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  1. Brumstix Resignation Thread

    quote: Originally posted by Brenna!: I'm not leaving just because of this whole demo tape situation. I'm leaving because for the past 9 months, I've felt like the stix was becoming an elitist, stuck up clique. Today I found out that I was wrong--it's always been one. I understand and respect your decision (heckles, I just made the same one a half hour ago). But if you were to stay, it would be quite possible to rejuvenate the forum into a better place for all of us.
  2. Brumstix Resignation Thread

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: So the demo tape thing is a religious point for some people? My god... No, but respect for others and yourself is necessary when attempting to live a purposeful life. All I want is for a restoration of this around here.
  3. Brumstix Resignation Thread

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: I really wish you guys wouldn't leave... I wish I wouldn't either. So far, though, I haven't. I don't know if I can, really. I just needed to vent frustration about the current state of things. I'm going to contradict myself and say I wish I could leave. Ah pants. Not to back down on my word, but I'll stay. Just... no more fighting? Please?
  4. Brumstix Resignation Thread

    quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: your photography is really good. i'm not just saying that either given the circumstances. also...mac! thank you! & woot woot!
  5. Brumstix Resignation Thread

    I doubt you'll need to contact me (I'll still read around for news, and maybe post in a pinch), but I'd appreciate if some of you would take a gander at my photos while I do physics homework. (There's some Regina @ McCarren Park Pool on the last two pages)
  6. 1999 demo tape

    EDIT: I will keep this here because it is still how I feel, although I am no longer leaving as planned. ~~ Not taking anything but our existences into account, everyone including myself should be ashamed of letting this break us apart. I joined this forum on the twenty-fifth of August, 2007. That was the night I purchased my tickets to see Regina at the Hammerstein Ballroom on October 16, 2007; my first-ever concert. I was so happy to see a group of people so excited, so fresh-faced, honest, humorous and, most importantly, loving. To be able to share in the excitement of seeing Regina Spektor play live, to have other people who knew my feelings and understood her worth, was beyond comprehension for me, at the rather young age of 15. Now, at the slightly older-sounding age of 17, I could not fathom joining this forum anew. I would be so extremely hesitant to post here, because the "cool kids" would just stare at me awkwardly before returning to their conversation. I will never understand how digitized words on a screen can create cliques. Unfortunately, my few attempts at joining the discussion on this forum were either ignored or tuned out. There was some light banter when I created a cute little t-shirt design about Jenny Bubblegum, and when I wrote in the "introduce yourself" column, I was shot down after one post. I even got up the nerve to post a photo of myself to people I didn't know. I... I don't know how to express what I'm feeling. I love this forum because of the diverse group of people who share so much insight, from all over the world. But something like this... there was always a line across the forum between groups of people, and now the line has done anything but blur. I appreciate everyone on this site for all they contribute and say, and I honestly wish I knew all of you. Really. But I cannot, in good conscience, post here and know that this site was started many years ago by a young Ms Regina Spektor, a girl not much older than myself with a beautiful soul and a message to spread. To think that this kind of atrocious, childish, divisive hatred has been created in her name makes me writhe with discomfort. I will no longer post here. See some of you on the 17th at the Beacon Theatre. -John Savarese
  7. 1999 demo tape

    all I can really say is.. cool beans Sorry to have burst in on the fun, you oh-so-trustworthy bunch.
  8. eet!!

    The video started, and I said, "Samson video. In color." And then she turned her head, and that hair... THAT HAIR. So drop-dead gorgeous. Then she appears with the typewriter in the desert. And I was done in for. Amazing all around. And this is my favorite song off the record so far. I love it. SO GOOD!
  9. Folding Chair

    I've been playing Folding Chair on the piano for almost a year now, and since it's a really easy song, it's irresistible to improvise upon... Surprisingly, some of the harmonic elements I had added ended up in the actual recording, which I think is awesome. The french horn that comes in near the end, then harmonizes with the voice, is superb. Along with the muted guitar ploinks (though these are good ploinks!) Overall, I love it.
  10. 1999 demo tape

