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  1. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    k so perhaps I'm a bit late to the party but here's my recording from the front and center of the balcony. I have a lot more bass in it. Like a lot. It was super boomy in the balcony. if you want individual tracks.
  2. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    Is it even cool to post audio from the show since the album ain't out? I have a recording from the front of the balcony dead center that sounds really good once I get a little work done on it. I'll post it sometime later this week if it's cool. I don't want to make anyone grumpy by throwing all the amazing new songs out there if that's frowned on though.
  3. Download Live at the Moore April 25th

    quote: Originally posted by josefgabriel: I would rather think of it as a "fan recording". This discussion has been had on this forum but a bootleg would imply something illicit. Regina has a pro taping policy otherwise I would not have recorded it. as far as I'm concerned these days, she doesn't. There was a flyer last night at the Warfield show with, "no audio, no video, no nothin." on it. Or maybe she just hates San Francisco. (which would be ironic since the venues here keep doubling in size and still selling out whenever she shows up, not many artists go from the Independent to the Fillmore to the Warfield in a year's time, that's for damn sure). Regardless, until proven otherwise with a written statement somewhere and myspace does not count for shit in my book anymore after being dismissed at another show, I'm going to assume that her policy is dead in the water these days and her management does not allow it anymore. Maybe she's okay with it, but she's not talking to her management about it that's for sure.
  4. I just got back from the Fillmore show in SF, and they didn't let me tape the show. I wouldn't have had a problem with just the idea of "don't tape the show" because I'm absolutely respectful whenever someone asks for it not to be taped. No sweat. I was still under the impression, having never seen anything to the contrary that taping was still allowed and encouraged, as long as we didn't share those two songs. Unfortunately, (as usual I guess) nobody at the venue was told anyone was allowed to tape, so they had me talk to the tour manager. I guess it's a different tour manager than the last time, because I got the last one's name and had it written down for this time so I'd know who to talk to. When I did talk to the tour manager, he told me "I'll go check with her, wait right here" and then proceeded to leave me hanging for 30 minutes. When he did come back out, he wouldn't even glance in my direction. Three times. I thought it was pretty rude, but I guess you can't expect a simple "we're not allowing taping anymore, sorry" or anything. I wasn't asking for a whole lot, just a simple answer from someone on their way out or in. (if you can't manage that, i'd be scared of how well the tour can be run by a guy like that, yikes). I don't really know what this all means, aside from the fact that despite being as polite and non-annoying as I could be, I still got completely and totally ignored. However, I guess with Regina playing big huge rockstar venues like The Fillmore and having a huge rockstar band with her, we can't expect things to be the same forever right? (p.s. crimson, I told you she'd have a band, I guess I didn't figure this would be the end result of it, bummer eh?)
  5. Regina Bootleg DVD

    I can volunteer to both make copies of this DVD for people (not a whole ton, but 20-30 people I suppose) as well as put the thing on a BitTorrent for the people who have their own burners and ability to download it, which is a much much better idea. The deal to my making copies however, is this: You send me the materials, postage and packing. No money at all is to change hands, period. Not even if you beg, not even if your mother is in a wheelchair and you're 12 and can't get to wal-mart to buy blank DVD's, etc. I'm sorry, but I do not accept money for bootleg stuff, it's just not part of the ethics of trading and such. (it's called a B&P, for those curious). that's a guide, with pictures for the reading impaired, of how to do things with a minimal amount of hassle so I can copy something for you and get it in the mail easy as pie. So, if anyone wants to hook me up with this show (or any others, hey why not?), it would rock my socks and I will return the sock rocking around as much as possible in the future.