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  1. Baking (and cooking?)

    cupcakes are perfect then! OH WAIT. OMG IDEA. GENIUS IDEA THIS: a rainbow cake. multiple layers....gorgeous outcome. oh how i love rainbow layer cakes. PS i love the Whisk Kid's blog..she's young and so talented.
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by Crispy Crispy Benjamin Franklin: quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: unrequited love is never healthy. it can turn to stalking. mmmhmmm. not saying you're a stalker, but just saying.... You misunderstood. But that's okay because I didn't really explain. It wasn't unrequited. We became very good friends after I was in one of her classes (by the way, she was a grad student teacher, so just about 4 years older than me). One day she comes up to me and says I've completely fallen for you, and in a lot of ways think we connect more than me and my husband, but I can't talk to you anymore. I surely never would have been brave enough to say anything like that to her. besides, I didn't feel like it was my place to tell her how I felt with her being married and all. Anyway, I haven't talked to her or seen her since (About 7 months ago). I have respected her decision. Hardly stalkerish tendencies. But that doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt like hell sometimes. whoa. the plot thickens. well sorry that it ended badly for you.
  3. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: ohhh lemon curd is one of my favorites. I want some! btw HI JODI! =) <3 I've missed you! Hope all is well...
  4. Baking (and cooking?)

    you can make a lemon meringue pie. meringue looks stunning when done correctly, and it is fairly difficult. or what about tiramisu? you'd have to make it sans alcohol, but it would still be yummy. i quite enjoy creme brulee, but if you don't carmelize the sugar and eat shortly thereafter, it doesn't have the same crunch (think Amelie here). How many students are in your class that you would be cooking for? Another idea...S'mores cupcakes. they are fairly labor intensive, but certainly delicious. Appt: I'd go out of my mind. :\
  5. Baking (and cooking?)

    omg....a pile of pastries covered in chocolate?!?! i've gone to heaven. what are those little things? fruit tarts of sorts?? looks like i'll be coming to your new years celebration next year.
  6. Wee Rants

    same! 3 day weekend. right now, baking blueberry muffins with lemon sugar sprinkled on top. later a white cake with lemon curd filling. *shrug* semester just started. life moves on...right? school's going well for you?
  7. photos of ourselves !

    quote: Originally posted by mattrscity: ^^ Oh there you are I missed you. You OK? i missed you too! i'm doing ok. needed a break. how are you? reginaoverdose. lol. thanks.
  8. Baking (and cooking?)

    oh that looks delicious! i love carmelized apples. oh yum. so you prefer cooking to baking! That's cool! I'd love to see pictures of your creations. i started as a cooker, but now baking is my love. although once in a while i get the "nesting" bug and go on a cooking rampage.
  9. Baking (and cooking?)

    So as some of you, who are my pals on Facebook, might know...I love baking. love love love love love it. well, i like to take pictures, or enlist my husband to, of my creations. not only that, but i love to see what other people make. not just baked goods either. show me your creations! i'll start with some of mine: mini (and i do mean mini..these guys were about 1" high) cupcakes pumpkin chocolate chip cookies: these were delicious. roasted banana cupcakes with salted caramel frosting: me playing around with new Lensbaby lens. cute is our china? i love it...just wished we used it more. last weekend's creation: peanut butter, chocolate chip, banana bread (sprinkled with flax seeds) lola thought it smelled tasty: now your turn.
  10. photos of ourselves !

    recent pic of me:
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    unrequited love is never healthy. it can turn to stalking. mmmhmmm. not saying you're a stalker, but just saying....
  12. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: Hmm people seem to like you a lot here. Kind of makes me wish I was around back when you were more active. Lol. bwahahhaah. edit: HIYA ROSA! how are things? *dr evil voice*
  13. Wee Rants

    lol. yes, i s'pose i am.
  14. Wee Rants

    you're so sweet to say that. <3 i shall try my hardest....although i feel very out of touch at the moment. i'll just be my usual spammy self. (it comes naturally, you know)
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    James - Camera Obscura If you aren't familiar with this band, I suggest checking them out. French Navy is a great song, but the whole album is very retro-sounding and addictive. Only one complaint - all the songs sound fairly similar, but James is my favorite song on the album.
  16. Wee Rants

    well shit.
  17. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: let go of what? YAYYYYY. Jodi posted. It made me happy. That's not a rant though. Uhh. My feet almost froze off today at the horse show. I had to look to make sure they were still there. Ick. i'm never here much anymore...that should prolly go in the "good news" thread for most people. and to make this a relevant post: rant rant rant
  18. What are you listening to right now?

    Party's over - nicole atkins holla!
  19. I have comment to say to the board members (suggestion?)

    if i've made an matter how small it find a topic, and i can't find it...i say fuck it, and post anyway. that's mostly because i don't give two shits, but that's just me. i wouldn't worry so much what people think/say to's only the internets. <3
  20. Wee Rants

    let go of what?
  21. What are you listening to right now?

    I don't know - Lisa Hannigan Not my favorite song of hers, but still beautiful.
  22. What are you Eeting right now?

    red potatoes fried in olive oil. i was hungry and waiting for kurt to get his rump home.
  23. 3 word story

    holla atcha gurl!!!!!!
  24. What are you listening to right now?

    ray lamontagne - hold you in my arms
  25. What are you listening to right now?

    ray lamontagne - all the wild horses