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  1. opening act

    so.. if the tickets say 6:30, then it will start at 8 and then she won't be on till like 9 and then it will end by like 11? is my time all off? or is this how it goes?
  2. Hammerstein Ballroom

    (shameless thread bump) Ticketmaster says I can't bring cameras in. That's a major no-no as I'm a photo student. Does anyone know if this "rule" is actually true of the hammerstein ballroom? thanks!
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Aprés Moi from Lollapolooza (spelling?)
  4. A question about regina shows

    oh... i've got to wait until the sixteenth.
  5. A question about regina shows

    oh that's no good... do you know if she is touring the US with anyone opening for her? I really just kinda want to see her.
  6. A question about regina shows

    yeah, that would be incredible. meeting regina. wow. but the hammerstein ballroom is a SCHOOL NIGHT. GAR!
  7. Hammerstein Ballroom

    hi- i'm new here... (duh) i have tix to this show, and i wanted to know if anyone knows if there is an opening act (if so, who?) and what time the show will start. Thanks y'all! savabug