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  1. hi everyone, i was wondering if we could help collect the best versions of all of regina's album art? i think finding every official image ever released would be a little much, but this is definitely possible, right? this is mainly because i love to have my itunes all neat and organized with the best everything, but also, i love graphic design and things like that, and album art is one of my favorite forms of it. ideally, these will be the original, digital images (not scans) in a resolution of at least 1000x1000. i know that these files may not even exist [anymore] for some of the releases, but i'm crossing my fingers that somebody has things that aren't findable with google, and that's why i made this thread. i'll start? REDones are the ones that really need a better version. STRUCK THROUGH have a great version available. Regina Spektor © Demo (1999) lol: 11:11 CD: (amazon japan has a version of the image which appears to be slightly better, but it is a slightly cropped version and stretched copy of the same picture) Songs the only "official" version i can find (poorly cropped, though!) from Amazon: a large scan; discoloured, BUT it is complete (or more so than the cut off 'official' one): another, without the green/blue tint:$file/songs.jpg Soviet Kitsch a beautifullll copy of a pre-release (?) version (found here on the brumstix, thanks srg): nice and itunes friendly: a high-res scan of the final version, colors kind of faded: Survival Guide Carbon Monoxide single (does anyone have the Uh-Merica b-side from this?) Your Honor/The Flowers more faded colors: Us discolored, but it's nothing that cant be fixed with a little photoshop; blank space at top (only?) cropped: http://www.regina-spektor.yoyo...raf/CD_covers/Us.jpg not(/less?) cropped: promo cd with december and scarecrow & fungus: Live At Bull Moose Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers high res, but slightly cropped at the top/bottom: not (as?) cropped: Begin To Hope: seems to be the VERY original (it even has the camera information attached!): an early promo copy, art probably never intended to be final, "Sire - PRO15949 - EU - 2006:" another promo: from warner's press site: Deluxe: Vinyl: On The Radio 2006 UK promo Vinyl, w/ 20 Years of Snow Live @ Sheppard's Bush, stickered: different photo of regina used: blue and purple, bth style 2006 UK promo CD w/ Dusseldorf: Fidelity: 2006 CD (?) single: 2007 2-CD single w/ Music Box, December, & "cd-rom video" ?? (fanmade?): Promo DVD: CD version of the DVD art...?: ? light blue bth-style: Summer In The City (?) Fake/Fanmade? : Hotel Song ...Was there artwork for this? Samson ? (Not sure if stretched): 2006 cd single (definitely a scan): Better single http://www.regina-spektor.yoyo...CD_covers/Better.jpg piano & voice digital single (?): ? (fake/fanmade?): an image i remember seeing as album art on her myspace: Live in California 2006 can't tell if stretched, but high-res: Lollapalooza 2007 high-res: Live in Soho: Far CD. huge, official from wbr press site: sheet music book: http://static.musiciansfriend....Jpg_Jumbo_H65187.jpg untinted version: old unused version with a different font: http://leeraloo.files.wordpres...orfarcover.jpg?w=490 Laughing With single & Blue Lips EP Eet cd single: No Surprises single, super high-res! : Live In London CD, super high-res: Four From Far good, but stickered stickerless, but off color and scanned; could be cleaned up? All The Rowboats single:
  2. as we all know, we are lucky enough that Regina is constantly writing and performing new songs and allowing them to be recorded so that we can hear them for years to come. but, despite this, some songs have been better preserved than others, just by bad luck. i lost most of my regina collection when changing computers and, while reconstructing it, was feeling like there were some recordings i was remembering but unable to find, while meanwhile encountering new ones i'd never heard of songs i'd previously not enjoyed because of the recording quality. this got me thinking that there are probably quite a few things i'm missing. so i made this thread. while a lot of regina's songs have either been recorded professionally, happened to end up with great recordings, or are still being played today, there are just as many, or probably more, that have not. i made a list of songs that i kind of think of as having "slipped through the cracks;" they're old enough so that they aren't really performed anymore, and don't appear to have been professionally recorded. while obviously that's all subject to change, it's very likely that most of them won't be lucky enough for regina to decide to bring them back. this is my list: aquarius "be like a cloud" bear spektor "begin to hope" the bronx "a cooler version" devil came to betlehem dog & pony dulce et decorum est dust to dust "the floor heard everything" happy hooker long brown hair loveology making records mermaid mustard musketeers one string blues patron saint secret stash uncle bobby virgin queen "woolen gloves" you additionally, there are these: ab, belt, soho, eighth floor: professionally recorded sometime before 2004 the clocks were asleep: has not been played since '03, but was possibly revived with 'rowboats' as per this dead rat: performed in 2002 and , so it's kind of recent i cut off my hair: i believe there is a demo of this floating around, but that's all i can say oh marcello rockland county: professionally recorded, but the leaked version is incomplete reginasuaurus: this was performed during the far tour, but there is still no perfect version; she improved the lyrics, too, i think, right? and of course, the ones that haven't shown themselves in any way whatsoever... : the list in the studio (only a couple seconds of it) pyromania the black birds (debatable, and also title might be wrong) "the big towns" by the time you read this letter so, i am basically asking if everyone could share what they believe is the best recording of any of these songs, especially (but not only!) if it is not on or also, if .flacs or other lossless formats of any of these are available, it would be great if those could be shared too.
  3. Lady

