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  1. Baking (and cooking?)

    So as some of you, who are my pals on Facebook, might know...I love baking. love love love love love it. well, i like to take pictures, or enlist my husband to, of my creations. not only that, but i love to see what other people make. not just baked goods either. show me your creations! i'll start with some of mine: mini (and i do mean mini..these guys were about 1" high) cupcakes pumpkin chocolate chip cookies: these were delicious. roasted banana cupcakes with salted caramel frosting: me playing around with new Lensbaby lens. cute is our china? i love it...just wished we used it more. last weekend's creation: peanut butter, chocolate chip, banana bread (sprinkled with flax seeds) lola thought it smelled tasty: now your turn.
  2. some fluffy butt pictures! <3 cloth dipes. ]
  3. violet is on the left. acting all flamenco dancer-ish.
  4. Excuse me whilest I attention whore. Aren't my littles beautiful?
  5. thanks cynthia and rosa! it's still surreal to me that i'm a mother. weird.
  6. Thank you!!! I kinda love the one where Violet is screaming. It's just
  7. more pics... a couple more: ]
  8. we're dressed up like KKK members, we mean ghosts.
  9. right back at cha! i'm really nervous about the section, but it is what it is. :\
  10. 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg.
  11. d'aw george...i heart you. i'll post pics as soon as they arrive/i have time. i'll probably post on FB first, so i give G permission to repost them here if i don't get to it within 24 hours.
  12. yeah everything is amazing. sorry i haven't posted much..i forget that most of you aren't my friends on facebook. babies are about 6.5 lbs each, so they're BIG! c-sction is scheduled for 10-26.
  13. Just popped in to say... 9 days left!!!
  14. thanks, friend! and here are some of the finished nursery:
  15. a few of my maternity pics:
  16. i almost think i should've waited for a day when i was feeling like a friggin' whale to post this picture. you guys always make me feel so good. thanks. <3 and the dress-24.99 at target in the maternity section.
  17. we are doing well...just plugging along! it's a day by day thing...some days i feel great, others not so much.
  18. quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: ^^Oh, so pretty! I'm sure the babies will be very happy there! (it'll take the edge off of having to swallow in order to get their food ) P.S. My dad says congrats! thanks dad! i'll post more pictures as the nursery progresses.
  19. The nursery-a work in progress. Needs more coats, then details and touch ups.