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  1. Town Hall, NYC, October 17, 2016

    I bought a pair of tickets for friends who cannot attend this show, so I'm selling them. Ticketmaster charged me: $162.90 (including fees). Bring $160.00 in cash & they are yours. These are hard-copy, physical paper tickets located next to each other in the center section of the Balcony, Row G. I will be going to the show as well (sitting elsewhere), so we can meet up outside Town Hall before the show around 7:30pm, which is when the doors open. At the New Haven, CT show on Saturday, Regina came on stage just after 8:15pm and there was no opening act, so you'll be there in plenty of time. Anyone interested can notify me privately with a message through this board. Don't forget to give me your contact info! Thanks Edit: It really would be too bad for these tickets to go to waste. I'm flexible on the price. So if anyone is interested, make me an offer.
  2. Boston, 5-10-12, at the Orpheum Theater

    himynameism- Thanks so much for letting me know the times!
  3. Boston, 5-10-12, at the Orpheum Theater

    Does anyone remember what time Only Son and then Regina started their respective sets at the Boston show? I'm trying to make a plan for tonight's show in New York and it would be a big help to know the timing. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone remember what the starting set times were for both Only Son & Regina? I'm trying to figure out the timing for tonight in NYC. Thanks!
  5. 2012 US Tour

    I ended up with two extra tickets from the Ticketmaster/American Express pre-sale to the May 15th, New York City show. Section: Orchestra, Row: JJ, Seats: 13 & 15 I paid $171.90 for the pair (including all the fees) so that's what I'm selling them for & I'd prefer to sell them as a pair. Anyone interested post your email address in this thread & I'll get in touch. Thanks!
  6. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    I ended up with two extra tickets from the pre-sale (Section: Orchestra Left, Row: L, seats: 21 & 23). I paid $94.50 for the pair (including all the fees) & I'd prefer to sell them as a pair. Anyone interested?
  7. HIAS Benefit - 2/23/11

    So I was sitting in the orchestra right next to the sound board and the engineer was nice enough to give me his copy of the set list when I asked him for it after the show. I know other set lists have been posted here but I thought people might be curious to see this one because it is in a fairly different order from what was actually played and also includes 3 songs Regina did not play (time is all around, wallet & left hand song). FYI: I did not make the marks on the list; I noticed the sound board guy was checking off songs for a while as Regina sang them and then at a certain point he stopped. Also, there's a typo in the English transliteration of the Russian word for "prayer" it should read molitva. Apologies if the picture doesn't upload properly - I've never tried to attach a picture in a post here before. And special thanks to those of you who recorded the show - it's great to hear such a special performance over again!
  8. quote: Originally posted by baby jesus: Can you still buy stuff from here? I wonder... I last ordered from the "old" store at the very end of August with no problems. This was well after the "new" store was launched, so I wouldn't worry about any confusion. Happy Shopping!
  9. Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA 10/3/09

    Thanks so much for the extensive concert recap, the photos & the videos! For those of you who attended the show, does anyone have an exact setlist? I'm curious to compare it to the Ramapo College setlist from the night before.... Thanks again!
  10. Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ Oct 2 2009

    So... here's the setlist for tonight's show: Regina @ piano w/full band -the calculation -eet -folding chair -ode to divorce -machine -laughing with -one more time with feeling -two birds -blue lips -on the radio Regina @ keyboard w/full band -dance anthem of the '80s Regina solo on microphone -silly eye color generalizations Regina solo on guitar -bobbin' for apples -that time Regina solo @ piano -apres moi -poor little rich boy -music box -human of the year -ballad of a politician -man of a thousand faces ENCORE BREAK -samson Regina @ piano w/full band -us -fidelity Regina on microphone (leaves piano) w/ band -hotel song -love, you're a whore Regina started playing around 915pm and finished the encore about 1055pm
  11. Philadelphia - 9/24/09

    Here's the setlist from last night's show: Regina with full band: 1. the calculation 2. eet 3. folding chair 4. ode to divorce 5. machine 6. laughing with 7. one more time with feeling 8. two birds 9. blue lips 10. on the radio 11. dance anthem of the '80s (Regina on keyboard) Regina solo on guitar 12. bobbin' for apples 13. that time Regina solo on piano 14. apres moi 15. poor little rich boy 16. "carefully laid plans" 17. wallet 18. man of a thousand faces ENCORE BREAK Regina solo on piano 19. samson Regina with full band 20. us 21. fidelity 22. hotel song (joined onstage by Only Son a.k.a. Jack Dishel) 23. love you're a whore Regina came onstage at 935pm and the encore ended at 1105pm.
  12. Live on WERS 88.9 FM (9.21.09)

    ^^no problem!
  13. Live on WERS 88.9 FM (9.21.09)

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: I'm totally lost again Time zones make my brain hurt and when I try to add daylight saving time brain says "stop bothering me..." can you, dalite, tell me how many hours till the broadcast, please? Yesterday, I thought I figured it out but apparently not It's in approximately 1/2 hour from when I'm posting this reply!
  14. Live on WERS 88.9 FM (9.21.09)

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: ^^I'll back you up - if I calculated correctly it is 8pm GMT+1 - I should be able to record it. Appt: It's the same time zone as the 101.9 RXP stream from yesterday, Sept. 20th.
  15. Thanks to everyone who recorded this mini-show!!! Regina sounds great, as always!