    Am I making this up, or has Regina said that this song is ABOUT Billie Holiday? I thought that was confirmed for some reason.
  4. I don't, but if it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure she only played like 5 seconds of Daniel before changing her mind
  5. "The Call" and "My Man"

    1) She was asked to write a song for the movie. I think part of the deal was probably that it had to be something that hadn't been heard/released previously. 2) Coincidence I think
  6. Best Live Version Of

    i've played with editing mostly every unreleased song once or twice, with mixed results. if it's possible, it would be really cool to get some flacs of the older recordings. it's not a hugely noticeable difference but i think some nice things could come out of it. i don't know srg or anyone but would anyone know how to go about finding out about this?
  7. i just stumbled upon this ... Does this strike anyone else as odd? I don't really understand why this would even exist, nevermind find its way into the hands of someone with an entire store of similar products. It was an independantly produced album distributed exlclusively by Regina/cdbaby, wasn't it? It seems weird to me that there would have been a promo version, as she wasnt on a label and wouldnt have had any reason to wait before "releasing" a cd. And if I understand what a testpressing is, how exactly would this end up there? I would imagine only Regina would have had it, not anyone through whom it would be receieved/purchased by someone who deals in these things? eta: also just noticed this
  8. Unknown song from 2001?

    ahhh the slower older belt is awesome
  9. Regina Song Showdown!

    i want to sing vs one string blues
  10. so i've stumbled upon another interesting (i think) thing after the songs from far, but before left hand song, 'raindrops' was registered with some music publishing companies. i don't remember regina's 2009 well enough outside of far to think of any great explanations for what this song could have been intended to be used for, but i was wondering if anything else was "released" then? i know soviet kitsch was "re-released" on itunes at one point, but don't remember when, so maybe raindrops could have been a potential bonus track? the other two, scarecrow/december, were from the same sk demo as raindrops. or maybe it was an alternate idea for the joshua bell album? i feel like i remember hearing that regina chose left hand song right away for that, but don't actually know if that's true. i'm thinking that it also might have something to do with this video: it got fairly popular for a fan video, so maybe regina or the label just wanted to ensure that they had control over the song? either way i'm sure that it's not hugely important, but things are slow in regina-land so i figured it was worth posting about.
  11. Open (Down the road & up the hill)