    I really love these songs. "School is Out" is so marvelous.
  11. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by Karl Prejekterinski: Did you copy the URL exactly? It doesn't work without the whole thing, including the http://www. Edit: the problem was solved apparently Yes, it didn't work for a brief time. Alas, persistence persisted! And, like the doofus I am, I clicked the "http://www." link. <face-palm>
  12. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: quote: Originally posted by Karl Prejekterinski: quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: I was a little shell shocked at first. But I love it. It's weird going from the bare piano to this, but I personally think its fabulous. Anybody want to make it available for download? 1. Go here 2. copy regina's myspace URL into the URL box and check off the terms of service thing and select audio 3. Click "Get Files" 4. Scroll down to "Original Version (High Quality) and right click on Folding Chair.mp3 5. Click "Save Link As" 6. Profit. You are my hero. Statues will be erected. Cars will beep songs in your honor. You have won... However I keep getting "invalid URL" EDIT: Not anymore. haha. All I needed was patience!
  13. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: I've never got into folding chair until now, this is so much fun! it makes me smile, no, I'm laughing and dancing around, this is soooo cool! the guitar won me over!!
  14. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    quote: Originally posted by bum bum bum: The show I went to was seated. Everyone stayed in their seats during her set, and were mostly quiet. I think it might depend on the crowd though. Right, that's what I figured. It's fine, though.. only 16 more days I wonder if she'll play all the new songs from the album... Or play the whole album through? It's not a tour stop, so it could be anything. yay!
  15. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    I know I originally said that I extremely disliked the tracking and vocal tomfoolery on "Blue Lips" and had hateful sentiments and all... But listening to "Laughing With", "Blue Lips", and "Folding Chair" consecutively, I actually really like the sound. And the ending on "Folding Chair" is nice, although less dramatic than the previous one. I wonder how she'll play it live now?
  16. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by benmoody0220: HOLY FUCKBALLS, YOU GUYS! FOLDING CHAIR IS ON THE MYSPACE!!! rockabilly indeed.
  17. 1999 demo tape

    quote: Originally posted by staceb1990: Thank you for writing this, it's exactly how I feel Yes, I second that.
  18. 1999 demo tape

    Oh my god, it's June! 17 more days. really, i'm going to bed now, i swear.
  19. 1999 demo tape

    Okay, good. On the topic of good, good night! It's much too late (early?) for me to be online.
  20. 1999 demo tape

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: Yeah, I know, I wasn't really talking about the leaked songs though, I was talking about the conflict that came with it. But yes, I agree, I will stop talking about this. Gracias, querida. Btw, I wasn't being mean, although it looks and reads like that.
  21. Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

    quote: Originally posted by Greg: quote: Originally posted by eshbach: Excellent, I'll be there (taping) for sure. I've never been to the beacon, is it seated or standing? I looked at some pictures and it looks like seating which is a nice change. Hooray for this show! This morning while riding my bike, I was wondering... I know at the Allman Brothers' shows (during their stay at the Beacon in March), the first couple of rows stand and crowd up near the stage. Would a similar attitude prevail at a Regina show? I would think a more subdued show would remain seated, but I can't really tell how this one will go over. Thoughts?
  22. 1999 demo tape

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: quote: Originally posted by 1953: Except you have good dumb moments in every thread...especially the ones with any importance. The thing is, in my view of what happened, this was just one of those laugh-after-something-traumatic kind of things. Say you find out that someone you know was in a car crash and you don't know whether or not they're okay, after hours of worrying you finally find out that they are in-fact fine. Then you just start laughing because everything was fine anyway and all the worrying was for nothing. That's just what I saw it as anyway. I hate fanning flames, but a leaked song (minor) is not comparable to a car crash (MAYJAH!), nor is it really applicable. I think the most sensible thing for you to do right now is accept that something happened, someone disagreed, and keep mum about it. JUNE 23rd!! <3
  23. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by That Time: I can't wait till the new album comes out!!!!

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: Dammit, I coulda used that the other day when I was trekking across the desert and came upon a giant camel carcass, thinking to myself, "Man, if I only knew how to make a shelter out of this..." I hate when that happens!

    quote: Originally posted by addiction to hands&feet: ever seen man vs. wild (on the discovery channel)? he makes sucking brains out of guinea pigs tame. or at least normal. Doesn't he say at the beginning something like, "I've died six times!"?? Because that's pretty bad-ass.