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  1. Man Of A Thousand Faces

    quote: Originally posted by Emmerrrrrrr: I think this is the clear radio-version savvybaby meant Why yes, yes it is.
  2. Man Of A Thousand Faces

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: Im so excited We are going to have such a lovely, beautifully clear version on the new album I have a really clear version of this from when she played it on the radio last year. I'm in love with this song, too. Such talent.
  3. Laughing With!

    I really love the typeface that has been chosen for this album. And both covers are superb. Good work, Regina and her team. Also, I adore this song.
  4. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    I was just thinking this morning how she has been on every cover of her American album releases so far in some shape or form... Either way, I really like it. A lot.
  5. Name That reg Tune

    Be Like a Cloud "So I danced my dance"
  6. Lady Gaga ripping off Regina's vocal stylings!

    quote: Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe: This thread is stupid. regina is regina gaga is gaga. Informing a thread that it is stupid does not make it any more worthwhile.
  7. Lady Gaga ripping off Regina's vocal stylings!

    quote: Originally posted by makingstuffup: "it sounded an awful lot like an upbeat Regina-esque song" As a GaGa fan, I totally don't get the comparison. GaGa is a completely different artist with a completely different musical style. Yes, she uses the glottal stop (which has been around for ages), like Regina, and yes she sometimes plays piano (which she learned by ear. Regina is classically trained, therefore her playing is far more sophisticated). However, that's where the similarities end. ok. i heard it, and that's what matters. Just trying to help. Besos y amor, queridas.
  8. Lady Gaga ripping off Regina's vocal stylings!

    I love this version!! I just wish it had been posted it in a more sophisticated way... oh wait. http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...261015901/m/45910778
  9. Mortality.

    Something similar happened at my school not only last month, but last year as well. Both boys, healthy and involved, died out of nowhere. The first, John, passed during our sophomore year. He had been playing a game of pick-up football with some friends after class, and he just collapsed. We weren't particularly good friends, but I knew him enough to know he was a stand-up guy. I still think about him often, and how we shared the same rooms, the same friends, the same experiences, the same air until the moment he died. The second, Sharif, died just last month. He was a senior, and being a junior myself, I was not very acquainted with him. However, I do distinctly remember seeing him one day in late February and wanting to ask him where he got his groovy corduroys from. I never got to ask him. He died on my birthday (March 8). He was with friends that night and no one is sure what happened because there was an altercation, but he ended up in the hospital, and died very shortly after. He was the third student to die in two years at my school... I don't know what's happening around here lately. I'm sorry for all your losses, as well. I don't really know what else to say because I'm awful with these types of things...
  10. Lady Gaga sings Coldplay

    I agree, it's not very impressive, however I thought it was cute and unexpected.
  11. Lady Gaga sings Coldplay

    Lady Gaga sang Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" on BBC Radio 1 this morning and it turns out.. girl can actually sing and play piano. Who knew? Not like this is a unique find (it was on Perezhilton for chrissake), BUT I heard it and thought it sounded an awful lot like an upbeat Regina-esque song that might be appreciated here.
  12. I thought that was the studio recording of "Us" until I heard her start to change up the melody. Good work, whoever recorded that.
  13. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    I really hope beyond hope that there is a bonus selection like last time, with just.. official recordings of the "16 or 17" tracks she had to cut down to 13. Please, Regina? Please?
  14. BTH Vinyl!

    quote: Originally posted by DrumMaster260: quote: Originally posted by savabug: what's the opposite of "do not want"? I believe it would be... hahahahahahahahahaha yes!!! THAT'S HOW I'M FEELING!
  15. BTH Vinyl!

    HOLY. COWMAN. what's the opposite of "do not want"?
  16. Regina Song Showdown!

    Lady... The progression through the stages of lyrics and the saxophone solo 3/4 of the way through are just heartbreaking, and so well done. Lady vs. Aquarius
  17. Remember when...

    I wonder if Regina knows.
  18. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by Karl Prejekterinski: With the new info about a forthcoming video, is it safe to confirm Laughing With as a track on the album? I would assume it to be the lead single.
  19. Regina lookalike!!

    Hm. I wish i could have seen it. I know people with similar hair to Regina's, but no one have I met with similar facial features.
  20. Bowery Ballroom Jan 22 2009

    18+ Excuse me while I brood about having been born during 1992. Do they not expect people under 18 to be planned parents? Have they BEEN to Brooklyn?
  21. Funny story that isn't helpful but is somewhat relevant. My friend and I were asking our friend (who is a lesbian) to "reveal the secrets of lesbian attraction" because, being males, we don't know how that would work. What do they look for? Anyway, she wouldn't tell us, so my friend and myself Harry Potter-dipped and we got: "Hermione knew the answer, but would not tell Harry and Ron." So, we took that as we shouldn't know. And I still don't. I'm assuming it has something to do with curves, as has been mentioned.
  22. Christmas 2008

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: It'd be a cool present if Regina came on the 'Stix and talked to they made a statue of us! lulz. She always says she's so bad with computers and cameras and has forgotten her password and stuff like that... I'm pretty sure someone else keeps up her myspace too. A nice way to start the new year (not necessarily for any winter holiday, just to turn over a new leaf) would be Regina taking to her website and writing on it like she did until like 2005-ish (it's still there at the very bottom of the scroll if you feel like clicking a lot). What she thought of her shows, how she's doing, things like that. Or maybe she'll do another song like "My Dear Acquaintance," which was lurvely. Or maybe nothing will happen. That seems most likely. Personally, I think I'm going to be giving less expensive, more meaningful things this year. With money being worth so much less yet so much more simultaneously, I'm sticking with some grade school tactics and making some things (which are always nicer anyway) and being frugal. I don't expect much this Christmas, but I always preferred modest Christmases anywho. I bought myself the "Fidelity/Music Box" vinyl in Virgin, and maybe I'll get myself a herringbone coat. And I'll be set. What about y'all?
  23. quote: Originally posted by Ms.snuffy...yeah!!: i think it was Mozart, because she named the flower Mozart OHHHHHHHHHH haha I didn't think that was Mozart, I thought it was a Whig or something. Silly me. <bops self on head> Really clever quiz there. I especially like "spot the bitch." Had me LOLerblading
  24. I was diagnosed as Absolutely Plagued. Three R's... very witty. But what was the last question about? I picked the psychedelic roses, but only because they were roses.

    quote: Originally posted by slowride3112: have i missed something? tracklist? release date? whats going on? Unfortunately, nothing of the sort. More than two years ago, Regina asked her fans to not spread around recordings of "Human of the Year" and "Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori" (which apparently, according to the original post, is also named "It's Hard to Live"). So, there was speculation as to why, then nothing happened for a year and a day, then more speculation, some Jurassic Park 4 theories, and then no real conclusion as Reg has not mentioned (and not often played) "Dulce" since. She has, however, played "Human of the Year" multiple times (it appeared to be a staple on her last tour). So there is some rumorage as to where "Dulce" disappeared to. Although a track listing and release date would be much preferred, that's what's occurred.