    upon reading over the lyrics just now, i had a very different interpretation. the first line that really sticks out to me is "wires around my fingers," and i don't really see how it works into the piano idea. i don't mean to say that every lyric must have a concrete explanation for a particular interpretation, but for me personally i just don't feel that one as much. one image that "wires around my fingers" really brings to mind for me is someone in a hospital bed, connected to various machines. "potentially lovely, perpetually human, suspended and open;" an immobile, "frozen," possibly comatose or braindead person. i'm not sure if this is true for non-americans, but the most well-known example of a person like that in my memory is terri shiavo. and, as it happens, it seems that regina debuted this song in january 2005. this was around the time that the terri shiavo case was a really big story, and it's very likely regina would have also been hearing about it. i wonder if it's possible that there's a connection there? the story was very public, which connects with the verse about everybody staring, and also with the narrator being "open." "potentially lovely;" the 'what-if' factor. what if the comatose person wakes up. what if one day there is a solution. the person still exists and is still "alive," and thus the potential for them somehow regaining their life still exists, at least in the eyes of some people. "perpetually human," the other side of that, which is the argument that a person is just being kept alive to ease the suffering of their loved ones, and is trapped and powerless. 'perpetually' has a negative connotation, especially next to 'potentially lovely,' and so it seems like this is being cited as a bad or tragic thing. and again, either way the person is just in 'suspended' animation, and 'open;' laying on their back, vulnerable, and immobile. the second verse seems to switch narrators, and could refer to a lover, or just loved one, of the person. 'waiting in vain' for the person to return, so to speak, 'scrubbing out the stains again (i.e. cleaning up after/caring for the person monotonously).' just like the first person, they too are only 'potentially' lovely, 'perpetually' human, and 'suspended,' as their life has mostly become devoted to this situation. the fourth verse may be the first person again. the gasps, like the wires, again conjure up for me images of someone in a [hospital] bed. the 'room i built myself' makes me think of something mental rather than physical. not actually a room someone literally built, but one they've created in their mind. the "open" parts seem to follow a shift from the description preceding them ('suspended and open') to a more affirmative tone, and asking/commanding/calling for another person to "open." the last verse completes the thought, adding '...up your eyes.' in the context of this interpretation i guess that one would be self-explanitory.
  12. hi everyone i'm able to share a little bit of information right now, so i'm gonna, since it's interesting i think. i'm fairly sure this isn't common knowledge, but if it is i look like an idiot rofl. regina had at least 9 songs prepared for the demo she submitted in 1999. braille may have been the title track, but the fact that it comes first in alphabetical order is apparently an equally likely explanation for the evidence that suggested this. the six from the demo: braille chicken song love affair, which dates back to 1997 cinderella school is out sunshine and at least three more that she didnt use, two of them were quarters canvass and then in 1999 two more songs, probably 11:11 outtakes pyromania, which was on a 2004 setlist with school is out amplifiers not very much, but someone will probably find it entertaining. i'll report back if/when i have more i can post!
  13. did anyone else notice the missing album in the music section of the new website? I can't say I'm surprised, as I know Regina has said she's embarassed of this CD and that it's basically just live recordings, but it really is my favorite. :'(
  14. it was mostly a joke :x i am still a little curious though about how newer fans feel about it versus older, though, as it's hard for me to be unbiased.
  15. Re-Activation Emails

    not sure where to post this, but I changed my email address a few days ago because the board was moving etc. It doesn't seem to have worked, though, and I had to use the old email address to re-activate. It wasn't a problem or anything, but I figured I might not be the only person to have an issue with that
  16. if i had to guess, i'd guess that the song was called "slowly" or maybe "know," but "walk on water" is much nicer i think. "eternal life?" "some people?" it could be anything!
  17. oh my goddd, this new old song sounds incredible. 11:11 was recorded over her entire 4 years at college, and i've always thought there must have been so many outtakes... ugh, it's crazy to think there could be a studio version somewhere! do we have any unaccounted for songtitles aside from the list, pyromania, and the big towns?
  18. 11 11

