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  1. Baking (and cooking?)

    totally. :\ that's why i give them all away. i usually eat 1/2 of one for quality control and gift the remaining.
  2. Wee Rants

    that's kind of funny...i know it's not meant to be, but it really is. why'd everyone stop singing?!
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    So Damn Lucky-DMB the obsession returns.
  4. Baking (and cooking?)

    i know you guys are probably so sick of seeing these pictures, but MEH! here are some cupcakes I made this weekend. They're just vanilla bean cupcakes. The pink frosting is vanilla bean buttercream and the yellow is leftover lemon buttercream from last weekend's baking expedition. please excuse the fake flower....the photo needed something. i took these pics. kurt thinks i should be able to do it on my own...since i'm a big girl and whatnot. i'm not entirely convinced, although i think they turned out alright. typically i stage the food, and i think that's kind of the hard part? maybe i'm wrong.
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: WOW - Kate Bush WOW! She is amazing. mmmmmhmmm. *sings* babushka, babushka, babushka, ahhhhaaa
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    james - camera obscura
  7. Baking (and cooking?)

    i collect old books, and i just thought it would look neat. *shrug* i just pulled a few off the shelf, not paying too much attention to which i was choosing. the only one i put thought into was chaucer, and that is just because of the size and color of the book.
  8. Baking (and cooking?)

    cute cuppy cakes! here are my macs: the feet aren't as big as they should be, but it was my first attempt.
  9. Baking (and cooking?)

    omg i've got macarons in the oven. scared. hope they turn out. :\
  10. Wee Rants

    i'm trying so hard not to procrastinate. i really need to work on my homework, but the internets are so tempting. *pout* and teh battle continues...
  11. Good News Thread!

    yeah the instructor had candles lit...lights dimmed. live music, but that's not typical, but it was great.
  12. Good News Thread!

    i did yoga for the first time last night.....wiifit yoga doesn't count, i've come to find out. it was such a relaxing and uplifting experience. i feel great, albeit a little sore. can't wait until next week!
  13. Baking (and cooking?)

    hahahhhahahah!!!! i love those cookies!!!! are they gingerbread? do you decorate them?
  14. Wee Rants

    monday monday.....can't trust that day.
  15. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by Brady: After a three day weekend (courtesy of weather), I am very reluctant to attend school tomorrow. sigh. about as reluctant as i am to return to work. mondays are yucky days.
  16. Baking (and cooking?)

    Lemon spritz with lemon buttercream: bought that milk bottle today at an antique store. it is old as dirt...and shows that quite well. oh well.
  17. Good News Thread!

    i always giggle when colored condoms are used. not that there is any need for that sine we're married now. but before. the glow in the dark made me laugh and laugh.
  18. Good News Thread!

    getting my tarot cars read now. pretty interesting and eye-opening.
  19. Baking (and cooking?)

    quote: Originally posted by Anthony Minsky: Yeah, I thought so. I have such fond memories of that state. I wish I was there now actually. My father was still alive back then. I know that is incredibly sad, but he was the funniest person I've ever known. He could be irritating like anyones dad, but he could make me laugh from my gut. Like a hardy har har kind of laugh. For instance he went to high school in Portland Oregon and was the first to ever be impeached as a vice president. They caught him gambling in the bathroom. The story is so unbelievably funny. Wow!! do I miss him. what a great memory! keep it close to your heart and there he'll always be. <3
  20. Concerts?

    srg...that is effing ridiculous.
  21. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: ^ Neither channel is unbiased, I just prefer to watch the one that agrees with my own bias. Anywhoo. My best friend replaced me. I feel kinda weird about that. I think I'll make a cake. make sure to post pictures in the baking thread!
  22. Baking (and cooking?)

    well milwaukee's your typical city, but my folks live near the UP...about 4.5 hours north, and it's beautiful up there. you can see the stars at night. clean air, clean water. it's nice.
  23. Baking (and cooking?)

    quote: Originally posted by Anthony Minsky: quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: i love you guys. really. i think it's great sharing this stuff with you!! also...lemon drizzle cake?! yum. i'm going to make lemon sandwich cookies this weekend. so much can be said for lemon. mmmmmmmmm. perhaps i should plant a lemon tree. wait....can they grow in Wisconsin? **scurries off to research** I love lemon anything. If lemons don't prove the existence of god, I don't know what does. Oh settle down. I'm just kidding, I'm sure they got here by chance just like the brain. whaaaa!! I think if you look back in to the archives, it is Regina herself who started this subject. The woman loves life, and food is a big part of it. Anyone have a good Banana Bread Recipe?. I have two brown ones, an old apple, and some other kitchen staples. I've made Banana bread twice. Both times it comes out tasty but light brown. My mother-in-law makes it and it is always dark brown. I asked her why the other day and she didn't know why. Whaaaaaat!?? Why wouldn't she know why? Mine are always light. Her's are always dark. i made a tasty peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread. i can share that, but you'll need 3 bananas.
  24. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by baby jesus: quote: my dad is obsessed with Fox news. He's keeps saying "fair and balanced" blah blah blah. neither side is fair nor balanced. how about you turn off the TV and stop giving in to their attempts to terrify and brainwash you. /rant. "maybe you should just drink a lot less coffe and never watch the 10 o'clock news. ESPECIALLY FOX! true!!!!!
  25. Concerts?

    seen: Stone Temple Pilots Dave Matthews Band No Doubt (X2) Regina (X2) Spoon (at lolla) Lady Gag on a spoon (at lolla) Ben Folds Five Rachel Yamagata (amazing, i must say) Meiko Cory Chisel Josh Radin The Decemberists (best concert I've ever been to sorry Reg) don't judge me bitches: Korn (trying to impress boy) Papa Roach (trying to impress same boy) Stix (did stage crew for the band opening for the opener for them. lol. went on their tour bus and whatnot. yay 80's hair bands) Rusted Root India Arie (is that her name? i think that's the right spelling) Can i just say that i love Milwaukee? Summerfest FTW! Upcoming: Camera Obscura David Gray