote: Originally posted by good > perfect: it would be awesome to do "Don't ask for their permission, they'll never say that you're allowed to be like a cloud..." however, my senior quote when i graduated was from Dwight Schrute in the Office. "There's nothing on my horizon except EVERYTHING." hey i was actually thinking of choosing the "be like a cloud" one! btw: dwight schrute = modern day Confucius.
  8. El Rey Theatre LA July 28, 2009

    I'll be there in spirit
  9. pictures and videos of interest...

    quote: Originally posted by nounderwearday: Hello all, been busy recently, just painted a picture of regina myself hope you like it my my that is gorgeous :0
  10. Regina Song Showdown!

    pound of flesh vs. AB
  11. how did you get into regina?

    magazine article about soviet kitsch when i was in seventh grade. 5 years ago it became full on obsession about the time that begin to hope was about to come out.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    joni mitchell... i have been kinda obsessed with her music for the past couple of days
  13. The Paranormal

    i did a ouija board a while back and we "talked" to a dead dog. idk it was interesting. i really dont believe in ghost and all that but i find the paranormal fascinating.
  14. Interviews & Appearences 2009

    quote: Originally posted by Lost in the Sounds: I've always thought that a woman as gorgeous, talented, and kind as Regina couldn't possibly not be loved by someone/be in love with someone. that is so true. thousands of us fans fall in love with her without even meeting her...
  15. Interviews & Appearences 2009

    my my! major regina bombshell! i hate to admit that i'm dying to know who he is lol