    i'm honestly a little surprised that she still sells 11:11 digitally and that Songs is only available on cdbaby. if i remember correctly, though, the reason that 11:11 was not re-issued was because she lost the files/originals of the album art (and maybe the song masters too?). this is probably why the "official" version of it, even on iTunes, is a low-resolution scan with the top trimmed off and visible creases/damage haha. i know she's not thrilled with it, but it's kind of sad to see how little care went into that digital release. personally, 11:11 seems almost conceptual to me. i agree that the jazzy style of the album doesn't really fit the regina of today, but i would argue that it didn't even quite fit the regina of the time, either. and i'm not saying she was being "fake," or anything, but that, again, it feels like more of a concept album. my reasoning behind that is that i feel that the demo tape from 1999 seems significantly "closer" to post-11:11 regina than 11:11 does, despite the songs being two to three years older than 11:11. and ironically enough, the only song that she still ever does is love affair, which also appeared on the demo. meanwhile, back of a truck, flyin, wasteside, 2.99c blues, are very distinctively "11:11" tracks, i.e. i couldn't imagine them ever appearing in any other context. i think i'd throw marry ann and pavlov's daughter (even though i hate to admit that song is probably finished :/ ) in there as well, though they did appear on the gravediggers compilation... but probably just because of the themes. despite all of that, the songs are all characteristically regina, and i think it's very cool of her to continue to make it available for her fans even though she'd probably prefer it not to be! i also remember reading that the songs were recorded over the course of her entire four years at college... we all know how much regina wrote back then- imagine how many songs didn't make the cut!
  19. quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: I have the cover of 11:11 in 800x800. Seems like the on linked is 500x500? I got it when I bought the download on CD baby. Should I upload it somewhere? yes please!
  20. Live Broadcast (NPR) on May 31st, 2012

    i think it'll probably be posted on their website after, right?

    quote: Originally posted by Kateateyou: quote: Originally posted by porcupine-ologist: edit: Although it is kind of suspicious. Hey, I learned some Australian slang, 'suss'. I like it! Haha xD. Well, I hear it used by some people. I think it's spelt with one 'S'. Yeah. ahaha. we use that word in the ghetto suburbs of boston too.
  22. quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: Dying for details over here! me too!
  23. Boston, 5-10-12, at the Orpheum Theater

    regina was incredible as usual. her voice was on point, her playing was spot-on, her energy was amazing, her crowd interaction was funny and adorable. but i have to say, and it might just be because i was not feeling very well last night, the audience at times was a little too much for me to handle. at every single moment of quiet, there were at least five people who thought that was their personal opportunity to talk directly to regina. like toward the end of blue lips, a serious ballad, the pause was apparently put in the song by regina so that someone could shout "brooklyn" and then some other people could cheer him on after. when regina asked if the audience could be quiet so she could do math to figure out how much time she had left, that was apparently just a joke so someone else could scream at her. there was screaming and clapping at the most inappropriate times during almost every song. i understand being excited, especially when she starts or finishes playing your favorite song, and shouting to her in between i can deal with too. but i just found a lot of it to be obnoxious and annoying, especially considering the fact that it was happening during songs like blue lips or firewood. like, thank god she didn't perform ink stains, because it would have been unbearable. also, at one point a couple of people were yelling "buildings" (it was between songs, i'm not bitching haha) and regina said "nooo wayy." how sad for us seriously though despite my complaining regina was awesome, i love her, and as usual i'll be the first to buy tickets whenever she comes around. the new songs sounded incredible (open was crazy good) and i'm beyond thrilled for this album.
  24. so in light of recent events, i'm very curious as to what other amazing demo recordings are sitting quietly on hard drives waiting to be found, and i'd like to know if anyone knows of or even thinks they MIGHT know of *DEMO* versions of any of the following songs: Hero Thanks, stepped on a syringe!! Aquarius A Cooler Version of Yourself Time Is All Around Dog & Pony Baobabs Bartender Mermaid Apres Moi Summer In The City Uh-Merica You Music Box Wallet *NOT this Baobabs: *NOT this Music Box: *NOT this Bartender: these will be recordings with NO audience noise, clear vocals, and clear piano; but if you are not sure, post it anyways, and that way the unknown file can still be identified.